Is this Really The Sign I Have Been Waiting For?

Ok - I desperately need help and some sort of guidance or some advice on what I am experiencing and going through. So, I will keep it as short as possible with all the key points.

In 2008, I met this man that captivated my heart in every way, in a way that I have never experienced before. Everytime I saw him, it was like my heart was being pulled by a string connected to his. We immediatly were drawn to one another and from speaking with him, he was feeling the same emotions - almost like we were sharing them at the same time.

We were in a program at the same time and I was there on my own. He was there stipulated to finish and because of the rules set in place, I chose to let him go because our connection, that was so obvious when you saw us look at each other, wouldn't be found out and he could successfully complete the program.

Along the way there was another man that grew quite fond of me and I chose to entertain a relationship with him because it sort of took the pain away from having to let the other go. My whole outlook was that if it was meant to be, then we would find each other. With that being said, I looked for him for so long and was convinced that I would never see him again. I chose to move on with the other man and ended up becoming pregnant and we got married.

While I am 7 months pregnant, the other man finds me & I was so happy and filled with unspeakable joy and then devestation hit because I realized I had to tell him about my situation and once I did, it was so heart breaking. We both shared our feelings. He told me about how hard this was to hear and how he looked everywhere for me.

Although we were both looking for one another at the same time, we never found each other and I had been searching for him, spelling his last name incorrectly.

It was too much to bear, I cried for days..weeks...the aching in my heart was so powerful. When we saw one another, it was like looking in his eyes which sent me so deep into his soul, I couldn't bare to look him in the eyes anymore.

We kept in touch ever so often and everytime speaking, we both shared our sadness and would go over the past wondering what went wrong.

Finally, he got into a relationship and hadn't told me for a few months. I found out on my own and then it was impossible for me to keep in touch with him without so much despair coming over me in the thought of losing him. So, I changed my # and ceased all contact until I looked him up.

When I saw how happy he looked and messaged him, I told him that me wanting his genuine happiness is more powerful than any other emotion I have connected to him. He responded that he meant every word he ever said, and not a day goes by without wondering what went wrong and what could have been. But, he needed to try to live with no regrets.

Something he had said before was, "I have everything I have ever wanted with her, but the only thing is that it isn't you, you were the girl that was made for me." So that was that.

A few weeks later, I was crying from thoughts of losing him, it was such a powerful moment. The next morning, I woke up and he had sent me a message telling me about surfing and that was it.

Since then, I have been consumed with thoughts of him to the point of unbearable emotions. I learned about Twin Flames and this made me wonder, but really I just thought that I'm just obsessing.

Today, I am at work and it is slow. I was looking up surf pictures and I googled my name. Surf pictures and these paintings of amazing waves came up. When I clicked on them to look at them, the artist's name was mine and her last name was his. At the same time, my ear caught sound of the song playing on my MP3 which was "Give Me A Sign" by Breaking Benjamin.

The only difference in the names was the spelling, same names just spelled differently with "1" letter being the difference and it being a surf painting, something we both love.

Am I crazy? Is this a sign? What are the odds?

It was almost as a peace came over me, but at the same time total wonderment. Please, help me figure this out. I've included the picture at the top.

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Jul 11, 2011
Thanks Y'all
by: me

Thank you for commenting & sharing your thoughts.

You know, truthfully, after this sign occured, I've felt much more peaceful. For a bit there my emotions & thoughts tied in with those emotions were like water flowing out of a faucet that was unable to be turned off or slowed down.

Through this all, my worst downfall is dealing with the knowing that he is my twin flame & feeling it with my entire being & not being able to figure out what I need to do to make it possible to be with him.

I understand that our lives as they are now are where we need to be & we are with whom we need to be for other reasons & karma reckoning, but I can't help but have this burning desire to do everything that I can to rectify my karma to be able to finally unite with him. It consumes my heart.

I know what I must do. I must go on with my world as it is & find myself and love myself in knowing I am whole heartedly fulfillng my purpose as I am now & eventually we can be as one.

I just can't help feeling that if it's even another lifetime or longer, how can I continue to go on without him knowing we belong together?

Jul 08, 2011
Message From "The Other Side"
by: Anonymous

I truly believe that God sends us messages/signs.

Sometimes people see them and sometimes they don't or they simply just choose to ignore them. I believe this is definitely a clear sign.

I wouldn't give up on the idea that you two will be togeather once again. I wish you all the very best :-)

Jul 08, 2011
Is this Really The Sign I Have Been Waiting For?
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster


Yes, you are twin flames and you are not crazy.

If you are not together, the time is not yet right. As I have written before, twin flames have to work through their issues before they can come together. If you are both in other relationships, that is where you need to be to work through problems.

You need to trust the universe and your intuition. If you are supposed to be together, you will be, and only then, not before.

When you do come together, it is a powerful relationship - it is about unconditional love and is not only about satisfying one another. You come together to help humanity and Mother Earth, and that is why your personal issues have to resolved. If they are not, you will not remain together.

Sending light and love,
Tanya Tkach, Spiritual Counselor

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