Letting Go Of Anger Is Necessary  Emotionally, Mentally And Physically !

Releasing AngerReleasing Toxic Emotions such as Anger

Letting go of anger and other negative emotions, behavior or situations is accomplished through my method of releasing emotional blockages.

You need to learn how to discharge negative emotions such as jealousy, grief, resentment, rejection because they are very toxic for your health and your relationships.

They are low vibration emotions which take away your own energy, and also take energy from those around you.

If you are aware, you will notice others avoiding your presence when you are feeling negative emotions such as anger, jealousy, resentment, rejection etc.

As Buddha said:

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.

If you have anger problems or are holding onto other negative emotions, behaviors or situations, I have a very simple exercise of letting go of anger and the other toxic emotions. First you need to understand what is causing the emotions such as anger, and where it originated.

As a spiritual life coach and counselor, I help you to find out what is causing your negative emotions and how they originated. Learning how to let go of anger is part of anger management training.

You can contact me for a healing session to make an appointment and pay now at PayPal. During a session, you will learn how to discharge anger and other negative emotions.

If you have chronic anger problems, and it becomes difficult of letting go of anger, it probably originates from a past life time.

Once you have this information, then letting go of anger becomes easier. Usually, the person who you feel is making you angry has nothing to do with your anger. The anger is within you, and he or she is merely triggering it. You need to find out what is causing your anger, then once you know, it is time to release it.

Read anger triggers to find out more information.

 Letting Go Of Anger

Forgiveness is taken from Forgiveness: Forgiveness and Self-Forgiveness

You have been storing negative emotions within yourself throughout your life time, so it will take time to release all the toxicity within your body.

Besides having a session with me to learn how to discharge negative emotions, there is another method or releasing.

You can write out your toxic emotions on paper along with the causes of your emotions. Once you've done that, it's time to reflect back on your youth, to try and remember the first time you had a specific negative emotion, for example anger, and write that situation down.

Now that you know where it originates from, its time to let it go up to Divine Light. Forgive yourself and the one who made you angry.

Do this with all your negative emotions, and once you've finished, burn the paper. Do a little ceremony of letting the emotions go

Each time you do this exercise, drink lots of water to help flush out the toxicity within your system.

Natural Homeopathic Remedies For Anger

If you find that your negative emotions such as anger have taken over your thoughts and behavior, there is a 100% herbal remedy which I recommend called Universal Homeopathic from Pure Herbs Ltd. . It contains:

  • Support Group - Rescue Remedy developed by Dr.Edward Bach, an English physician which corrects tension and emotional disorders following shock, panic, mental stress and tension
  • Willow - for those who are resentful or bitter over adverse events which have befallen them, and they feel undeserving of life's injustices
  • Holly - for those who are disturbed by feelings of hate, jealousy, envy, suspicion, and revenge, for strong states antipathetic to love
  • Crab Apple - for those who have a poor self-image or who feel shame and unattractiveness
  • Honeysuckle - for those who have feelings of nostalgia and homesickness; instead of living in the present they are preoccupied with 'the good old days'.

Directions: Take 3 drops on or under the tongue or rubbed into pulse points. If an attack of the problem occurs, put 12 drops in a cup of liquid and sips lowly until the feeling lifts.

To order Universal Homeopathic contact me.

Until you have released much of your anger, here are other 100% natural Homeopathic remedies from Pure Herbs that will help you to keep you calm.

  • Blue Vervain sometimes referred to as Herbal Veneris, wild Hyssop or Indian Hyssop. it is known as a sedative and is used in the treatment of nervous conditions such as hysteria and depression. Since it is also known as a diuretic it is used in the treatment of kidney disorders.
  • N-W This is a combination of Lady's slipper, Blue Vervain, Scullcap, Hops and Valerian Root. This combination is complete to repair, calm and stabilize the nerves. It also eliminates tension. It promotes better co-ordination and control of the body functions controlled by the brain.

Also, it is important to be patient and loving towards yourself. The more love you can feel towards yourself, the more loving you will be towards others!

A good Affirmation to repeat 10 times 3 times daily:

I love and value myself

The words from the song Petula Clark made popular in the 60's comes to mind:

"What the world needs now, is love sweet love, that's the only thing that there's just so little of."

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Releasing your toxic emotions is a very important part of internal cleansing.

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