Many Whispers

by Herschel
(Hamden, CT, USA)

From my birth until round age 10 or so I remember hearing many whispering voices right before I drifted off to sleep and sometimes when I was in a bad mood or mad at someone.

I couldn't make out the voices because there was so many voices all at the same time and they were all whispering. After around my 11th or so birthday, they seemed to become less frequent and probably stopped all together soon after that, though I'm not totally sure.

I'm now 25 and haven't even come close to hearing voices. Though I had a conversation with my mom about this topic a few years ago and I remember she told me that she experienced these voices as a young child as well, but they had left when she got older. She said they came right before she was falling asleep as well, though she said it was usually just one voice calling her name repeatedly.

The voices never scared me, in fact I just figured that everyone experienced that before they fell asleep. When I got older, I shared my story and no one had a clue what I was referring to. So I'm just wondering if you have had or know of a similar situation that this could be?

Sometime I feel like it was my connection to the other side or where I came from. I'm not sure if you'd consider prebirth to be the same place as where you go when you die, but either way I feel that when I got older, I lost the ability to communicate or at least tap into that realm. When I started to grow older, that's why the voices left, and I got used to the physical world (realm) that we are all in.

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