How I Learned About
Karmic Soul Mates

Here is the complete discussion I had with God concerning the term karmic soul mates. I began by asking God, whom I refer to as Father God, the following question.

Karmic Soul MatesKarmic Soul Mates

Father, are soul mates those with whom we have unfinished business? And if so, aren't they a part of our soul family who returns to earth to complete their karmic issues?

You can find more information on the soul family and your karmic issues at meaning of karma.

Yes over time, each individual soul has many other souls that become a central part of their life such as a father, mother, brother or sister, lover, husband or wife, even a business partner or boss who all agree to come together in a certain life time in order to finish their karma.

Each one is called karmic soul mate. Once the karma is complete, the soul moves on.

Okay, so in my case, are all members of my family my karmic soul mates?

Yes, many come together in a certain life time to work on their karmic issues and you call that one’s soul family. But, it doesn’t necessarily mean that these members are your physical or biological family.

Also, each member of your family usually is your primary soul mate.

What is the difference?

Primary Soul Mates are Also Karmic Soul Mates

A primary soul mate is one you are connected with over many lifetimes in various situations, and when you come together during a specific life time to help each other ascend in your spiritual development, you have a primary soul mate connection.

Okay, so what are lovers called?

Usually if the relationship lasts over a period of time, it is a primary soul mate connection.

What is the difference between a soul mate and just another person that we don’t have any deep connection to in this life time other than knowing one another?

In your life time, all those with whom you are deeply connected are referred to as your soul family as I said earlier. What has happened over time, especially during this time period which has led to confusion of terms, is that people use the term with only a lover and that is not the case.

Okay, I understand it. Our primary soul mates, which are part of our soul family, are those who have come together during a particular life time in order to overcome issues or karma with each other.

Yes, you've got it.

Okay, since those with whom we have passionate love affairs are also our primary soul mates. Can we have more than one soul mate during one life time?

Twin Souls Defined

Yes, and you can also have a passionate love affair with
your twin soul.

Okay...but how can that happen if your twin soul is like
your Siamese Twin for example? Isn’t that incest or self love?

Yes, in a sense, but you both are here to help one another resolve couple issues. You see twin souls are very deeply connected. They know one another on a deep spiritual level – you know each others' feelings and thoughts. You are like twins, and that is a very special bond. You don’t feel that with a soul mate – there is a difference. You must be aware of this since you have met your twin soul. Are you in love with him?

I thought I was, but not now. I know that I have this very deep connection with him - a spiritual bond that he is not aware of. But I’m not really connected in a passionate physical kind of way.

Well, you could be.

Oh boy, now you are confusing me Father. Don’t soul mates, excuse me, primary soul mates, also have that spiritual connection?

Not like twin souls. They have a sense of knowing each other as if they are one, a familiarity that is unlike relationships with primary souls.

Yeah, Father...I think I got it.

Good, I'm glad.

The telephone rings...our connection is cut.

You can join the discussion concerning twin souls or any other spiritual connection at spiritual chat.

Through this discussion with God, I learned that my relationship with my deceased partner was the strongest karmic soul mate or primary soul mate that I had met in this life time, I learned many lessons from him.

Read about my spiritual journey which is now a book titled That Damn Voice Again, Communication From Beyond.

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