Loving Kindness Meditation Through
Your Sense Of Smell

In Tibetan wisdom, a loving kindness meditation is practiced through your sense of smell.

Through this sense, you learn about silence, and how things are connected and interdependent.

But, before practicing this meditation, it is important to be able to forgive.

According to Tibetans, forgiveness and the ability to love unconditionally are linked to our sense of smell.

Since every one of our senses is ruled by a color, smell is influenced by a warm and happy yellow light. Furthermore, our emotional aspect of consciousness is also awakened by this sense and color.

Loving, Kindness Meditation To
Awaken Your Sense Of Smell

You can do this meditation anywhere, but it is more relaxing if you are in quiet surroundings.

  • Make sure you are sitting comfortably with your eyes closed. Breathe deeply from your diaphragm and continue breathing deeply till you feel a sense of relaxation throughout your body. At this time, do a body scan to make sure that you release any stress or tension in your muscles. You can do this by tensing and relaxing each muscle group, and letting go of the stress as you breathe out slowly.
  • Once you feel a sense of relaxation, focus your attention inside your nose. Engage your sense of smell. Smell. Feel your nose smelling. Be conscious of all the various smells you are breathing.
Incense for Meditation
  • Let the smells gather at the roof of your mouth. Then let them flow to the center of your chest. As the smells flow through your nose and your body, visualize the smells transforming into a beautiful yellow light
  • Imagine the beautiful yellow light forming into a sphere in your chest, feel your body relaxing in the glow of the warm and beautiful yellow light.
  • If you have more time, you can extend this meditation by releasing this warm yellow light throughout your body, to your loved ones, to your friends, to family, to co-workers and to your community. As you breathe out this light, you extend unconditional love towards everyone around you.

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