Love So Pure, It is Deadly

by A. M.

Hello Tanya,

I have written you 4 years ago in regards to my twin flame experience and I just wanted to give you an update in regards to where I stand. We still have yet to come together and acknowledge to each other that we are in fact twin flames, but I know we absolutely are.

Since then I have seen him a handful of times and each time it awakens something deep inside my soul that I don't feel with anyone else. There is this undeniable energy that comes alive in me that pulsates out of my heart and goes up through my head and out through my body and it's the most euphoric feeling I have ever experienced. It is pure bliss and ecstasy and I've never felt love so pure on that level in my entire life. I felt so alive and so connected to God that after that moment I felt like I was glowing pure love out to the world.

After that initial awakening, I have seen strange things even what I believe to be the risen Jesus Christ after a coworker verbally and what felt like spiritually attacked me.

After that, I felt this severe sharp stabbing pain in my heart. I didn't understand why she attacked me because I didn't do anything to her I just think I was "too positive" of a person and she's a very negative person so I think she attacked me for being nice and loving.

I went home after that and tried to sleep it off even though my heart still hurt like someone pierced me with a dagger. I fell asleep and about an hour later woke up and saw Jesus walking toward me, I thought he was going to take me home but he didn't. I still don't understand.

I know our twin flame's mission together on this planet is to bring unconditional love to the world and build paradise for everyone. I know that through our spiritual connection, (and hopefully one day) physical joining, the love that we both give out will greatly multiply just by being in each others' presence which will help uplift humanity.

However, I do not believe that we will be together and I have accepted that. I am trying to stand on my own, to be my own pillar of light to the world, but each time I go out into public I feel like the general public is killing me.

Everything I see is hurting me and I feel like I am dying just because I cannot take the negativity of this world all alone, and I'm looking for people like me, but I am not finding anyone anywhere to give me "water" (love & spiritual guidance). I am dying of thirst.

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Jul 26, 2016
Love So Pure, It is Deadly
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello A.M.

I have answered your message, but my post must have got lost. So I will do it again here.

Twin flames only come together when they have each done their inner cleansing (what they have come here to do), and once that is done they will re-unite. I feel that you understand that, and it is heart-breaking, but not all twin flames are on the same level spiritually.

As you do your spiritual work, your light levels and vibrations increase which attracts lost souls. Often times it is very difficult to be in an atmosphere of lower vibrations, this is why you need protection daily.

I will offer you sessions at a different rate than my work with past lives. In the sessions, I will teach you how you can protect yourself daily and give you techniques to help yourself.

You can contact me if you are interested in doing sessions with me.

Sending you light and love,

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