Marijuana Enhances Voices

by JeNique

Okay, I am of 17 years and I smoke weed.

I always thought it was weird how once I was high, I'd head whispers that no one around me heard. As I continued smoking they got a bit clearer. And sometimes I hear the voice when I'm sober.

The first real "spiritual" incident that made believe I was not going crazy was when I gave my brother a bubble bath. As I'm rinsing him off all I heard was a voice that said "something bad is about to happen" and after that I heard my name, it just kept repeating in my head, after the repeating stopped I heard a child scream.

It wasn't a loud scream at all but it was a faint scream. Once I finished bathing him, we went downstairs. (all he does is run and jump around.) I'm in the kitchen with my mom and cousin watching prepare dinner and my then brother comes running cousin spills a plate of just cooked macaroni on his head. His scream was the scream I heard.

I thought I was a psychic so I did research, I found this test where there was about seven colors and you had to pick which one would be selected next, believe it or not I got the color right and it was the voice that told me. I got high once and talked to my grandmother who passed away I believe 9 years ago. This is when I really believed there's something going on, I sat outside and had a whole conversation with her, she told me she had to go and I asked for a hug before she left and I kid you not, I felt her warm arms wrap around me for the slightest seconds and then she was gone.

I want to know what's the name of this phenomena, the tests online about empathy and such never give me answers and I feel is generated to fit for everyone.

If you have any answers or questions that will help, please just inform me.

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Dec 19, 2016
To Shay
by: JeNique

Thank you for your positivity, I actually went on break to try and remove some from reason system, all last night and today my forehead has been having that stressing feeling like my third eye is opening more.

I guess I'm going to stop for a while for real, and thank you I'm sure you're a great person, if you have a story on here I would love to read about your experiences.

Dec 18, 2016
To Tanya
by: JeNique

Thank you for explaining Tanya, reading your comments took an unexplainable weight off of me and I feel myself again.

Peace and love, thank you.

Dec 18, 2016
Re: Marijuana Enhances Voices
by: Shay

Dear JeNique,

I agree with Tanya too, however, I like for you to further your spiritual gift/journey without the need to get high on marijuana. I know many people say marijuana is not addictive and other things but I don't agree with that, as people tend to want to do more and more. I have seen people move into other street drugs that cause permanent damage and can induce psychotic symptoms that are more permanent.

Yes, it sounds like you have a gift, but you don't need to smoke weed in order to awaken. Because when you are high you really don't know what is an effect of being high or your own greater sources. I encourage you to stop the marijuana and go towards the light of your own awakening. You can do it, and it will be more natural. Also, be positive and think positive, angels and spirits will offer loving/positive messages to help you not negative to scare you or to make you fear.

Take care of yourself, for you must be a lovely person. You don't need drugs or other things to make you complete, you were created in perfection and you are enough.

Blessings and may the holy spirit surround you with love.

Dec 18, 2016
Marijuana Enhances Voices
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hi JeNique,

The only explanation I have is that you are psychic and you are sensitive to the spiritual realm - the space around you.

You were born with your ability, and more and more children are born with extra abilities. They are here to help humanity as you are too.

You will find what your mission is during this life time. You can ask and pray that you will receive the answers you need.

Sending light and love,

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