Is He My Twin Flame? How Do I Get Him Back?

by Jenny
(Asheville, NC)

I will try to keep this short.

Eighteen years ago, I was with a friend and we were walking on campus. I saw this guy. I stopped dead in my tracks and said, "Oh my gosh, who is that guy?"

My friend told me his name. My response was, "That is who I am going to spend the rest of my life with!"

My friend called the guy over and the 3 of us decided to go hang out the rest of the afternoon. After that, this guy would come over to my house and hang out. We never 'dated' but were very close friends - friends with benefits.

I wanted a relationship with him, but was afraid he wouldn't so I never pursued that. After about 6-8 months, we were put into a situation that I had to let him go. I knew he didn't want a relationship and I did. So I prayed and asked for strength to let him go. I felt if he loved me, truly loved me, he would be back one day.

I remember saying the words aloud to myself. I remember saying, "It could be 20 years from now, but I know he will be back."

Well, flash forward 15 day, I received an email. I didn't recognize the address, but something told me I needed to read it right away. When I opened it up, I saw who it was from. It was from that guy - from 15 years ago!

I was so excited! I immediately knew he loved me and we were going to be together forever. In his email, he said he was so excited to find me. He had always thought about me and missed me. He said that I was the most influential person in his life. We spoke for about a week via email, and then we both said that we loved each other, we always had and that we think we are soul mates.

I moved to the town he lived in. In going through my boxes, I found my baby box. On the outside of it, was his name. I called my mom to find out why that name was on my baby box. She said if I was a boy, that is what my name would have been. Also, inside of the box, was the local newspaper. On the front page, was a picture of trees and a local landmark. The property in the picture belongs to this guy's family. We were both blown away by this and just reconfirmed the fact that we were meant for each other - we both felt this.

Now, 2 years later, he has left. I am devastated. I feel like I have lost my other half. I feel like we are meant to be. I am severely depressed. When I get really down, something inside me says not too, that our relationship isn't over, that he will be back, oneday.

I know I have to move on and become a better person through all this, but in my heart and head I keep feeling this isn't the end with him. I feel like we were meant to be together. I feel like we were made for each other.

It has been a little over 18 years ago that I first saw him. From that moment on, I have felt like he was my soul mate - my twin flame. It was instant and that feeling has never left.

Am I looney, or are my feelings accurate?

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Apr 19, 2016
Soulmates/Twin Flames
by: Anonymous


I don't want to hurt you further, but I have to be completely honest with you and I can share this with you because I went through the same thing and still am...if indeed, he is your soul mate or twin flame the connection will not leave and nothing you try will make it go away.

Please research soul mates and twin flames to get a better understanding of your situation.

As much as you want it to go away to move on a higher power, forces greater than us are trying to bring it back together for a purpose greater than us and maybe, just maybe, either he or you have to be one with yourself and God first before it can be...hope this helps and your research of soul mates and twin flames.

Nov 14, 2012
Hope Things Work Out For You.
by: savi

I know what you are going through, you still got to experience things with your twin soul. When I met mine, we only talked on the phone, about this love we had for each other. We were both already married. I wanted to still give it a try, but he wanted to be faithful. So I am living a life of hurt and can't seem to forget him, it's is so hard. I also feel like he will come back into my life one day.

May 18, 2012
Don't let go
by: Lauren Drinkard

Hi Jenny,
Listen... pay no mind to the comments on here. Often times ego still exists within even the best of counselors, mentors, and spiritual guides. This man is your twin flame, and to let go means to toss out the relationship that is forged by fate for you.

I think the thing to understand is that your relationship IS ebb and flow.. it comes and goes. It is the nature of such a relationship. If you really want it to end, trust me, enough damage can be done that it will become reality (I chose this difficult road myself), but that is your call, and your call alone. You need to decide if agony and heartbreak is the type of path you are willing to walk down, or not. For me, it was not something I was not willing to do. However, you get to make that decision.

So, be still with your heart, listen to your soul, and fear not of the outcome. Life is hard no matter what you do--so enjoy the time you have.

Jun 25, 2011
Don't Worry
by: Anonymous


You sound like a wonderful person with a lot of love within you. You will meet that perfect person who will be the right recipient of this love.

You will need to first learn to love yourself and than the love you are seeking will find you.

Sometimes we try so hard to find people that will complete us, and we like to think they are our soul mates...but we must first complete our own selves.

As the other person also said, if he was your soul mate...and so what..we are loving beings that is all there is to it..and you will find many people whom to love on earth...but, to find the right person to be your companion is so wonderful.

Don't worry young one...the right person will come about, but learn to love yourself, just the way you are...blessings to you.

Jun 25, 2011
Is He My Twin Flame? How Do I Get Him Back?
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hi Jenny,

No, you are not looney.

He is one of your your soul mates, and you have come together in this life time to complete your karma together. You left him in a past life time as he has left you in this life time. Forgive him for leaving you now and forgive yourself for your behvior towards him in that past life time, and release him. You need to move forward.

Read my pages on soul mates at definition of soul mates and karmic soul mates.

Sending healing vibrations,
Tanya Tkach, Spiritual Counselor

Jun 25, 2011
Free Yourself From Him
by: Anonymous

If he was your soul mate he wouldn't keep coming and going . . . he would stay with you forever. I think you should let him go for good (I know, easier said than done) but I think you must try.

Pray to God that you can let him go and for both you two to be happy...but without each other.

I just don't think what you are doing is healthy.

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