Married, But Met Twin Flame

by Anonymous

I met my twin flame when I was 16. When I was 16 I just knew, we would be together.

We dated and broke up because he was not really ready to settle down and his mother broke us up because she thought our relationship was to intense.

We parted ways for 14 years until he found me in April 2009. We have been in touch ever since. During our 14 years apart, he got married and divorced (not children).

Currently, I am married and have three children. I don't love my husband and we are together for our children, but he consumes my thoughts and I just want to hug him and just breath him in. He loves me very much and I to love him very much.

Right now, he is not dating anyone and is always supportive of my marriage and he has never asked me to leave my husband. I saw him in 2012 and it was heaven. We talk or text each other everyday. I know I have a lesson to learn from my marriage and I know he regrets cheating and divorcing his wife! What do we do?

I can only pray that God gives me the desires of my heart, but I am definitely learning what unconditional love is and what love is not. In my heart I feel his is waiting for me no matter long how long it takes because he always tells me that he is waiting on the Lord (if he is to be with another woman or not).

Lord help me, I cannot live the rest of my life without him. If I can't talk to him it would just devastate me! Any advice would be appreciated!

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Feb 11, 2017
Doing What is Right
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Thank you S for sharing your experience and wise counsel.


Feb 11, 2017
Part 2 - Doing Waht is Right
by: S

Life is full of choices, and it is up to us to make the best right choice.

Often people because of having unmet needs will find people who are promising happiness/attention etc.. but one has to think very carefully and while considering all people in the family. What is great for me may not serve my children, so having children you created also means thinking about the effects of your actions into their life.

Couples can find a good Marriage Counselor, and you may have to search dear for a good one.

Personally, I like people who have Godly views/spiritual views of relationships, because a relationship is on a holy ground not just a simple thing, a good relationship is possible if one is working on their own issues, you see issues and problems are usually passed on from generation to generation, we continue to pass them until one person becomes aware and changes the path of matters.

I like Family Systems Theory, the work of Dr. Murray Bowen, ( deceased now, worked in Washington at the Bowen Institute).

Call them and ask if there are any members of this organization who are practicing counseling in your area, ask them and get into an exploration of your own self.

For the last two years I spend $300 a month, to work on my self, it was the best money I spent, also if the therapist is expensive, in my case she was, I asked her if she would accept 75 per session...she considered and I was blessed. We began a 2 year self examination.

Work on yourself, so you never need anyone to make you whole. As broken people find other broken people in life.

Best wishes,

Feb 11, 2017
Doing What is Right
by: S.

Life is a journey of doing things that accumulates to our soul's growth. There will be times when almost like a test things that come up and show up and we will have to make a decision, and know which way to go on a divided road. We can't just choose the easier way, for there will be no learning on that path, but to choose a path that may be more difficult will require for us to grow as a person, on a spiritual level and to do what is right.

We are an accumulation of the thoughts we tell our self, if our thoughts are continuously "I'm not happy, I don't love him, I deserve someone who loves me..." than eventually hearing the same words in mind will make us believe they are real and true.

In the beginning of any relationship there is always cosmic love and butterflies, however, one needs to realize that this is for all relationships. You see a relationship is going to go thru stages, a relationship of years has gone thru stages and will continue to do so. At times these stages will be very difficult, where one can say "I don't love him, but I am staying here for my kids", this is also one and many have gone thru this. At that time a person has to be able to sit and ask one's self. What happened that this relationship came to this point?

You see when you have children, we give all our love, concern, energy to them and we often in the meantime forget our partner, who loved us enough and long to stand at the same point... During this time most people start thinking "there is no love", in actuality there is love, but the love has become more constant and unconditional so there may be no flames. But, it was there to create and raise the kids, it was there to keep you together all those years.

Your thoughts you choose will make you think what you want to believe, so choose them carefully. When another person, a twin flame, etc.. comes into our life, it will feel good as there is excitement in a new relationship. But, we as people have to truly ask our self, "what happened in our relationship that we came to this point?"

"What can I do to change in order to change my relationship so we can be together for a long period of time?

"What will it be like on holidays when kids come home to find mom and dad in the same house?"

"What do I need to do in order to remember all the things that I loved about this person that I chose to marry 20-30 years ago?"

By questioning yourself, you will start thinking about self improvement.

Request to sit and talk with your husband and ask, "Would you like to work out our issues, so this marriage can last?"

If a person is willing to do that than you got something to work with.

I did this and I am so glad, our children come home from college and mom/dad are home waiting for them, we are their rock. We are role modeling what a long term relationship is like.

Life is full of choices, its not always choosing what makes us happy, but what makes a family.


Feb 09, 2017
Married to a Disabled Husband
by: Anonymous

I met my twin about a year and 1/2 ago - 2 yrs ago. But in doing so, I didn't know what it was called.

I had this uncanny attraction to him and told him how cute he was. He is in the medical field and I won't say who or where. But it seemed like the words just flew out of my mouth and I had no fore thought of even saying it. So time went on and when I would see him like twice a month then, I noticed more similarities and then he would be having conversations with other people and including information about himself in my presence, which I know now where for my benefit.

To make a long story short, I had told him how I have felt so very much like I was home just being around him and have so much trust being with him. I, after having worked with him, became the runner, but in a way that I'm hoping will bring us back together.

My husband of 38 years has Parkinson's and dementia. I have cut all ties with him except divorce. I was told by his doctors he could not sign a divorce document. I made sure he is being cared for. So here I just sit and wait. I don't know the outcome of his disease. But in the mean time I have so much love for my twin.

So I live alone with my son who is 32 in a 2 bedroom apt. I do have benefits and then I also volunteer for a worthy cause. My twin and I have actually experienced telepathy. We haven't been in communication for almost a year. I had asked him (higher self) months ago to show up incognito and to grow his hair out.

When I showed up to a place to dance with a friend and to listen to a band - he shows up and I glance over and sure enough he grew his hair out and wore these huge ugly glasses, which of course he doesn't wear glasses. He came just to show me he heard me.

I feel his love and protection all around me. We, I know, have each other's well being in mind. Everyday I never stop thinking about him or saying there will be a time for us.

Aug 19, 2015
Twin Flame
by: Anonymous

I am reading these stories and they sound so familiar.

I met him when we were 17. We got separated for almost 20 years.

Then while on a spiritual retreat, we reconnected over the phone. We talked with each other EVERYDAY for a while. We are both married. But we tried to cram 20 years into this little time. He called me his soul mate. He would say that he thought of me every year, and prayed for me every year since we parted. I did the same thing. We even lived in the same city for a while and didn't even know it. He would say he thought about me so much it felt like I had become a part of his DNA. He talked about how much we were alike and it felt like we had found the other half of ourselves.

We began reading about this and it was like what in the world is a twin flame? Well, we had to cut it off. I decided it was best to not communicate any longer.

But since then I have had dreams, and I think about him often, though I try not to. It is tugging and pulling on me. It didn't bring up any issues of the past other than this relationship that I am in, that I believe has ran it's course.

I remember before we met up I said it was like my soul was hurt, like my soul was in pain. I am used to having dark nights of the soul, but the pain I was in before he popped up was different. We knew that we were with each other to heal.

But now he isn't a part of my life although he wanted to be, just in a different form.

Any thoughts?

I can't imagine not talking to him any longer. But, I couldn't be the reason that his marriage broke up and vice versa.

This relationship has also caused me to see where twin flames fit in with my Christian reality!

Mar 25, 2013
Further Development
by: Anonymous

Well it has been an intense two months. We continued where we left of 25 years ago, but then reality set in and we both realized that it could not continue.

My friend always the sensible and reflective one having been through break ups and family breakdowns due to wife having an affair - brought me back to reality. He was a broken man for over 2 years and said it would be too risky to continue.

The main thing is we have made the connection that will never be broken again. Over the past years we have thought about each other on and off and there we are meeting randomly in a cafe.

We tried to make plans to go away and meet up, as we tried to cram everything into the last two weeks, but the universe had other plans which made our plans unworkable. We were both very disappointed and upset.

Upon reflection I had a truamatic childhood and this meeting took me right back to the wild, needy sex-crazed 17 year old in search for love and affection. I was behaving in the same way. I had heard her voice many times before, but ignored her and buried her further under child study family work and forgotten about her. I really thought I had managed my past, but this meeting brought all the old feelings back.

My heart broke as we decided that we had to go back to our normal lives. I wanted to be with him so badly. We had our moment - 2 weeks of meeting for lunch, passion and love. It went so deep - I have never known love to feel like this.

I have thanked my friend for helping me to release the trapped needy 17 year old that still remained buried.

The last week I have done a lot of crying clearing and reflecting - regaining emotional control and self worth, detachment, understanding, and letting go.

This meeting is more than physical - it is a soul connection that can now never be broken again. We both understand this.

Mar 21, 2013
a twin flame...
by: Anonymous

I can understand what these ladies were talking about, I am also in a 20 plus year marriage and with two lovely daughters and although the love in my marriage has faded through our differences to a good degree, I feel that I have to honor a decision I made, specially for my daughters who have a mother and a father in same home.

We may not be perfect, but we are good parents. I think sometimes people tend to look outward for others when their marriage is not fulfilling the love they would like.

So, I encourage you to see if you can reflect inward and develop you inner strength, and maybe even spirituality. Because sometimes the best time for you to be more spiritually aware is during time of suffering. But, just know that you are not alone and through dealing with situations like this, you will develop inner strength and also your own ethics.

Blessings to all of us..

Feb 18, 2013
Also Married and Met My Twin
by: Anonymous

I met my twin flame on the 25th January 2013. We met when we where 17 or 18 and I suddenly left the area to go and live somewhere else.

We met in the cafe and recognized each other straight away. We exchanged numbers and have spoken on the phone and met for lunch and shared where the past 25 years have gone.

The attraction is so intense - unfortunately I am in a 23 year old relationship with 3 children. not sure what to do...

Jan 25, 2013
Married, But Met Twin Flame
by: Tanya Tkach (Webmaster)


As I tell everyone, if you are supposed to be together in this life time, you will be.

In the meant time, work on yourself - your issues and life's lessons. If you see your twin, he is YOUR MIRROR. By that, I mean that your issues are similar. Also meditate and pray daily asking for help. When we ask from our heart, we will receive.

Sending light and love,

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