Meditation For Beginners
Means  Shorter Time Periods

This is a meditation for beginners guide. For many of you, just the word 'meditation' may cause anxiety. I know it did for me. When I tried, I could not meditate at all because thoughts kept spinning in my 'monkey' mind.

meditation-for-beginnersMeditating in a Special Place

Being an extremely active person, sitting calmly for 20 minutes without thinking was unimaginable. In my mind, to be without thought was to be sound asleep. I used to fight all the thoughts that kept coming into my head, until I finally realized all I had to do was to let them go like clouds passing overhead.

If you have the same problems, don't give up, this is normal for anyone just learning to meditate. Here is a very peaceful singing bowl sound that I love for meditation from

Tibetan Healing Sounds

Benefits of Meditation are very important such as:

  • Feeling healthier
  • Sleeping better
  • Being calmer
  • Being less stressed
  • Being more focused
  • Having better concentration

Read benefits of meditation.

Simple Procedures for Meditation For Beginners

You may have tried to meditate unsuccessfully once or twice. It may sound easy to sit down and clear your mind for twenty minutes, but it isn't for beginners. Do not be discouraged,  this is a normal experience for those learning meditation. Decrease the time you meditate. Start at 2 minutes and slowly add more minutes.

  • Put all of your pressures and duties aside,
  • Shut off your phone.
  • Sit back and enjoy this simple exercise to help you calm down. Try  listening to the sounds of waves if you prefer and imagine you are on a tropical island.
  • When thoughts enter your mind, let them drift away like clouds rather than forcing them away.
  • Concentrate on your breathing, that helps to bring you back to the moment.

Besides sitting quietly with thoughts drifting through your mind, there is also another way, a different form of meditation which is active meditation called mindful meditation.

Doing Something You Love Means Being in the Moment

Don't believe that the only form of meditation is done by sitting still. Doing something that you love and are passionate about helps to keep you in the moment such as dancing, playing music or drawing or whatever keeps you balanced and at ease within yourself. Actually, active meditation is the best meditation for beginners, as Leah is doing with her dancing.

Actually when doing something you love, you totally forget about yourself and are present in the act of creating.

dancing-as-mindful-meditationDoing What You Love

If you have a run-away mind like I had, and sometimes still do (old habits are difficult to break) an active form of meditation is a good meditation for beginners. In an active form of meditation, your mind does not have to be completely quiet.

Some of you may be thinking, "Yay".

While being active, you are concentrating on something you love to do. By keeping your mind on one thing, you are helping your powers of focus and concentration. I'm sure you'll agree that this is much easier than trying to keep your mind void of thoughts.

Now, one of the most common forms of active meditation is walking meditation and you can learn about it at mindful meditation.

The important thing is to enjoy your meditation, so start out slowly. In the beginning, try meditating for only 2-5 minutes, then build this up over time.

A Hobby Can be an Active Meditation For Beginners

Perhaps you have a hobby such as gardening, or playing tennis, or dancing. When you are doing what you are passionate about, you only concentrate on what you are doing. For example, when gardening

  • feel how the soil feels in your hands,
  • concentrate on each tiny seed you are planting.

If you are active in some sport such as tennis,

  • feel how the racket feels in your hand and
  • the impact in your arm as racket meets ball.

You cannot think about anything while playing tennis otherwise you will miss the shot.

When you are dancing

  • feel how each part of your body (arms, legs, head, hands, feet) moves to the music,
  • how you feel as you listen to the beat of the music and so on.

Whatever it is that you are doing, keep your attention totally on what you are doing. Use all your senses to keep you focused in the moment.


Meditation For Beginners Daily Exercise

Here is another daily meditation for beginners exercise as you go through your daily life:

  • keep your attention on your brow chakra, located at the center of your forehead.
  • keep your focus soft, instead of looking at one thing that is straight in front, use your periphery vision to see 180 degrees.

Try it now, when you are doing it correctly you will find that your mind is immediately calm.

To start off, try a one minute meditation and increase a minute every day. Before you know it, you will be meditating for 20 minutes or more.

When you start meditation for beginners today, you will see that your life can become a living meditation and every moment becomes special and joyful. Find out about the It may take a lot of effort in the beginning. Keep trying, the rewards are well worth it and your body and mind will thank you.

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