Losing Contact With Spirit Guides When Using Pendulum


I have two specific spirit guides. Lately, I have been losing contact with them and another dark spirit is coming and playing tricks.

How do I get rid of him?

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Mar 13, 2016
Losing Contact With Spirit Guides When Using Pendulum
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster


It is important to always clear your space and the have protection when using your pendulum. It is a spiritual tool for contacting your Higher self, and or your spiritual guides and when you open the portal so to speak, you are inviting all sorts of spirits and entities to come in.

Now, you can smudge your space and yourself with sage. You can also burn Tibetan incense -it has no toxins - you can also ask the spirit to return home.

Probably the best thing to do at this time is to call in Archangel Michael and ask Him to take the lost soul/entity home and to also cleanse your space and yourself.

When you use your pendulum, it is important to be centered, grounded, clear and focused. You can visualize being surrounded by Divine white that comes down through your crown chakra, down through your spine and legs into the ground, then visualize the light coming back up from the ground up your legs and your spine our through your crown chakra and surrounding your body.

This visualization exercise is good to do all the time for protection.

It is also very important to clear your mind of any negative thoughts or images for the will only attract negative vibrations towards yourself.

Sending light and love,

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