I've Been Talking to Invisible People and...

by Paul B.
(Kansas City, USA)

I feel like someone is inside me playing with my body and my sex life, taking my pride and life, interrupting me with everything I do, not allowing me to do what I want with life, making me feel different about my self, and making me avoid my kids and family, making me feel different, and having different pain in my body.

Each day I hear them telling me that they're going to kill my family, and that I'm going to die soon. And it's not just one person I'm hearing, it's about 3 or 4 maybe more that I'm communicating with every day, and it sounds like the same people I'm hearing talking to me.

Sometimes they try to change and act like they are my friends. They are victimizing me and not letting me focus, they're making me forget what's in my mind, and what I've got planned. I feel like I'm being threatened by this evil person everyday.

What's crazy is that it's just not me personally being victimized, it's my house and cars and things I own, bugs are being put in my house, I discover scratches and different marks and things on cars that I own. Each day there's a different thing done to my car where I discover more defects and issues on it. It's like there's someone out there trying to twist my head with emotional problems, I'm seeing unknown marks on my face, and then next thing it disappears.

I'm afraid to look in the mirror at myself, some days I don't look the same and then other days when I look at myself again, I see that it's me I'm looking at.

Something crazy is going on with my life. (It seems like) someone is following me everywhere I go, trying to control my life and my body each day.

It's been going on since I have lived in Modesto, California at this duplex. I heard from the next door neighbors that some family tragedy happened and died. I'm not sure if it's the house next door or if it's the house I'm living in. I was told 2 different stories by different neighbors. What happened was one of my neighbors is a racist against Asian people. Me and my neighbor didn't socialize with each other or talked throughout the 2 yrs that I lived next door. I only socialized with her son and son in-law. My other neighbor who lives on the other side of her had warned me saying that she hates Asian people. My sister also overheard her say, "I hate them g***s next door."

After that I had an argument with my pops one day, and I guess my neighbor overheard us arguing so when I went outside to get away from the problem, she told me to shut the ---- up, so I told her to shut the ---- up ----- and since that point on, I knew there was going to be a problem. She's a security officer and I knew her sons didn't like what I called their mother. Their personalities had changed and I noticed things in my house, garage and siding where getting messed with.

My mom warned me and told me that we have a new landlord which I believe is a retired police officer. From this point on my whole life just changed, and my son was just born. I didn't experience the voices in my body until after all the problems that went on with my neighbors. I think they set a curse on my family, using black magic or something I don't no.

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Feb 08, 2013
I've Been Talking to Invisible People and
by: Tanya Tkach (Webmaster)

Hello Paul,

Right now you are living in a stressful situation with your neighbors, and all I can do is give you some suggestions.

If you plan on living in the same place, perhaps you should apologize to your neighbor for swearing at her and calling her name(s). I feel it is the right thing to do even though she should not have meddled in your argument with your father. Two wrongs do not make a right. By that I mean that just because she swore at you, you did not have to reciprocate.

The other thing, that is important is to appeal to the Higher Power or whoever you pray to for help.
I always call on Archangel Michael to cleanse myself, my home, my animals and my environment from all negative vibrations. There are negative vibrations and spirits in our environment, and they can influence us, and we need to be aware of them and to ask for protection and cleansing. I strongly advise you to do this daily.

You also need to be aware of how you talk to others and what you are thinking, for whatever we put out into the atmosphere, comes back to use like a boomerang. Negativity attracts more negativity. If we are thinking negative thoughts, we attract more negative vibrations towards ourselves.

You can read my page on spiritual cleansing and how to release negative emotions and feelings at letting go of anger.

As for the voices, you have the ability of communicating with spirits, but right now you have negative ones around you and you need to have them taken away, and have protection from them. I am faced with this often, but you can be protected from them.

Let me know what happens.

Sending healing vibrations,

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