Do You Know Your
Lifes Lessons?

Lifes LessonsLife's Lessons

We are all here to learn our lifes lessons (spelled life's lessons) every day of our lives, but unfortunately, we are not conscious of them.

Each time we return to earth, it is with our soul group (those we chose beforehand) with whom we return to resolve our karmic issues.

It is about soul communication, those karmic issues involving our lessons - what we are here to learn at this time through our soul family and our actual inherited family members with whom we often have the most difficult lessons.

Find more information at what is karma. If we don't deal with our life's lessons we will keep repeating them each time we return to earth.

If I knew earlier what I now know, my life with my family would probably have been much different.

It is a matter of accepting what is, and learning how to deal with it. Our family was dysfunctional and my lessons were difficult.

My advice is to resolve issues with your family no matter how difficult they may be because those people are very important in your life. Once they die, it is too late, unless you can talk to them as I did through my ability of hearing voices.

In my case, I did not resolve my issues with my mother and my sister until after they died, and thankfully through my gift of hearing voices and through soul communication, I was able to forgive myself and my mother and my sister which is a very necessary aspect of spiritual cleansing and healing.

My Lifes Lessons

As with most of us, I needed to learn unconditional love and the meaning of love. As it was never discussed in our family, nor were there any physical displays of affection, my lessons concerning love were difficult.

I can remember one time telling my mother that I loved her which was not an easy thing to do, then she looked at me with a frightened look and said, "But, I'm not dying yet."

The sooner you know what your lessons are, you will have more understanding of yourself and your life situation. If you find that you are constantly repeating the same mistakes in your relationships, it is time to take a close look are your own behavior and the type of people that you are constantly attracted to or who are attracted to you.

Perhaps it's time to revisit your childhood and see what negative patterns of behavior you have learned that is keeping you from having successful relationships. And, time to let go of behavior that is not serving you well so that you may move forward.

One way of learning about your lifes lessons is by asking questions through using a pendulum.

We chose the best situations possible (before we come here) to learn our lifes lessons. And once we've learned them, we will not have to repeat them the next time around.

I know this may be tough to understand.


Each family is different and we all have different lifes lessons to learn. Instead of running away from tough situations, it is best to try and resolve the issues, if possible, otherwise you will repeat them.

You need to remember that you can always ask for help from God. I am so grateful that I have started communicating with God once again. I feel so much better, my life has new meaning. I felt left out and so alone before I started communicating with Him.

My communications with Him and my spiritual guides have led me to write my first book, "that Damn Voice Again, Communication From Beyond". This website, Beyond Hearing Voices has been created as a result of my book and my ability of hearing voices which I feel blessed to possess.

It's also important to communicate with your spiritual guides and be aware of your guardian angels as they are all there to help you. All you have to do is, ASK For Help.

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