I've Been Attacked For Years, Didn’t Know It Until Now

by Suleiman Samsodien
(Cape Town)

I recently discovered why I always felt tired, exhausted and fatigued for no reason and couldn’t focus in meetings at work, having bad smells and odors around for no reason, having a feeling of being watched.

Then later, I starting Hearing voices in my head. That’s when I realized I’m being psychically attacked, people sending dead to harm you. (?)

This is my story:

People using voodoo on me (hearing voices in my head)

I started hearing voices in my head and I started to think I was getting sick or a nervous break down you know.

I told my wife and friends, but they all just said, that you needed a break, that I'm over-worked and shit like that and I keep telling them that it is people that doing this and they insisted that I should go to a doctor for a check-up.

I went to hospitals private doctors in and out of hospitals, they keep saying, "There is nothing wrong with you." and they did all kinds of tests and everything.

The voices in my head keep threatening me, tormenting me and would say things like,

"I want to destroy your, life and want 10,000 rand, I am going to doekoem (voodoo) your family and do the some to them."

They would say things like we beating this doll that is you and you could feel the hits (impacts) on your body and they would laugh and laugh.

Every night they would wake me up and start shouting and screaming in/on my head to keep you awake so that you be to tired to go to work the next morning.

Then they would make sounds like they under your bed and stabbing you trough the bed. They would do this every night.

Remember you scared freak out of your mind, you cannot think clearly. Remember your mind is being attacked. You couldn’t go for help or talk to anybody especially a voodoo doctor or healer they would attack you and watch you’re every move.

It was like you're being a prisoner in your own mind, you cannot think clearly because you are too scared.

So I tried to get to the nearest church and they (spirits) would attack your mind trying to scare you and keep you away from church by telling you things like,

"We going to kill you and it’s not going to work running to the church, there’s no help there's nothing you can do about this."

A sister in church that had a gift prayed for me and told me that these people want me to be ill, and (crazy) in my head and are trying to kill me by putting me to sleep, while you was driving.

You can actually feel the energy draining from your body.

I then sold my house and moved away, but they still keep on attacking me every night and day 24/7 telling me things like,

"We were teaching voodoo on you and your wife. You don’t know who we are."

As I am still under attack and afraid, I didn’t talk/tell anybody because nobody would believe me.

Everything I do, they would tell ,me things like, "Your car won’t start, this won't work, that won’t work.

Everything I do they would comment on it trying to put me down.

Please I need help on how to deal with this as my wife and I are in danger.


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May 25, 2016
Spiritual Warfare
by: Jess

I'm so sorry to hear that you are going through such turmoil.

In my opinion, you are dealing with Spirit/Demon Oppression. It means that you are extremely sensitive to the spirit world, and you are being tormented and attacked. Another word for it is Spiritual Warfare.

As someone that has been able to talk to Angels, but also was tormented by demons for over 10 years I understand your pain. I also had no one to talk to or understand. Yes, my Guardian Angel was present, but without fully understanding what was going on I didn't know how to protect myself.

There was a church that actually helped me, and from what I know more Non-Denominational Churches seem more open to helping in these situations.

You also might want to seek out an experienced Healer that can do a clearing for you. As soon as possible get Palo Santo, Sage, Holy Water, or any other kind of smudging things to help.

I would also pray to God to send Archangel Michael to protect you. This is a serious situation, especially since you feel alone. But you are never alone and God and the Angels are willing to help upon your request.

I would also recommend looking on YouTube for some guided meditations with Archangel Michael. I hope things get better for you soon!

Oct 31, 2015
by: Shay

Dear Suleiman,

Reading your letter to Ms. Tanya, I also feel your frustration and fear. Please do follow Tanya's advice, but also personally I would like for you to find a good Counselor/Therapist and make an appointment and just go -sit down and talk with that person.

I recommend a male therapist for you, and find someone who has at least 15-20 years of experience who is capable of understanding you and what you are experiencing.

Since we are not with you, seeing you in person, and verbally hearing you it is very hard to distinguish the basis of your dilemma. For this reason, find a good therapist (as therapists like to sit, talk and listen) and allow him/her to hear your experience and allow him/her to assist you with best way of helping you, whether its spiritual, counseling or other.

But, in the meantime...please know that these voices are not from within you, they don't sound friendly or helpful to you and you need not listen to them, dear.

Don't be afraid, be calm, and find a caring Counselor/Therapist who can see you in person and listen to you, as we cannot see you in person.

Know that God loves you, and May the White Light of the Holy Spirit and God's love always surround you and your family. You will be fine, you are a strong person.

Please follow this advice as soon as possible, as we don't want these voices to become more intrusive, abusive to you or to others whom you love.


Oct 25, 2015
I've Been Attacked For Years, Didn’t Know It Until Now
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Suleiman,

You have written to me before about a problem you were having and I responded on March 08, 2015 under the title, Psychic Attack Hearing Voices 24/7 in My Head

My response is similar, but I will repeat certain things.

First of all you have to release your fear to Divine Light, your fear only attracts negative vibrations towards yourself - negative spirits get to you through your fear.

Voodoo can only be performed on you and will affect you if you believe in it.

Since you can hear voices of spirits, you have to be very vigilant in keeping yourself well-protected, you can do that be calling on Archangel Michael or whatever spirit guide you are in contact with. always make sure you are protected and as soon as you hear the negative voices, call in Archangel Michael and ask Him to take them home. and to cleanse your home and yourself and your wife.

You can also do daily smudging, and light a white candle.

Also do not think negative thoughts, delete them as soon as they enter your mind.

You must do these things seriously, if you want to be protected.

I have protection all the time no matter where I go, and whatever building I enter. I ask Archangel Michael to cleanse the building.

Sending healing vibrations,

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