Life Is Incident

by Mukesh

Hidden and Found.....

Source of light or self is the hidden treasure for the reason that it exists as treasure. To find source is to find the reason.

To find the source of knowledge is to find the future. As the present happens, the same present happens in future so there is no difference in present and future. When we try and go deeper we can be as deep as we can, but still the source will move on. But if I forget and try to see the treasure, it is before my eyes, before my ears. In the deeper sense the treasure is the source. Source in hidden languages is enlightenment. The knowledge in hidden silence is treasure.

When we say something is missing, the missing is in us, we are missing the source. Though we try to find it, we may find it but it will be like a speaker or an atom as source. To find the person sitting behind every action or thought is like going into the darkest, deepest room with no surface to stand on. The more you are involved, the more it escapes you because the question of deepening comes from source and that question starts looking at itself. So it seems we are still, because we get one to one with source.

But again if something comes out of the mind or self, we are diverted toward action. So that gap between origin and action becomes the space. We ignore all the thoughts traveling in that space and get stuck in one thought, silence or stillness.

Seeking enlightenment or seeking knowledge of life is like seeking the silence again from which everything begins and to which everything ends.

But end and beginning are momentary and rest is the life. Start or finish are two terms which initiate each other.

Knowledge can be less or more, but life is never less. It is an equal chance to every one.

Everyone like me, and like you are walking behind the luxury because it is the only way to celebrate life. Other means are not cultivated so are not the way of life. Because what human has achieved by the way of generation sharing needs a payback.

So whatever has been happening has given many things and many realities. Humans don't exist alone and can't exist alone.

Being alone means working for no one. One man army fights with the self that either to fight or not. One man army can't have any decision, because decision is meant only when someone can take. One man army is like no beginning, no end.

But with the world who can grasp the treasure that is hidden but given? That journey from source to action simply ends in a second.

Though the source lies thousand light years away, but not the light. To say that we grasp or take order from the mind, it is like a one man army. Mind is you who works with the union of body and aliveness. Aliveness is called soul but there is no soul.

Mind working in hands with the body and space to give a feeling that the space exists. To give a feeling that space is alive.

Life is like a thousand mile road when empty is at peace, but when working it creates a journey of source and action.

That space has its own aliveness. A non traffic space knows that nothing is happening and trafficked space knows something is happening.

That is a problem for space that is mind which acts between source and body, origin and action. That space counts every second of its aliveness and even death, because its death is the availability to aliveness.

When for many days the space is utilized and one day it is left alone with no other usage, when the space is left alone for the source to transmit and not to take any action on a day like Sunday.

It gets confused between happening and non-happening, because one day its utility was of great use and other day it was like a garbage bin. So it creates some thoughts like a big trailer.

As small cars on the road travels but trailers too.

So space with the help of origin which lies in that space creates a trailer-like thought, because it holds your profile and your profile gives a sense to origin of how to get a response. So on a sunny day you make the driver of lorry on drink, you make the origin feel that any little bit of shit will work but just let me drink. After a drink you act like that.

SO mind is not a problem but the seer, the space that toll road which got paid every second sometimes is in deep mess of action and inaction.

In meditation we become that space, from actor to watcher. We become that space. We visualize the passing of train thoughts.

By being a watcher we just let that space know that it is not getting wasted, something is happening. Every single participant is being looked upon but not acted upon. So by being a watcher in that space we become the other end, origin which lies deep and the receiver which is here and now.
By slowly acting upon watchfulness, origin gets a response of closeness. SO slowly we travel to a downhill which is certainly a space with no roof above, no wall on the sides, and no surface deep down.

But by being watchful, we become the origin and receiver at same time, then comes a moment of stillness and silence. At that time of insight, what is outside starts entering within. Now the origin becomes the outside.

So clearly in the first hand origin was outside, we were not carrying any thought at the time of birth. Even the small images were from outside. SO what we think of source inside is just like watchfulness in its own space.

No thought is originated, we are just the receiver by the use of light travel in a vast mind, in a vast time of past.

IN seconds we get into the memory of past, it happens because of great light technology working in the mind and mind may be thought of inside. A head up is just like a map where current flows from one direction to another when a thought is thought to be originated. The same happens when we feel pain.

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