Loud, But Not Always

by Steve

Reading your stories that you have posted I noticed that none mention anyone trying something that is real easy to do.

Taking earplugs and inserting them into one's ear can change his or hers diagnosis on hearing voices.

If it isn't as loud then it can't be inside their heads, common sense tells us that.

Suggesting that doesn't happen by you, did you fail to do so because it may scare some or some other reason?

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Jul 01, 2015
Regarding Earplugs and Hearing voices
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster


Whether one is using earplugs or not, if someone hears voices, they will still hear them with earplugs.

For me, it doesn't matter, the earplugs do not lessen the voice whether it's inside or outside my head, I receive the message because of my other senses being aware.

I cannot surmise what happens to others. But if their other senses such as intuition, feeling, and seeing images are not open and aware, then probably the voices would sound lower.

Again in my case, when I was much younger, I remember putting a pillow over my head, but I heard the voices anyway, the sound did not lessen.

You can red more about my experiences of hearing voices inside your head.

Hope this helps to clarify.

Sending light and love,

Jun 30, 2015
Spiritual Voices Or Something Else ?
by: Anonymous


It seems what the writer was insinuating was that he has used the earplugs and was asking if you or any readers experienced that.

What is he hearing?

May 08, 2015
Loud But Not Always
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Steve,

Ear plugs are used to lessen a noise that is outside of one's self.

When you hear voices in your head, ear plugs do not lessen the voices.

The voices I speak of are those communicating from the spiritual realm, and it has nothing to do with ear plugs.

Fear does not enter into the equation. It is a matter of acceptance and learning the significance of that ability.

If fear is involved, one has to eliminate it in order to understand what is happening.

Fear could also be caused by negative voices. One needs to know how to eliminate those negative voices and vibrations, they exist everywhere, also to be protected at all times

You have to work on yourself, be aware of your thoughts and actions, to rise above negativity.

Sending light and love,

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