Love/Relationships/Advice to Friends with Problems- Transmedium Message

by Mary Ann

Love/Relationships/feeling helpless trying to help another

This was a spiritual conversation between God and I on September 7, 2010. I hear our Heavenly Father's wise words of knowledge. I do hope this will also provide some enlightenment to others as it did for me. So, lets start.I receive my knowledge via trance meditation.


Spirit Emmanuel's words:

"A relationship is a profound experience within your life on earth, for it serves many factors in your lives. I like to first tell you that a relationship is a focus of attention because it is an intimate moment of your journey that you are encountering with another being that will allow you to grow and expand in your spirit, you are expanding in your mind about many factors.

First, the factor of love is there. Love will allow you to experience great heightened emotions of your mind, body and spirit. Love in not a coincidence, a loving person will always encounter a loving view of the world. When you are out of the scope of love, you are changing your body energy into a loving but less understanding being.

When you love someone, you are exposing yourself to many truths but emotions also. Let this be a warning to about Love. Love is a great emotion, for me it has served so many meaningful events in my life.

I loved many people as I lived on earth also, but this love wasn't always there, it was a moment of history that became a loving moment for me. I was born into a family but, there was lack of love within the people there, for this reason I searched for love as I became aged and be more willing to be a loving guide to all on Love.

Love is a small factor but a big emotion in your life. As I grew up, I remember suffering from the environment I was born in and for this reason I chose to be a loving person. When I was alive, I wanted to be a loving person because I wanted to be loved by others also. I loved all people that were in my life."

Emmanuel continues..:

"When a person loves another person, the chemicals within the body are being transposed into numerous other chemicals, for this is the reason for LOVE.

I loved many people, but many people did not love me back and for this reason I chose further to be more loving. When you love someone, there is a great performance of interaction within your lives, minds and spirits. Your Spirit is profound in the course of this loving exchange and interaction.

You must find ways of loving the people around you in order to understand them. There is always something to love about the people around you. When a person enters your life and they are unable to be loved by you, it is your greater mind telling you that you are not able to love them for the way they are because you choose to think like this.

Let me tell you how to love someone, loving someone is to be a positive element on this earth. When you love someone you are fore letting go of their negative energies and they in return will follow your direction."

(At this point , I gave Emmanuel an example of a girlfriend, who is married to a man and feels no love in their marriage, but they have a one year old child)

Emmanuel continued...

"There is always a love in relationship between people, you may not understand this but love exists among different levels among people also. They may not love each other, but they may love a being that is with them. They may not love each other, but they may love a child between them. They are the one's who must come to that conclusion themselves, but you are not the creator of love between them in their lives."

(What can a couple do living in that situation, would you give me some practical ideas?)

Emmanuel continued...

" Yes, you must love yourself in order to love others, when you cannot love yourself, you cannot love others. This is a point I must make, in order to make you realize that love is not going to occur, if you don't have self love."

(AT this point, I asked Father God's thoughts)

Father God , are you there?

"Yes, I am listening to this exchange of stories between you and Emmanuel. You must realize that he was a being like you, there are times when you will think that a Spirit doesn't know what they are talking about, but you must realize that they also lived in abundance like you do. You have to find greater levels of love between yourselves."

(Father God, I gave Emmanuel the example of a girlfriend in Turkey and her relationship with her husband. She contacts me , and usually she is very sad, and feels she has no choices because she cannot leave, if she did she cannot take her child. Can you offer me some wisdom?")

"Yes, you must realize that they created an environment that is lacking in love when they came together to perform the rituals of love, when they allowed the Spirit to come into being through their bodies. They chose this, not I. For this reason, they must be the ones to figure out a way of being greater then themselves. They will explain many things to you, but they cannot be explained in such short views. They thought being a mother and Father was going to be the salvation of their love. But, the love they have among them was not enough to be a greater wisdom for them. For this reason, she is suffering because she has no love for herself and for him. He in return, has love for himself but not for her, she wants to be out of this relationship because it is causing her pain and suffering.

Let this be of a word for them, they are the ones who created these events and they have to be the one's to be out of this. Believe in yourself, when you are a child of God, who knows much more than what you are displaying on Earth. You don't need to be brave to live, but you must be better then what you were like before. When my children come together to produce other children, they must be careful as to what and whom they select to have this interaction with. They don't always be at their best, when are trying to think better for themselves. Let me tell you that. Their lives are full of misery because they select this, they select this for a reason greater then for you to know. But they have selected this way of being."

((Why would someone select to live like this Father God?))

"Their wisdom is greater, then what you see with your human eyes. They wanted to suffer in order to learn, but their learning is not occurring because they can only focus on themselves. They want to be great, but they are afraid to be great. Their views are of many, but you must know that the views they hold were meant to make them grow in Spirit and in Virtue.

Let me explain to you further about loving relationships that people hold on earth. They came together for a loving moment, to create love, but their love is short lived as they meant for it to be. Then they complain about being sad and suffering but their sadness and suffering is of no avail to their solution, to their problems and issues. Let them suffer as long as they need to in order to be better people."

((Father God, why does it effect me so much?))

"Because, you allow it to effect you. You don't be a messenger to them, if you join their problems. You are the one to deliver them these words of love, in order to be greater than they are. They must be great in Heavenly Father's ways and being. Let them experience their life so it can be a growing experience for them. They will all grow from their experiences, you are not to live their life for them- for they are the creator of their own experiences.

Let them be, let them be and well, for they are the one's who must learn from their experiences. You are not to interfere in their learning but watch their progress."

(Father God, you would think people get married, because they love each other, but it doesn't always work out that way on this Earth, 50% of people who get married in America get divorced..)

"Yes, this is accurate my child, you must know that the ways of land are not always perfect. They chose the lives they have for a greater reason, then what you know."

(For example Father God, why did this friend of mine in Turkey choose the life she has?)

"She chose her life because she wanted to be a great philosopher of education for women around her, she wanted to experience the learning's of the masters. The way to do this was to be in a relationship that offered her little, but through this she was to better herself. She now resists to learning more because time has show her suffering if painful. You must know that suffering is also a learning instrument. Suffering is to be learned from by people for a reason."

(Why would someone choose to suffer Father God?)

"Let me explain a few things to you my child, you are a loving women, for this reason you are unable to understand. Suffering has many important facets, it motivates people to be greater than what they are. Suffering comes to you when you elect to learn from wisdom from ourselves and from your own self. Suffering is temporary, but you can prolong it if you choose."

continued at below page..sorry, I could not fit all in, because my this article would only accept 10000 and look under the title love/relationships..

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Sep 08, 2011
I'm Sorry, But...Here's My Opinion About Love
by: Anonymous

Love is merely a trap for what's to follow:

Increasing amounts of unbearable pain, to which the spiritual world likes to attach many names; "growth", "development", "learning processes", "awareness expansion", "transformation", etc.

You can call a pot "a vessel with which to cook", or you can call it what it is: a pot.

Pain is pain and love will always be its forerunner.

We are born alone, we die alone; what goes on in between is merely amusement for those who put us here.

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