Meeting My Spirit Guides

I really want to meet my spirit guides through meditation.

I have researched a lot on the subject, but for some reason I haven't met them yet. I was wondering if you have to be able to visualize (as if you're really there seeing yourself and the surroundings in your visualization) a place such as a garden or any beautiful place in order to meet them.

I am not able to visualize when meditating, all I see is black. I have searched for books or CD's on visualization and can not find anything that teaches someone to learn to visualize. It is very frustrating because I feel that my spirit guides are with me, but I really want to see and meet them.

Do you have any advise that could help me?

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Feb 12, 2013
Meeting My Spirit Guides
by: Tanya Tkach (Webmaster)


I feel that you are trying to hard to see your guides. In order for you to do so, your 3rd chakra (3rd eye) has to be open and advanced.

In visualization, you imagine a place where you have been that you like and where you feel at peace. It could be anywhere, in the woods, on a beach, in your garden, in a wheat field etc. Also before you meditate, make sure your you and your place are cleansed and protected.

Also before meditation, ask your guide to be present and to show you in some way that he/she is there, example - by blowing on your hair or skin, perhaps a tap on your elbow.

Perhaps you can try to feel your guide's presence rather than see or hear her/him.

In my case, I can hear his/her voice and it is not important whether I can see a particular guide.

Let me know what happens.

Sending light and love,

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