Liver Cleansing Diet for
Physical Health and Well-Being

Liver Cleansing DietLiver Cleansing Diet

Imagine following a liver cleansing diet that also helps you lose weight!

It is important to flush out your liver at least once or twice a year, either the spring or fall, because of all the toxins that you accumulate from your food and environment. If you are feeling tired, sluggish, irritable and your skin has lost it's luster, you need to cleanse your liver.

Personally, I have a fragile liver so I need to do a cleansing at least twice yearly, as I'm doing presently with Milk Thistle.

I have also harbored many negative emotions in my liver since my childhood, which I have released. 

But for this reason, my liver is sensitive and I take care of it diligently, otherwise I will get very sick!

The liver can get clogged since it is the body's filtering system for everything your ingest. Think of the liver as your body's garbage disposal!

As you regularly change the filter and oil in your vehicle, think about cleansing your liver too.

If it is possible, for two days, eat as many stewed tomatoes as you can. Besides using the canned variety, prepare your own garden-fresh stewed tomatoes. You can also drink tomato juice, and at the end of the second day prepare:

3 oz of olive oil

3 oz of castor oil

3 oz of whipped cream

Drink this mixture before going to sleep.

During the night, you may wake up to nature's call and you will be relieved to release all the foul smelling toxic waste from your body.

The next morning, eat a full breakfast to your heart's desire.

After 2 days of cleansing your liver of toxins, you follow a liver cleansing diet that lasts 3 weeks.

If you find that cleansing your liver in this manner is too much to attempt at this time, try natural herbal products from Les Herbes Pures such L.G.-W which is a 100% natural herbal liquid that you take 3 times a day after each meal with juice or water.

If you would like to know more information or order natural cleansing products from Les Herbes Pures, contact me.

To find out why you need to cleanse you liver, go to symptoms of liver problems

Organic herbs such as Milk Thistle, or L.G.-W which is a herbal mixture from Pure Herbs is good for cleansing the liver,

Liver Cleansing Diet


During the 3 weeks, you must avoid all meats except fish and chicken. There is no sugar, alcohol, commercial coffee or tea, fried foods, processed foods or flours, salt, strong spices, preservatives, additives, or synthetic vitamins.

Breakfast: During all 3 weeks, drink Dr. Stone's Liver Flush Drink - Blend either 2 small oranges, or 2 small apples with 1 clove of fresh garlic, 1 T. of olive oil, and juice of 2 fresh lemons. Do not add any sweetener. Follow this with 2 glasses of warm liquid, either herbal tea or distilled water (no solid food until lunch)

Lunch: Eat as much fruit or vegetables as you want. During the first and third weeks you can eat a small amount of protein during lunch, but no protein during the second week. You can have 2 T. of sesame butter with the vegetables.

Dinner: Eat fruit or vegetables. During the first week you can eat steamed or baked potatoes, yams, and squashes, soups and vegetable casseroles with steamed greens and salad. During the second week of this liver cleansing diet, eat only lighter, green vegetables either steamed or raw. During the third week, you can add one slice of whole grain bread, or one piece of toast along with dinner.

Do not eat any protein during dinner for the three weeks.

For lunch and dinner you can have 2 T. grated beets plus 1 T. of olive oil, and 1/2 teaspoon of lemon juice.

Before retiring each night during the 3 weeks, you can drink 2 cups of strong yarrow, dandelion or parsley tea (brew for 1/2 hour before drinking)

To continue the liver cleansing diet, drink the Liver Flush every other morning for 2 more months and reduce the oil to 1/2 teaspoon the second month.

I know this method seems drastic for some of you, but don't you think that a healthy liver is more important than anything you can dream of? There's nothing worse than a sick liver. When that happens, all the money in the world will not make you feel any better because you can't enjoy it!


You can take either Milk Thistle or L.G.-W which is a natural 100% herbal combination from Pure Herbs, 3 times daily after healthy meals . This method will take longer. You can order them both from me.

You can read an interesting conversation with Didi, a friend who died from liver cancer and who wishes that she did things differently at signs of liver problems.

Find out more information at herbs for liver cleansing.

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