Magnificence of God

by Shay

Magnificence of Father God

During this conversation, I asked Father God to talk to me about His being. (please forgive me, I say "His" but it is only my mind's way of thinking). This conversation is done via Trance communication. Thank you so much for sharing this with me.

My Dear child, my magnificence as you say is not comprehensible by your human mind. For your mind has deficits understanding what is infinite and for this reason I cannot fully tell you of my magnificence. However, allow me to try to explain to you My Being.

My being is the reason for your existence, my Being is the reason for the existence of all life form on your planet, my Being is the reason for the existence of the night time, my Being is the existence of the Light, my Being is the existence of all living forms on your planet.

Now you ask me how is this possible? Don't look at anything as if it's possible or not, just let it be. You will not be able to understand how this is possible.

Infinity is endless and I am endless. I was the great force on your earth who created the world, my force is not explainable. However, one thing I can say is that I love everything that I have created and through this love everything manages it's own self.

The word you use "Love" is the word that is used to describe my Being, also for when everything that is created has been created out of a desire, than this is the explanation and the description for Love. Love is the force that creates heavens, love is the force that creates all beings, love is the force that encourages everything to grow.

When you look at the vast Ocean my dear child, you are looking at something that seems endless. How can you explain to me the end of the Ocean?

Your mind is only capable of seeing what is in front of it. You cannot see the waters in the Indian Ocean as you look upon the Pacific Ocean. For this reason you are to know that I am the Source of that endlessness, that you cannot describe. However, for the sake of this conversation, if you want to understand me better you can do this by reflecting on all life form on earth. When you reflect on all life form, you observing my Being. For the life form on earth would not be possible without my energy. You can reflect on this, recognize this in many ways and forms.

One of them is through meditation, meditation allows you to feel what is endless. And even in meditation, you will not be able to grasp this concept for meditation will only allow you to go into higher forms as you are capable of in your own worldly mind and body. Your Spirit knows this well, your spirit if the form part of you that knows this very well. However, your Spirit is the silence within you. Your Spirit recognizes and knows all things. But, it is there only to guide you through your Soul. The Spirit that is within you, belongs to me. I am that part of you. This is how we communicate with you, through allowing your Spirit to surpass the levels of being and existence in order for us to explain to you.

And for this reason my dear child, if you really want to understand me, you will first need to understand yourself. This is the desire and the reason why many of you, like yourself had the desire to look further, to look into deep levels of your own Soul. As you want to understand me, you also want to understand yourself. When you understand yourself, than you will have an awakening, an awakening of Spirit within you.

When you have this awakening than you will be able to tap into some levels of the Spirit world, but it is not always possible when you are in human form to dwell into deeper levels of Spirit world. For it is allowed for you to experience certain things in order for it to serve you and the life form around you. But, you and no other person can fully know what is the true Spirit world until you return back home to be with us. Than you will realize, than you will know, than you will be fully awakened to who you are and how we exist my dear child.

There are people like you, who are trying to figure out the purpose of your being, there are people who want to reach and communicate with Spirits, there are people who are more advanced on a soul level who are trying to figure out ways of expansion.

My children will advance more and more with every generation that will live on earth and exist. They will advance more in Spirit and in Spiritual ways, not always in physical ways. There will come a day on your planet where the human body will no longer exist, the human body is only a vessel and we do not need a human body to live.

There will come a day on your planet when people without realizing and noticing that they have made so much damage on your earth, that there will be no reason for the human body to exist on earth. The earth shall replenish itself and through this replenishment, the human spirits will live there, but not in the human form. For this reason, you are to know and share with all people that eventually the planet you reside on will not be here, however, the timing of that will solely depend on the people.

Destruction that is being done on a physical level on earth is not going to allow the human form to exist there, for there will be greater illness and sickness and diseases due to the chemicals and other destructive ways of living will not allow the human body to exist on earth. This may be in 5,000 years, this maybe in 50,000 years. However, what you need to know is that time is only in the mind for my planet has been around for much longer than that and that period of time is not very long my dear child.

The spirits that are your brothers and sisters, as you call them, are always trying to help the people on earth. Their love is also great for you, they have been there and they would like to return to be there again, they feel compassion for earth for it is a place of physical growth that can be used for your physical form.

Now, as we go back to your initial question, if you understand me, you will understand yourself. When you have a desire to know and understand me, that is your way of trying to understand your own self. For this reason, you are not to limit your mind to anything, for when your mind is limited your outlook will be limited. You are to expand your mind - your soul while you are there. And you are to help others to expand themselves.

Thank you Father God.

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Thank You, For Sharing This
by: shay

Dear Tanya,

I thank you for allowing this loving wisdom to be posted in your blog. My heart is always happy, as truly I feel only the vessel who gets them, but they are given to me for reasons I don't even know.

I know many people hear God's wisdom, at times I feel afraid to say this as many will judge me and label me, but I try to always know who I am. I share with love, they are words that are given to me to be let shared by others.

In my life, I have come across to things at times when it was meant to be, and I know that the people who will come across to these will be touched by them just as I am always. I have been putting them in a blog last 6 years or so, since a sweet lady showed me how to do it, and it is free, anyone can read them and I know all the right people will find it and read them.

I was told "when the student is ready to learn, the teachers will arrive" and this has been my life story. Many moons ago, this is how I had come to your gentle blog, I remember that.

If anyone is ever interested in reading some of the other "wisdom" I have been given, they are welcome to visit Father God and I and read them, I don't mind if people want to share them, copy them, read them, post them. They were meant to be shared, and I don't see them as my property in any way.

In the blog I have put some favorite poems, etc...but, the ones that are given to me by God will say "Spirit Communicated" by labels.

I send you my love Tanya, and my most deepest gratitude for posting them.

May God Bless You and Light your path. I love you.

Shay from Texas

Magnificence of God
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Shay,

This conversation is so enlightening, my heart fills with excitement - I just knew these words were from God.

I really encourage you to put your conversations with God in a book format or perhaps and e-book. You could put a link on my website.

Thank you for this submission.

Sending light and love,

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