Karma Definition According
To Tibetan Philosophy

What does karma mean?

According to the Tibetan's karma definition, karma is the thread of all the inclusive energy of which material life is woven.

Karma Definition

In other words, karma is inescapable because it is the origin of all causes and conditions that shape our lives in this world, and we are creating instant karma all the time.

Tibetans believe that every event in our lives, big or small creates another, and as we create patterns of energy, we sow the seeds for more karma.

Our individual characters evolve from our past actions and thoughts, and remember as soon as you think it, it's over, it is past.

It involves everything that we think, do and don’t do, good deeds or habits and bad ones, and our perception of the world.

By becoming more conscious we can understand the nature of our karma. Furthermore, through understanding our karma, we will understand how everything changes.

You Are Not Powerless
According to Karma Definition

Many people believe that they are powerless to change the patterns of their lives. This is a misconception.

Everything that helps us become more conscious enables us to slowly improve our karmic energy.

According to Tibetan philosophy, every one of us has the potential of becoming enlightened, like Buddha, and to live a karma free life.

It may not happen in this present life, but we can all start creating good karma now.

When we begin to accept, how instant karma is created, this awakening of becoming more aware and conscious is very exciting.

The important thing is to treat every person and event in your life as a blessing - a gift - along your spiritual journey, and as you do so your perception of life will change.

As this happens you start to see your purpose and you begin the process of feeling connected to all things.

To learn more about Tibetan Philosophy, read "the Tibetan Art of Living" by Christopher Hansard.

To understand karma and how it affects our life, read Dr. Bruce Goldberg' book titled "Past Lives, Future Lives. He is a prominent hypnotherapist who chronicles a practice that has led hundreds of patients on dramatic voyages of self-discovery through not only centuries past, but also centuries to come.

He discloses here, the rapture and revelation of the soul's migration from life to life. His subjects fathom the workings of Karma, transition between frequencies, "light" beings, and passage through astral and etheric planes. And often, they awake to find their present-day lives transformed.

To find out more information about how we create karma, read creating karma.

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