Meeting My Twin Flame Was Unlike Anything I Had Experienced

A few years ago I met my twin flame even though I never knew what a twin flame was, but when we met it was an instant recognition filled with the most calming peaceful feeling. Nothing had ever felt like it.

We began dating and I began having even more spiritual experiences than ever before. I had always been more in tune to these experiences, but I had only once before ever heard a voice in my head.

However, not too long into our relationship, when we said we loved each other a presence came over me. It's hard to explain exactly, but it was like the "me" in my head was not there. Instead there was a presence and it spoke, but it wasn't to me, it was to my partner.

At first, it was a happy presence and it said "finally" then it was very sad and said, "I've missed you, where have you been?"

Then it repeated, "I've missed you," three times and the presence slowly left me, after which I was so overcome with emotion. All I could do was cry and I honestly do not know why or what I was feeling.

Over the years when we were together my partner would have experiences as well such as visions or dreams from a loved one, always with us together, but always with a futuristic 'how things could be' tinge.

My partner is not very in tune with spirituality and is a very afraid individual who is not open to the truth. Our relationship had many obstacles to overcome and in the end our love was not enough to overcome life.

We parted horribly. We do not speak. We have been apart for a year now, and it's still hard to believe. We had parted before, and each time I would receive a sign, either a dream of a passed love one of us together in the future, or a message not to give up.

One particularly poignant time I had been very down, and not knowing how we would ever overcome everything (he was with someone else, an age gap, different life goals) I had gone to compose myself in a public restroom.

When I looked up from the sink, there was a picture that stated "Never, never, never, never, give up". All of this, combined with the intense feeling that I had from day one that no matter what, everything would be ok, is hard to reconcile with how things are now...and how it ended.

Yet a year ago, when we parted again I received a comforting message from a loved one who had passed on who suggested to hold onto hope.

I still have experiences with my ex, vivid dreams, sometimes he is trying to get me back and I am just so angry with him. Other times he is crying and remorseful and says things where I knew how scared he is.

The only time I have run into my ex was not 24 hrs. after I had dreamt the exact scenario the night before.

How can we be so seemingly connected, yet so far apart and tearing each other apart on this plane?

We shared such an intense love that it seemed that something wonderful should come from it, but instead I find myself barely hanging on and he is back to his self destructive tendencies.

It seems we both actually suffered from being together! In many ways I am doing a lot of tough life learning, but what did I do to help him?

As I mentioned at the beginning of this that a few years ago I never knew what a twin flame was. After the break up I began to re-embark on my spiritual journey (looking for answers) and things started to fall into my was a little book entitled, "The Journey of Little Crow" by Angelina Heart.

It was like reading about my relationship, and it triggered a new journey that has led me to discover the realm of angels, guides, twin flames, and the like that I never knew about before.

So in a sense, meeting my flame has been for the best and it has spurned me to grow as I am now. But, it is difficult to fathom.

I suppose if I could fathom I wouldn't be on this journey, but it is difficult to know how I can move on with my life without my flame?

Am I to adhere to those never give up sentiments, have we missed the boat along the way or, is the way back to my flame away from him?

I know I can't change anyone. I know that in the end we will be together whether it is in this life or another, but it is hard to let go...and even harder to know whether I am supposed to...

Do you have an advice/insight?

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Jan 26, 2015
by: Helen

My Twin is.... well, I like to think of him as being on vacation. His true essence lies dormant. I'm tryng to do what I can to help him since I know he's under spiritual assault. I pray.

He's not well. I know he's on medication, but I don't know what it is. I've walked down the crazy path before, many years ago and he is walking on it now. I've come out the other side. I have faith that he will too someday.

My twin can't talk to me, just stalks. It is maddening.
Its not a healthy relationship. Its in absolute shambles. I have moved on, for my own sanity.
I have let go, but he holds on to me tightly, afraid I will fly away. He would keep me a captive bird in a cage. And what use am I to anyone in a cage? No one will ever see me fly. I think that's what he wants. To keep my wings clipped. But every day my wings are growing and getting stronger. I will leave my nest and fly. He cannot deprive me of this. He will not.

He is afraid for me. Afraid of a future without me. Yet we both have so much more growing up to do. What really is important is right now, and for me my focus is music. That takes precedence over everything. This is what brings me joy and brings many other people joy. I will fly to many places to bring people joy. He knows I'm not destined to be a housewife...

So my Twin would keep pushing and prodding and poking me in my nest, which is urging me to fly away. I do not want nor do I encourage any more contact with him. It would be very good if he could put me out of his mind and focus completely on himself and on his own healing. I know it will be hard for him and so I pray in support of his continued healing. That is what I will always do for him, no matter what.

Jan 22, 2015
Confusing Situation with Your Twin Soul
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Julian,

I know having a relationship with a twin flame can get very confusing.

I used to communicate with my twin flame telepathically and then when I saw him physically, it was as if nothing had transpired between us. And it used to shake me up since we communicated so often in the spiritual.

Yes, it often feels like you are walking between two worlds. I am now used to it since I do this daily with other spirits.

No, Julian you are not crazy. The communication between twin souls is unlike any other. You feel and know what your twin is going through even though she will not admit it to you.

Knowing your twin is a tremendous experience in spiritual growth. Always remember that your twin is your other half and whatever you would like, do for her, especially loving unconditionally and forgiving both yourself and her.

Sending you light and love,

Jan 21, 2015
Don't Know What To Think of the Situation with My Twin Soul.
by: Julian

My twin likes to mix fiction with reality when discussing our story - connection. This leaves it very difficult to know how to navigate the situation.

Understandably, it leaves me feeling confused questioning what is going on for her, and what she would like from me.

I have thought to myself, perhaps this is her way of dealing with the situation, so be it, fair enough. But when reality and fiction get too blurry, well, I just don't know what to think anymore.

I once said to her, 'it's good to communicate about things, it helps to avoid misunderstandings'. I was hopeful, still am, that we could remember the importance of this. Otherwise, things are just going to get messy and we aren't going to know where we stand with one another.

She normally send me a sign when she would like to see me. I haven't received this sign in some time, so I just assumed that now wasn't the best of times to meet, that maybe she had gone away for a while. No insecurity of feeling, or she don't want to see me anymore.

I am hopeful that if she would like to see me, then maybe she can send me the sign as per usual. Then I will know and would be happy to see her.

I prayed to God for a sign. Have we got things right here? I'm not going crazy right?

Sometimes it's good just to check. Sure enough I got sign after sign after sign, in abundance. That was on my birthday. I sometimes feel like a shaman walking between two dimensions.

Fortunately, it doesn't feel as heavy as it did at the beginning of my kundalini transformation and I know how to handle these experiences.

I also get the feeling sometimes that my twin is quite angry, and it feels that she is sometimes blaming things on me, passing the buck as they say.

Is this normal between twin flames Tanya? Anyway, that's only my perception.

I would really like to see her, if she would like to see me also. I think about her every day. If not, then I will totally understand and respect that also.

She's always in my heart whatever happens.

Jan 20, 2015
Is This The End of Our Twin Flame Connection?
by: Kittyluv17

My twin flame asked me to move on and forget him, because the only thing he will bring me is heart ache. He also told me that he wasn't going to be with his ex anymore.

He lied to me because they are back together. His ex cheated on him and has a child with the man she cheated with. He told me that he doesn't think he will be in relationship with her or anyone, anymore until he knows he can fully love them.

Why would he get back with his ex who cheated on him and who has a child with the other man?

I think she is messed up to keep leading both of them on. Telling him how I felt took me 8 years, but has helped me get over him. It now feels that the connection we had since we were kids has gone away.

Is this possible, can you loose the connection forever?

Though I no longer want anything to do with him now, because I feel nothing, except when I do think of him, once in awhile, I feel as if I almost hate him.

Though I feel that when I'm maybe trying to connect with him, like I'm in a grand canyon, where he's standing at the edge of a cliff while I'm holding onto a coat that maybe he's wearing. I'm holding onto him as I'm about to fall, but he allows me to hang there. The feeling don't last...only a few seconds.

It doesn't hurt as nearly as much since I finally told him how I feel about him. But, weirdly enough, the feelings I've had of him in the past during my dream when I was younger have been creeping up.

I haven't had any dreams of him lately, except one. I was reuniting with some old friends, pointing him out to them, but as I was pointing him out to them, he was hiding, as if he disappeared. I could feel that either he didn't want them to notice him or me to notice.

Jan 07, 2015
I feel like giving up
by: Helen

Hi Julian,

I can speak from the other side of the fence here as I am in the midst of quiet contemplation of, well, life. I do communicate with my Twin on a weekly basis, so he knows I am still here, that I haven't disappeared entirely from his life.

In my experience, the relationship with our Twin is not just one of mirroring, but one of opposites. Almost like our soul is stretching out in two different directions in an attempt to encompass the entire universe. I hold my space in silence for the most part, while my twin communicates absolutely every single thing that pops into his head. I understand why he does this. That it is cathartic, a release to project what's going on inside his head into the outside world. That way, it's not contained inside himself anymore and then he is not all alone with his thoughts. I could probably take a leaf out of his book... but I am scared to do so, with publishing my own dark secrets as I know they will not be well received. What I have to say is outlandish and radical, so I am learning to incorporate my heart with the wisdom I carry. It is absolutely necessary that I hold my tongue until I can present myself to my Twin in a place of love and compassion, not from a place of fear. A lot of what he's been saying has disturbed me yet other things he has said has moved me to tears. I do miss him... and the beauty of his words. I am scared to read what he has to say, for fear of falling in love with him all over again. He's broken my heart too many times, and I can only take so much. So my silence guards my heart, while I strengthen my heart, so that one day my heart will be unbreakable. That's what I need to do to be able to have a relationship with my twin. It seems like an impossible task, but I don't believe anything is impossible with God.

It's all online communication. Nothing face to face. I haven't seen my Twin in 3 1/2 years... A very long time. I think we would have seen each other sooner, if it were not for my religious beliefs. I became a Christian last year. I think that it's a bit hard for him to accept that. If we were to see each other...we both know what would happen and he respects me enough to give me my space, to adhere to my moral code.

But it seems that the longer I don't see him, the longer I yearn for is not easy for me. It is torture for both of us, I am sure. Truly, I want to see him in a pure way. I am really trying very hard to do this. But when you have this magnetic powerful is incredibly challenging.

I strive for my spirit to override my senses. Essentially, what is happening for my Twin is his kundalini is activating big time. Well, it's happening to both of us. When we were together, we had been intimate for around 2 months and I had a private kundalini yoga session and released a wave of kundalini. This experience was the most intense and profound moment of my life, where my entire being was infused with light. This was a pivotal moment for me in my spiritual evolution. The sexual activity with my twin leading up to this was certainly instrumental in bringing about a massive shift in my consciousness. My twin was a key that unlocked me to a much higher state of being.

So all of this energy he has inside of himself, I don't think he knows what to do with it. I practise yoga and dance. All physical activity helps tremendously in allowing this energy to flow unhindered through our bodies.

I don't think he does any of these things. I don't think if I told him, do this this and this and it would help you so much! I don't think that he would even listen to me. I can't tell him what to do. He does what he wants to do. So I just let him be. My philosophy has been, and always will be, is someone asks me the question then I can give them an answer. If they don't ask then they are not ready to receive the answer. I've been waiting for him to ask me so I can give him this map which plots my journey, in the hope that it will act as a very good guide to plotting his own course.

I think the best advice I can give to everyone regarding their twin, especially if you're not physically with your twin, is to work hammer and tong with kundalini as this oscillates through our spiritual bodies, strengthening not only ourselves, but our twin also.

My twin feels me, every time I do yoga. I don't think he likes it because he tries to dampen this energy by taking drugs. My tongue goes numb, every time I do yoga. It took me a long time to figure out what on earth was going on. He would relegate kundalini to the base chakra, not allowing it to flow through him. He would relegate this powerful kundalini to purely a sexual experience. It's a protective wall for himself, to take drugs as I grow spiritually. So once again, we have the opposites, the opposition. If he didn't fight it, every time I am working on myself to actively grow stronger, I can't even imagine how strong I would be. It seems I have to work twice as hard, like I am carrying him on my back. He works in the world, dilligently, making lots of money. I work in the spirit, dilligently, with very little money. Polar opposites.

What I have worked hard for cannot be seen in my bank balance, but I know that spiritually, I am very wealthy and this is what is important to me.

I hope what I have to say is of some benefit to you all, and that you don't fall off your respective roller coasters!

Much love,

Jan 05, 2015
I Feel Like Giving Up
by: Julian

No Name No.4

Some of your story resonates with me.

My 'TF' has never replied to my emails nor texts. To say that it feels one sided sometimes would be an understatement.

There are reasons why we are not meant to be communicating with each other, but I am starting to think that the reasons go deeper than I had initially thought.

I'm starting to feel that if I'm someone special
to her/him? at all, then why the wall of silence? On a certain level it just feels bizarre that they she/he is more keen to text, to email people who are not their 'TF'. Sometimes it feels like I don't mean anything to her/him at all.

She/he knows so much more about me than I know about her/him. I wish that my 'TF' could open up to me.

I wear my heart on my sleeve and have shared so much with my 'TF'. I often think that this doesn't do me any favors and should just keep more to myself.

The longest we have gone without seeing each other has been two months. I missed my 'TF'. My gut feeling is she/he missed me too.

I think that we're both keen on maintaining contact to some degree in the future. It's just sometimes I get the feeling (could be wrong) that my 'TF' is really not that bothered whether I'm in her/his life or not. If not, then I'm gone, out of it.

I really just don't know what my 'TF' feels about the whole situation because he/she never told me.

Jan 05, 2015
Re: All I Can Do
by: Helen

Thanks Lady J & Tanya for your comments.

I had to laugh when you said to just move on Tanya. I don't think I have much of a choice but to deal with it, since he won't allow me off the hook so easy. We've got a lot of dirt to sift through to get to the gold of who we are. It's a dirty job, sifting through this mess. I think now he's ready to get his hands dirty and help me clean it up. I've been doing everything I can to love myself, and be good to myself, since I know loving myself essentially is loving him too. It's been a struggle for me, knowing exactly how I can love him.

We've gone through a massive shift in 2014. He's really bared his soul to me in a big way, which has been very full on for me because he's shown me all of himself - his darkness and his light. So I've taken a big step back and trying to process it all. I want to love all the different parts of him, but when we connect I feel such sadness coming from him. He's come out of a long term relationship last year and I know he's still recovering from that.

All I can be is a distant friend. I'm really happy to be a friend to him. I hope he can be a friend to me as well.

Thank you for all your support,
Much love,

Jan 04, 2015
I Feel Like Giving Up
by: No Name No.4

Intuitively I know who my twin flame is, we met as children. I will dispense this story here because it is a strange release, somehow.

I met my twin flame when I was 10 years old. I have researched meeting your twin flame in childhood and many say many twin flames are rarely the same age, but I feel this connection so deeply.

It was the year 2002, I recently had to enter a new school after 9/11 happened because I attended an elementary school near a big US city airport and its fuel farm was across the street and they deemed it unsafe, so after winter break in Jan. 2002, I started at a new school.

I actually noticed another boy first besides my Twin Flame (TF) who was in the same group of boys as he was. This was back in the fourth grade and even though I had more of affinity for my TF than the other boy, looking back as a child you don't act upon such things but rather lash out at them or try to make fun of them. We were in the same class the following year and attended the same middle school together.

Throughout middle school we had a puppy love sort of situation going on, but our most connected year was the last year we spent together in school. It was eighth grade and we were each others' best friend,he'd wait after my every class, we constantly talk, we spent lunch together just us two and we both seemed happy.

We both felt the same way…like it was a kingdom or Babylon we both created with one another. It was truly a segregated beautiful bubble. It was never really sexual, but there was so much magnetism and attraction. But it was so pure, we embraced.

At that time I was again immature and would talk to other boys and even went out with one for a day…and my TF was so angry that I ended it with the kid and went back to being his best friend like usual. Writing the story down makes it all sound so dumb…and maybe it is, but I can't help feeling this way.

We went to separate high schools and we pretty much went our separate ways at 14 years of age…having occasional conversations catching up and what not, but solely because I made the effort.

He'd often tell me things like "I'm dating this girl and she reminds me of you". Which at the present moment made no sense to me, at the time I did have a high school boyfriend for a long time and was always unavailable.

The first we ever ran into one another again, I was 17, he was 16, was a retail store at a mall…seeing him was such a great surprise and I was actually there buying my then boyfriend a Christmas gift. He decided to spend the day with me and I blubbered like a baby when he had to leave.

Again, I don't know how I felt the connection so early in life, but having to say goodbye a second time was awfully hard. He left me with a leather bracelet with his first name embossed, why? I'm not sure…perhaps he pitied me.

Now as years have passed, he hasn't been so adamantly on my mind…I was living my life but he'd always come up in my thought process for as long as I can remember. And there were moments I'd obsessively think about him and ask myself all the WHYS or why nots? I most notably thought of him, when I was having a spiritual experience on mushrooms, he'd often come to my mind and I would never really want to delve into 'him' as an entity because of all the unanswered questions. WHY?

Why avoid something that was special, why leave it in the past when it's such a waste to live life without that kind of connection. Why the 9 years of no contact? My number has never changed since I have obtained the number when I was 12 years old.

So now, fast forward to Oct 2014, I reconciled with a friend of mine and in casual conversation she mentions how her tenant has the strangest name. She begins to pronounce it and I finish it, mind you, it is a VERY strange name. She then rebuttals with, "whoa how'd you know, it's such a weird name" I told her I went to school with him.

She then, tells me how he's somehow gotten in trouble with the law and I kinda just freaked out for a little because…I wasn't there to help him. She fills me in on his current stitch regarding his younger minor girlfriend, and how her being a minor also got him into some trouble.

The next day, I went online and Googled his wrap sheet out of curiosity, I saw the charges, but his mugshot killed me. This is when I decided to show up at her place and knock on his door, my heart was pounding as fast as it ever has when we exchanged eye contact. He seemed startled and I felt so horrible for invading his space, I was embarrassed. Intuitively, I think I know we need more time, but I just grow so impatient.

Later that night he sent me a message about how it was good to see me and that it just caught him really off guard. He said it wasn't how he pictured running into me (confusing). He said that seeing me again made him feel nostalgic, and that he has the best memories with me. He does not want to think he's pushing me away, but wants to catch up.

This is what really saddens me about my twin flame, he talks about me as if I am already a thing of the past. Yet he has never given me that closure if that's how it really is. He's let me chase him as when I used to and now he's doing the same thing when he knows I'm much older and truly wouldn't waste my time if it weren't someone special.

Now when I finish my friend I just laugh and say the universe is making a comedy of my life because he will literally be in the next room over and we won't be speaking. I've sent him three texts since we last exchanged words, an apology for bombarding him at his house and acting like I still know him, a yo text and a happy new years text. The last two have received no reply, he has a girlfriend which allows me to understand and actually makes me proud of him? The fact that he ignores me and is faithful to his current conquest speaks volumes. Ultimately, he knows my intentions are well towards him and I just want him to be happy whether it means with or without me.

I have just been so discouraged lately after receiving no reply, or why he won't even try to be friends with me. Seeing him again awakened that fire he planted in me years ago. I just want him to come home and awaken…but deep down I know myself, I am not ready.

Jan 03, 2015
Nathan and his Twin Flame
by: Nathan

Thank you Tanya.

It has been some journey so far, I can tell you.

When I had my spiritual awakening, it felt as if somehow I had come full circle. It felt symbolic of releasing the old, to make way for the new me.

There have indeed been occasions when I have been with my twin flame and have felt just how strong our vibrations are together.

There has been an inner knowing, that we have the ability to not only heal each other, but others also. That somehow, we are able to help make the world a better place.

There is indeed inner healing for both of us to be working on. No doubt that we will get there eventually.

Wishing you love and light on your journey.

Jan 03, 2015
Nathan and His Twin Flame
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Nathan,

Thank you for sharing your story and your emotions. I know it is not easy.

Twin flames come together when they have completed their inner work. Once that is done, their purpose is twofold - not only to help one another, but to help humanity and Mother earth. There is much healing to do, and as a couple their vibrations are very strong, together there is no limit what they can accomplish.

Their mission is not an easy one, and that is why the inner healing is very important.

Wishing you light and love on your healing journey!


Jan 03, 2015
Nathan and His Twin Flame
by: Nathan

I ran into a twin flame couple(or at least, what I believe to be a twin flame couple) soon after my spiritual awakening. It was at a time when I was very conscious of the fact that I was at a higher vibration than I had been before.

It was really something to see the love radiating from this couple. How they complemented each other perfectly, or near enough. It was cute. As I left them I wondered exactly what the future had in store for them.

I guess some twin flame couples will make it in this lifetime. It may take others another lifetime. As long as we're working on healing ourselves thats the most important thing.

I'm really pleased that I met my twin when I did and I wouldnt change it for the world.
They're really special to me. I love them purely, unconditionally for being them.

I'm glad that we met at a time in our lives when we were young. I can only imagine how complicated it would have felt if we had being married with kids.

I hope that we can be in each others lives to some capacity in the future. Friendship is always a good starting point.

But of course, there are two people who share this connection. If they were to prefer it, I would walk out of their life just as quickly as I came into it.

I remember soon after meeting my twin. Being in the building where they worked, I happened to pass by their office and peeped in. I'm sure that they remember it. It's like it was in slow motion. I remember us both lookig at each other. God, she looked radiant that day. But she always looks beautiful to me. There was a bright white aura/light over her head. It was then at that point that I knew something out of the ordinary was going on.

I sometimes wonder what she was thinking at that exact moment.

Jan 03, 2015
All I Can Do
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Helen,

I understand very well how meeting a twin flame can be very frustrating and devastating, as I have gone through it.

Meeting your twin is a very important lesson for you and everyone for he/she is your mirror, and only through your twin can you see yourself clearly, especially your dark side - your faults. It is up to you to go within now and do your work - releasing all that is unnecessary and which holds you back.

Another important lesson is the unconditional love you learn to have for one another. Part of loving is forgiving, forgive all the ones that have hurt you. Forgive your twin, thank him and move on.

Sending light and love,

Jan 02, 2015
All I Can Do
by: Lady J

Hugs and love sent dearest Helen,

I too grew up with a cold, distant, and emotionally abusive mother and step father.

When our twin flames go running it is so painful, mine has gone runner again and it makes my heart ache, but as you say you can only pray for healing for them and move on in your life, because no matter how far they run they are still connected to you...

Jan 01, 2015
All I Can Do
by: Helen

These twin flame relationships are very difficult...

I've had no choice but to let my twin go, since he is incapable of receiving my love.
He can give so much, but he can't accept what I give to him. Because the love is so real, too real for him.

He lives in a fantasy world.
He loves to live in his mind. He loves to play out his fantasy world online, where he can be anybody he chooses to be. He does not really know how to exist in his heart. There is too much pain in his heart for him to be able to function well from that true place inside of him. So he omits his heart and puts on elaborate displays of love and affection, which does not emanate from his heart, only his mind. So I can only communicate with him mind to mind, not heart to heart. Every time I have shown him love he snaps like a rubber band and viciously lashes out at me. He's effectively killed my love by repeatedly hurting me over and over again if I give him any. Sometimes the pain that he's inflicted upon me has been so bad I have been left in a catatonic state.

Hurt people hurt people.
That's all I know.
I think he may have suffered a huge amount of trauma when he was young, possibly from his father. I can only speculate.
I don't know what happened to him, for him to have put up such massive walls that stop him from being able to emotionally connect with me.
He can love me from a distance I know...he can love me indirectly. He is afraid to put himself in a position where I could reject his love. I think essentially that's what our problem is, we're afraid that we'll reject each other. So yeah, he can give love, but it's very hard for me to reciprocate that love without him reacting in a very hurtful way.

I wish he would talk to me and confide in me, the way I have with him. I too grew up with serious emotional abuse from my mother. I had a very unhappy childhood, receiving no love and very little emotional support.
So I guess we're both pretty emotionally f#&(ed) up, and I think in both our cases it comes down to bad parenting.

My twin is in my prayers.
God told me He will heal him.
So that's what I pray for.
It's all I can do.

Dec 28, 2014
Nathan and His Twin Flame
by: Nathan

Currently my twin flame and I see each other on average once every six weeks or so.

I recently heard a rumor that they are now dating, that they're very happy in a relationship.
If this were to be true then I would feel like disappearing from their life completely as I can't bare the thought of another man being with them. The thought of it makes me feel crazy.

Perhaps I should maintain a separation between us to maintain my sanity if this was the case?

I have never felt this love for anyone before. I love them so much it hurts sometimes. It comes in waves and of course like anything, some days
it feels more intense than others.

I don't feel attraction towards other women since I met this person. Is this how it normally is?

If they have found a lover/partner then I wish to emotionally detach from them as soon as possible.

The lust, the passion I feel towards them sometimes, some days just feels insane. I mean it peaked big time around that whole 'merging' incident sometime ago. Then I have a day like today when I just want to be with them.

All of these emotions can just feel so overwhelming sometimes.

Wherever they are and whatever they're doing I hope that they're happy and are working on healing themselves. Healing not for me, or anyone else, but for themselves as I just want them to be happy in life. They're happiness means a lot to me.

Dec 24, 2014
I Guess I'm Not Alone
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster


Thank you for sharing your situation and emotions, it is very moving.

Our most important lessons are the toughest ones, more than we can ever imagine, but once we achieve them, our life changes.

You are understood and loved by everyone here, and I'm pleased you understand that you are not alone.

Sending light and love,

Dec 23, 2014
I Don't Know If I'm Running?
by: No Name No.3


I'm going through the same thing!!! Thing is, we have too much pride. We get angry. We get anxious shaky and feel sick to death. But, we still want each other.

He, now blocked me everywhere, doesn't talk to me. But I saw pictures of him. He's so weak he's just not the same. He's like gone away, just shading away of unhappiness . He isn't the same.

If you see my pictures you'll see the same. I don't come off the same in pictures. He's on a dating app, it's where we met. When he was away at navy boot camp, I didn't want anyone I didn't feel attracted to anyone I still don't.

We're both on the same app, he blocked me but, on his profile he put, "No hookups!" That's how I feel.

We want desire and to love each other, but are too afraid to give our hearts - too afraid to be vulnerable.

Twice, he came to me in dreams and I asked him if he had hooked up and he said that he was tag teamed.

That set me off! Angry! I in those 2 dreams beat him up brutally, almost to death. And I feel that also made him run from me. He saw my true uncontrollable f----- up messed up self.

I just will let him go and let him be happy with some other guy and I'll move on, slowly but surely.

I guess we aren't alone, we both have difficult twin flame relationships.

Dec 23, 2014
I Guess I'm Not Alone
by: Orlando

When I first met my twin flame, I knew he was more than my universe. Nothing can explain the way I feel and see him as. He's just magnificent just my all I can't define it with one word.

Well, we both as so disfunctional, we have so many issues, within ourselves. I learned he was the female and I was the male. He's still a guy though. But what ended everything was - (we were together for 3 months), one week before he left to navy boot camp, I went off on him in his car, he kinda blamed me for his parents and I not being United and happy.

After the car incident, he didn't reply to my texts. He said that once he returned, his parents would be out the picture and they wouldn't control him and he wanted to give his all to the relationship.

Well, he's done with boot camp, never contacted me, he's here for Christmas . He still ignores me, doesn't talk to me. And all I'm feeing is pain.

I'm going to a counselor. He's telling me to let him go. But he doesn't understand. But point is, he turned out to be the runner and I feel like I'm dying being emotionally killed, but slowly trying to move on and forget him. Which I can't!

But now I feel like denying it all. Denying he's my twin flame and me myself am now running as well. I guess I just feel lonely sad and feel Iike my heart, my soul, my being, my all was taken, sucked out of my body and my chest hurts and I learned its my heart chakra.

I'm just lonely and wanna suicide. But I know I won't. I just wish he would return :(

Later on...

My counselor tells me that I need to move on and forget him...almost like making me bury him and throw him under the rug. Well point is, just finding people like me and seeing I'm not alone helps me heal.

I will eventually move on, even though, I know he and I will never be a couple. I knew he was coming before I met him. And I also knew that all he could ever be is a friend.

Even after we met, Life kept telling me, all he could ever offer is friendship. We once went to a buffet and my fortune cookie said. Don't Seek too much from the rose, or it's thorns will cut you. Realize all the rose will ever be able to offer is friendship.

My astrological chart says the exact same thing. It says I'll meet a man that won't be able to be with me as a partner, but all he can offer is friendship. And I either accept him as such or move on.

I now realize why we, before we were born, agreed to be nothing more than friends. One of my lessons in life is to overcome my fear of love, learn to let go and love and trust that the love is there. He's the greatest challenge for that but, I've been coping with it and I see in quick moments, so I can move on and still love him so much and want see him happy with someone who makes him happy.

I love him so much, I love him because he's my all, but the greatest love I can give him is letting him be free to develop his own happiness.

Dec 22, 2014
Bluebells :You Are Not Alone
by: Taz

Hey bluebells,

I think you're not and most importantly, you re not alone. In fact, I had a very similar situation based on what you posted, one major difference is that I was the other person in your story...but just like you, I had some lingering questions left unanswered and still trying to understand or at least make sense out of it all.

Dec 12, 2014
Am I Going Crazy
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hi Bluebells,

You are not going crazy. The feelings that you have for your twin flame are normal, if you read the comments of others on this blog you will see that they have similar feelings.

You cannot deny or erase them. The twin flame relationship is very powerful. Remember he is your twin, your issues are similar but the outcomes are different.

He has entered your life to let you know that he is there and to show you things about yourself. It is a learning relationship unlike any other. You will learn about unconditional love and loving yourself unconditionally is the first step.

Since you have a relationship where you are happy, stay with it and enjoy the friendship you have with your twin flame.

Sending light and love,

Dec 11, 2014
Am I Going Crazy
by: Bluebells

Shortly after a spiritual awakening in unusual circumstances, I met this guy who's a few years older than me.

I wasn't attracted to him when I saw his photos, but I felt drawn to him.
He kept chasing me and asking to see me, but every time I'd go to reply to his messages my mind literally would go blank. Each time. I never knew what to say to him.

When I did eventually to meet him, the moment I saw his eyes I felt something amazing inside. His body language was showing he wanted to be closer. I loved being in his company, I wanted him passionately, but the urge wasn't too strong, it was more that I just wanted his embrace and to just be close to him. The meeting was lovely, short and sweet.

However at times I kept feeling unsure of him, but weirdly drawn to him. I discovered there's some unusual similarities between us, but I honestly don't believe he would like me if he got to know me better. For example if we had a relationship...I imagine him to be put off by my bad habits whereas with the guy I'm with now I can completely be myself around and I find great comfort in that.

He moved abroad for a few months and stopped speaking to me, I felt annoyed as I didn't know why he chose to stop contact, but because we barely know each other I wasn't going to get worked up over it.

While he was away I had a few dreams of him, one was that he showed me photos of a new love, so when I woke from this dream I felt gutted. but chose to try and forget him.

Now he's back, more than ever the angel numbers 1111 and 444 keep showing up. It's happened when he messages me or I'm thinking of him and just generally too often to ignore it as a coincidence.

I had been feeling really down and depressed just before he returned and I can't help, but feel that he's here to help me somehow. Even though I'm in a relationship, just knowing he's made contact with me and isn't too far seems to have made me feel good. It's comforting.

However at the same time I feel angry at him, but I've no idea why! We are clearly so far apart and have different dreams etc I don't see how it would ever work.

I'm happy with my partner, I don't think I want a relationship with this potential Twin Flame, but my mind and my body is yearning for him, it's like I have no control over this either. It's so frustrating and I don't know what to do.

I don't get the feeling we will ever be together or become too close, but rather continue showing up in each other's lives at significant points, so maybe some sort of lesson to learn from one another? Who knows.

I wish I had the guts to talk to him about this, but I don't want to come across insane nor do I want to give the impression I want to be with him. I can see he's a bit spiritual which I like about him, he's a free soul and I feel unconditional love for him.

I get a buzz of happiness when I imagine us both living happy and separate lives, always reconnecting in the future. If I start to look into all this too much my instinct tells me to get on with my life and stop spending too much time obsessing over it.

I think I just want answers and to confirm I'm not going mad!

Dec 07, 2014
Twin flame, Soulmate or Just Connected?
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Lady M,

Yes, the man in question is your twin flame. Twin flames are our mirrors. You are connected whether you like it or not, and it is through him that you are learning about yourself, especially that you are psychic.

You are dreaming about him because he is showing you things through the dreams. It is not important for you to be in his physical presence for him to communicate with you. As you are seeing in your dreams.

Keep track of your dreams with him for they are important.

Whether or not the two of you will become connected physically, I do not know. But he is here to help you on your spiritual path, and it is up to you now to go within and do your inner work.

Sending you light and love,

Dec 06, 2014
Twin flame, Soulmate or Just Connected?
by: Lady M


Four years ago I began dreaming about a person I met when I was 8 years old, but I haven't seen him until 10 years later. I saw him in a cafe standing at a bar and I went to him and asked him if he remembered me. we talk a little, but after that I haven't seen him again.

One year later, I saw him again after he moved to my town. Since then I begin dreaming about him which I found very strange because at that time I was with my ex. I had dreams about him giving me kisses and hugs. I really didn't understand these dreams and why I was having them.

Since he moved to my town, I was seeing him more regular and we talked a lot and it was always fun. One time he tried to kiss me, but I didn't let him because I had a boyfriend at that time. But the more we talked I started to have feelings for him. After that things were not working out with my ex so I broke up with him.

While I was with my ex, he invited me to a lot of things, but I didn't accept because I was with my boyfriend at that time. Sometimes when we meet, I know exactly know what he is thinking and he knows what I am thinking. And looking into his eyes feels just like I am being sucked in.

After I broke up with ex, I took the courage to tell him I have feelings for him. But, he told me that he does not feel the same. We kept in little to no contact, but at that time I moved away too to another city.

Since then I begin having again dreams about him telling me I am always beautiful to him. Or another dream about me going to a an event that he organized (months later he actually organized it and I wen to to this event, but this is another long story).

By having these dreams about him again, I didn't understood why I was having them, but at the same time I was happy (they felt good in a way). During this time I was open to meet new people, but nothing really worked out.

After months pasted by I decided to go back to my home country where I was born. (I knew via face book that he was also there). Once I was there we made contact again. I always felt when he is going to contact me. I just knew. Also when he is going to message me.

Sometimes I ask God is he the one for me? Why I feel so many things? Why do I have these dreams? Why do I sometimes just know what he is going to do and what he thinks?

Anyhow when we met again, we talked and he told me he was moving in a couple of days to another country because he just got a job there. During the meeting, we got intimate and then we stayed in contact.

A couple months ago I had a dream about him searching for me, but he couldn't find me and he gave my best friend a envelope for me. The next day I had another dream - he was sitting next to me and he gave me this envelope with pictures in it. There were pictures of him and a girlfriend. He looked happy I knew he was happy.

I didn't say anything I went home and I cried and cried and I was telling my self, "You wanted him to be happy."

Three months later after having this dream I learned that he met a new person and they are together. I believe he came to tell me this in my dream, but why?

My biggest question is, is he my twin flame, my soul mate or are we just connected? But for what reason? Why do I keep having dreams about him, especially the last one?

Many thanks for reading this and I hope I explained my self well.

Kind regards.

Dec 02, 2014
I Don't Know If I'm Running?
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Ana,

Yes, you are both running. Remember, your twin is your mirror. You both have the same issues. He probably has just as much pride as you do.

Pride never gets you anywhere, it is a very negative trait. So I suggest to you to eliminate it, let it go. You can use my method for that at
releasing technique.

I suspect you both keep running into each other to remind yourselves of your issues. This is one way of helping each other. You cannot control what he does, but you can help yourself.

I suggest that you work on yourself and be the kind of person that you would like to see in your partner.

Sending healing vibrations,

Dec 01, 2014
I Don't Know If I'm Running?
by: Ana

I believe I met my twinflame 6 years ago. Now I think that he is still running from me or I'm the runner?

This guy was in my high school. Before I met him in person, I had dreams of a mysterious blond tall boy who came and kissed me because for nothing and then disappeared.

In the next 2 years he and I were in high school in different classes, he was 1 year older, I didn't know his name and I didn't care at all because I was with other guys.

But, I always found that blond boy beautiful, and I was searching for him in the hallway to take a look and that was enough for me. The problems was that he was looking for me, he knew my name! He was nervous when we were closer, and was trembling and I was shocked, he looked at me like he knew me!

One time he said he knew where my house was, and I was scared. He used to touch me in my arm and shoulders from the back and then say, "Hi." Smile, and then he would go away.

After 2 years I was in the last year and he was in College. One of my "boyfriends" left me and I was devasted because I realized that I was betrayed.

Then the blond guy and I began to meet in the most unexpected times and places and it was like always, he could be quiet and stare at me for minutes, and say nothing, and I was afraid. But I asked his name and I added him on face book.

I found out that he was in a relationship for 3 years! I felt really awkward and angry, so I didn't talk to him and just ignored him after he accepted my request. Then he was online in MSN, and his profile picture included himself and his girlfriend on the beach, then a window would pop up and then it was he saying hello, his picture was changed and it was one of him alone.

I thought he was a liar and that he never liked me at all, he must be laughing at me because he always had a girlfriend, and he must thought I was an idiot to fall for him.

I was in a rage angainst myself and said nothing to him because I would never show myself weak or devasted. After some days, he apologized to me, and said that he never wanted to hurt me or abuse me, and that he was feeling very bad all the time. I didn't know what was he talking about, because I never showed him that I liked him. I felt shocked like he could read my mind, and I ignored the things he said and pretended that I never minded nothing and that we could be friends, becsuse I was proud, I´m still a proud person.

One night I had a dream, I was in a train station and I was about to leave, and then he was running to me and kissed me and then he went away and turned back to look at me, then I woke up. That morning, his facebook status was "single" I went to the market in the afternoon and he was there!

I looked at him and he was petrified and was staring at me in silence, then I felt weird and ignored him.

After two days we had a date, the ONLY official date, in that moment, I was looking at him and I was feeling so I never loved him! I thought I wanted to run, that he wasn't what I wanted and that I didn't needed him anymore and rejected his kiss. I felt fear and revulsion from one hour to another.

That night I felt anxiety and I threw my cell phone in the washing machine, I didn't want to speak with him and wanted to be far away from him. That night his facebook status was that wasn't his day and that it was the worst mistake of our lives, and he deleted his account.

It took me 1 month to realize that, I needed him closer, and that I never loved anyone but him, that he always had been there and I couldn't see it.

The dreams began to torment me, and were almost everyday. I found his new facebook profile, he accepted my request, but wasn't the same. I began to call him, and he never picked up, I felt devastated.

His status were like he was angry about a person, like he was feeling betrayed and abandoned, and said that he would never turn back anymore. I thought it was about his ex-girlfriend, and I felt angry at him again.

Then, one day I left him a voice message saying that I "liked him" only, because I didn't want to tell him " I loved you" because I'm proud and never used the word love for anyone and I was feeling shame.

The next morning his status was "I made up my mind, you will never have my love, because you never loved me, we must live our lives like nothing would have happened before and I was only a beautiful memory for you, someday I will meet you again, everywhere."

I DIDN'T GET IT, so I instantly felt betrayed and began to ignore him and blocked him out.

It has been 6 years, we have met in the bus, or streets and I never said hello to him again, neither he, just keep staring at me for minutes and I still feeling the shaking and trembling thing in silence. Sometimes he adds me on face book and I accept him and then I block him, and then later, the same thing almost every year.

I know that he is in a relationship, and me too, but we are so different, we always were different, he was the shy and diligent guy and I love to live freely and to have multiple experiences, I can't take suffering! That why I don't want to feel nothing for him anymore! In that year when we became closer, I never felt attraction or desire to other men, and that wasn't me! I never felt that way, before him, I was always searching for a thrill and I liked anyone.

I want to forget him, and never have those dreams again, they are like nightmares because they torture me. Ehen I dream about him, that same day I always meet him in the street and I don't like that!,

I want my old life back...I guess I'm still too proud of a person to talk to him.

Nov 25, 2014
Hearing Other Twin Flames Talking
by: CC

Is it okay to hear other flames talking to you with your flame?

I can hear them usually all day talking. I have a hard time trying to block them out of my private life as well.

Have you ever had this happen to you?

Nov 25, 2014
Thank You Tanya
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for your input Tanya. I truly appreciate it ^^!

I will talk to him about it as you suggested. Right now he is feeling very torn, so much happening so fast, still being in a relationship with someone else although it is one where his needs are not being fulfilled on many levels, including sexually. (They are married, but she will not have sex with him, and has not for almost their entire marriage.)

He was raised loosely in a christian environment, so a part of him still clings to the concept of being "faithful" to his wife, even though she long since abandoned her christian marriage duties of fulfilling his need for sex:

"The husband should give to his wife her conjugal rights, and likewise the wife to her husband. For the wife does not have authority over her own body, but the husband does. Likewise the husband does not have authority over his own body, but the wife does. Do not deprive one another, except perhaps by agreement for a limited time, that you may devote yourselves to prayer"

This leaves him feeling frustrated, and often bitter, and unfulfilled.

Our physical passion throughout these many years has always been insanely intense...and on so many levels including a intense psychic connection sexually so that although we are not physically together touching we can feel, taste, touch one another (as with many twin flames the astral level sex from what I understand of other twin flame relationships is phenomenal)...He keeps finding himself going back and forth between trying to be a "good husband" and keeping his "commitment", to being unable to stop thinking about me.

One of the unique things about our relationship is the amazing honesty between us on all levels. Currently he and his wife reside in different states, and his parents live in the same state, and town as his wife. We are set to have a talk after his parents leave because he is having such a difficult time with his feelings of guilt currently. (I think in part brought on by his parents visit during this last week as they have an amazing relationship and have been married and totally devoted to one another for many years, he sees this as his "Icon" for what a marriage should be).

I do intend to point certain things out, one will be to listen to his voices, and another point will be to bring up that his marriage agreement according to "Christian" philosophy has not been fulfilled for a very long time, and that his resentment, bitterness, and overall discontent with the situation, which has been building for years, will only continue to build if he remains in the situation he is in.

What he chooses to do about it on his path I will respect and support. But if he chooses a path to stay where he is, and try to relegate me to a friend relationship, he must also recognize that he can not maintain me as a "friend only", because his feelings and attraction to me run far too deep (twin flame connection), and talking to me on the physical plane will only ensure that those things are constantly on the surface of his mind. If he "gives up" our "friendship", his feelings will still always be there for me whether he chooses to talk to me, or not (as they have always been). He will only be deprived of having them on the physical plane ie. comfort by way of conversation, or potential physical contact. Our contact on the astral plane will continue no matter what as it always has.

I wonder if this is where they got the saying, no matter where you run, there you are, lol, because running from yourself/ your twin flame is futile. Again it is his path, his choice, I can only support his decision and try to help him on his path by being supportive.

My relationship with him through the years has given me the courage of my own convictions to follow the path which leads to my destiny. A life path which I will continue follow as I have been dedicated to it for all of my life. I always knew this would be my last lifetime here so I have willing embraced all lessons, no matter how difficult, or painful, that came my way. In case you have not guessed, we are in different religions I am Wiccan...

Lady J

Nov 06, 2014
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Lady J,

I think it's important that you tell your twin whatever you are feeling, especially about the voices he hears. No doubt it is probably the voice of his spiritual guide, and since he can hear voices, he needs to pay attention.

When you are communicating, the vibrations are very strong and this is why you are feeling your destiny so clearly. Perhaps he will play a part of in fulfilling your destiny since many twins are uniting during earth's ascension in order to help humanity.

My destiny started to unfold when I was in touch with my twin, that is the time I wrote my first book and I also found out what I came here to do.

It is important that you also communicate with your spiritual guide who can offer you much information about yourself and your twin. And she will also let you know what you're here to do this time around.

Meditation helps tremendously in receiving information that we need to know.

Sending light and love,

Nov 05, 2014
Addendum: Voices
by: Lady J

I have always had a strong sense that I had a destiny, a mission which I needed to complete in this life, and that when I had completed it I would not have to return to this plane of existence anymore.

I do not yet know if he shares this sense of destiny, as I wanted to explore, and understand the entire TF concept before I presented it to him. I do know that since he is back in my life (even though we are not together physically) I feel even more motivated to fulfill this destiny...just his being in contact with me gives me so much more strength and determination to do whatever must be done.

Yours In light and Love,
Lady J

Nov 04, 2014
by: Lady J

I believe I met my twinflame when I was 20 the moment I looked into his eyes I knew that I loved him deeply we immediately had a strong passion between us (he has currently confided in me that he has never felt anything as intense as what we shared from the beginning).

I became pregnant with our daughter, I knew he was not ready to be a father so I did not tell him we broke up, and I kept my secret safe. He began dating other girls. Some other young men who were friends talked me into telling him that he was a father...but I waited until after the birth or our daughter so that he would understand I was not trying to trap him into a relationship. He immediately acknowledged that he was the father, but then after a few days he panicked, as I knew he would and backed away from the situation...he continued to come and see me from time to time and I always knew when he was going to come see me as I received psychic messages either through dreams of him or a strong sense of his presence being with me (I could smell his aftershave and no one else around me could smell anything at all).

I always wished him happiness my love for him was absolutely unconditional right from the start....we went for a span of several years without seeing one another I would periodically have dreams about him that I just brushed off thinking it was because I still loved him.

He had married someone else and had several children with her. I also married someone else (though I still loved my TF, I felt that maybe the love was one sided since he had never disclosed his feelings towards me, to me) even though my guides had made it abundantly clear I should not marry the person (you know you are making a serious mistake when your guides are telling you to run, not walk out of the church on your wedding day, lol)

Well it taught me to listen to my guides at least after a horrific marriage and an ugly divorce.

After this, when my daughter was about 14 years old her father my TF came to see her. Several weeks before he showed up I started having very vivid dreams of him again which included images of where he was living and what he was doing for a living. When he showed up we both were instantly drawn to each other again intensely...I ultimately pulled away because I did not want to cause a problem in his relationship with his wife and children, because I could not bear the thought of causing him any harm even though it devastated my heart to pull away from him. His happiness was all I could think of...I married a man who was a soul mate, but not a twin flame in order to try to break away from my TF...I even did a spell to break any Karmic bonds between he and I (which of course failed because it was never about karma between us, lol) I had never heard of TF at that point, and probably for the best.

Through the years I have continued to dream about him on and off, apparently the times when he was focusing his thoughts on me. His first wife divorced him and did everything to make his life a living hell including turning his children against him, and making it almost impossible for him to see them.

This broke my heart because I knew how much he loved his children and how devastated he was by this...I could feel his pain and it really was awful. But I was already married to someone else and I knew at that time we could not be together because he, and I were still not ready yet.

He met someone he cared deeply for and I was happy for him he ultimately married her and again we did not talk for many years....still my dreams of him persisted even though we were both married to other people. A few months ago I started dreaming about him again very vividly.

Recently, he went up to an area near where our daughter had been living while travelling for his job and he contacted her in order to perhaps arrange a visit with her...only to find out she had moved to another state. During the conversation he asked her how I was doing and where I turns out we both had moved to the same state only about 2 hours drive from one another. He got my phone number and we have been communicating ever since by phone and email, the emotions are still there the passion is still extremely intense between us and though we have not yet reunited in the physical again, it actually feels as though we have (for both of us).

We both realize we are still married to other people so a current reunion is not possible, I know he still loves his wife but that he is drawn to me and loves me, and it is the same for me...something he told me makes me wonder if my guides, or his own guides are not trying to communicate with him, and this is where my question is, he says that when he talks to me he can hear other voices saying his name and it only happens when he talks to I am not sure is this part of being a TF or something else if you could shed some light on this I would be grateful.

In Light and Love
Lady J

Aug 29, 2014
My Journey
by: Scorpio Girl

I have been learning about twin flames in the last few month, since I saw a clairvoyant and she explained a person in my life was my twin flame.

It has been such a blessing to know that because I can finally make sense of all of the confusion and ambiguities around this relationship. We play out the dynamic beautifully. Despite the obvious connection, deep knowing and the love we share, we have never been together romantically. But being in his arms is the most amazing place in the world!

We are separated by age, race, distance and now it appears by sexual orientation - he has come out as gay and is exploring that. He is the runner. Over the last four years he has disappeared periodically for weeks at a time, only to return like nothing has happened. He dropped out of my life again a few months ago - this is the longest he has been gone and it has been painful for me.

But now I have peace...I don't know how, why or when things will happen but there is joy in knowing he is my twin and at some point we will be reunited.

Aug 04, 2014
True Love
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Thank you for sharing Josephine.

Your hope is what I call faith, and your feelings embody what twin souls are. True love is unconditional love and is what many of us need to learn - I am still learning.

There are so many twin souls meeting each other this time around. they have a purpose - to change the vibrations on earth. Together they will be very powerful and they are here to help humanity.

I believe that when each twin is ready, they will be united. The difficult part is the work that each one needs to do within themselves before they re-unite.

Sending light and love,

Aug 04, 2014
True Love
by: Josephine

It's an insane merry go round, this whole thing. This back and forth, playing games with our twin. Are we having fun? God laughs at my torment, I guess because He knows that things will be okay one day. I hope that day is soon because the longer I am without my twin...the more I long for him.

I can't live without hope.

Every time I lose hope, I get some really loud signal to tell me HE IS THE ONE, HOLD ON! When I feel like things are beyond I hang in there and I trust.

What I've been doing is saying positives affirmations about my twin and about our relationship. My twin is beautiful. He is gentle, kind, sincere, he would never hurt me. That he loves me and wants the best for me. Every positive thing that I know to be true about him I say it over and over again in my mind. To remind myself of the true essence of him.

I renounce all negative traits, because it's not really him, it's not the true essence of who he is so I'm not even going to acknowledge it anymore.

My twin is perfect in soul and spirit. There is darkness, but it is obliterated in the face of the light of the truth of who he is. I am mad not to love him, he is everything to me.
Once God asked me, I want you to love your twin as much as you love me. And I was like, for real? Equally?

So that's taken me a while to fully embrace that and just see my twin as good, that he is a child of God and he embodies everything that is of God. So I keep believing, hoping and praying that everything will fall into place at the right time. I even pray for our unborn children.

I am realistic and practical though...I know we both need to heal our past wounds so we can have a stable future together. That's a given. From now until we meet again I will continue to see the best in my twin and never stop believing in love.

Aug 03, 2014
Twin Flame?
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Krissy,

Yes, if your husband wants to go, you have to let him. You cannot force him to do anything, he needs to have his own experiences.

In terms of why you attract those with a mental illness; maybe you need to feel needed? And those with a mental illness need lots of support and attention, but it can be very trying on a partner. Often times, the partner needs a support group to be able to talk about what they are going through with others in the same situation.

It is important to go within yourself Krissy and do your own cleansing and releasing which will help you in your relationships, especially with men.

Sending healing vibrations,

Aug 03, 2014
Twin Flame?
by: Krissy

Thanks so much for your comments. I really needed to hear some thoughts.

Cleansing sounds good...very good. I wonder too, about why I'm surrounded by mental illnesses.

My husband was fine, until we split up for a year and then he wasn't. He's changed a lot in his personality. He was on medication, but it was no good for him. He became even more anxious and more agitated, he couldn't sleep properly, so he's now off it, and personally, he is better without them. He is more himself.

I feel he has been misdiagnosed, and it's been rally difficult to see him go through all of this. He mum constantly intervenes with us and doesn't want us to stay together, hence the reason of buying a ticket back home. She paid for it and now he feels bad about the money. I cannot force him to stay anymore.

It's really sad, I've done nothing but try to support him with so much love. I've read a lot about these mental illnesses. It's just such a wrong move for him to go and live somewhere else, With his instability at this moment in his life.

We are emotionally attached and I feel he's going to be even sadder that we have to break up. How can his mum not see that? He needs his wife and i still need him. I don't know what to do???

I do love him so very much. We are thinking of doing a (byo - what is this?) balance therapy.
He's heading off very soon. I guess I need to let him go.😞😞

Thanks again for your help and thoughts.

Aug 02, 2014
Twin Flame?
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Krissy,

Giovanni is not your twin flame, he a soul mate. Read my page about soul mates.

You have to look at why you chose men who have serious mental issues.

I advise you to let Giovanni go mainly because he is bipolar and you need to understand that this is a serious disorder.

Those with bipolar illness are very unpredictable, they have sudden mood swings, and are extremely difficult to understand and live with. Yes, they can be very charming, but on the other hand very manipulative - I know because my sister had bipolar illness and I've worked with people who have had mental illnesses. They need help in learning how to live with their illness, and in many cases need some type of medication to be able to function. Even though I do not believe in prescribing drugs to people, in some cases it is imperative to be able to get through to them. I prefer using natural herbal medicines such as Pure Herbs.

Work on your issues with your husband, who also needs counseling and perhaps medication. You have much work to do within yourself Read my pages concerning cleansing one's self such as cleansing and releasing negative habits, beliefs, behaviors and emotions at releasing technique.

I suggest that you also read about mental illnesses such as bipolar and the different psychosis. You are in the dark when it comes to these types of disorders. It will help you to understand their characteristics and give you a different perspective.

Sending you light, love, and healing vibrations,

Aug 02, 2014
Twin Flame?
by: Krissy

I've read a lot on twin flames, and I think I've met mine. Giovanni Giusti, we met December 2012.

I met him while I was married. At that time we were apart,i just finished my Reiki 1 course, and was flying high with life and then boom, I met Giovanni. Living in Italy, born on south Africa.

We were like so nice to each other, so very nice. We understood each other and at times I felt he could read my thoughts. I found out he had bipolar. I was still mixed up with my husband that had been ongoing for 3 years, but we would drive each other nuts and and fight all the time.
He is only 22 and has a a lot of life experience yet to learn.

Anyway.... This Giovanni fella...and then my husband cones back from Colombia...and I start to trip out about him and want to see him, and start something new again.

I didn't want to stay with someone who was unstable,(ie, bipolar). It was really sad and hurtful to tell Giovanni that I might have been in love with him still. Giovanni wanted me to go to Italy with him and I didn't end up going.

I'm back with my husband 2 years later, and he is leaving to go to Colombia again in August, and he has been diagnosed as psychotic with depression!

His mum is worried as --- and bought a ticket for him to go back home. She blames me...
Anyway, its always been so tough with him and the marriage. I haven't stopped thinking about Giovanni, because it was a really blissful time when we met. Both of us were really going through an awakening at the same time.

When he went back to Italy, he told me he has fallen in love with another girl, and it was only 1 month after we split. He stopped contacting me, but I find reasons to message him, I bought his ticket and so I ask nicely for the payment. He promises he will pay me back.

My mum sends me an email saying she got a message from Giovanni, and he said how nice my mum was.

Just recently I got a kinda decent message. More than 2 lines, saying he was sorry for never asking how I was etc.

We never got angry at each other.. But I crave to have him near me sometimes. And I don't know if I should've taken the opportunity to go with him instead of my husband.

My husband has hurt me real bad in the past and we have a 11 year difference. And he hurt me again, by leaving me again. We were apart for a year and I struggled...really, really hard.

I started meditating, doing my inner strength again and then I met Giovanni. He blows my MIND AWAY with how much we can talk, especially about awakening and spirituality. There's this fondness, softness and feminine energy we have. Its really unique.

I'm not devastated without him or anything, but I'm not happy for him to be with this new woman, who's also into spirituality. I can't seem to let him go, because he's the closest thing to what I know of myself, and he is someone I truly and sincerely miss speaking to about my own inner growth.

For some reason, I feel that he is not completely happy because he said in his email, I'm kinda happy. And I said I was kinda happy.

I needed to heal this marriage of 5 years and had to end it right. As it is, I never wanted it to end. Anyway, I have a feeling he is thinking about me and is I'm too scared to tell him how I feel because he might just delete me completely.

Because of his new woman he doesn't want to be disloyal by talking to me. That's her complaining for sure. I'm not even that sad about my husband who's about to leave next week. Ive done so much for him, that I'm so over trying anything more.

He asks me to go with him, but I have found a good job here and am very, very happy here in Melbourne for now and I don't want to go with him. He's depressing and I'm scared of running after him when he'll want to leave again. Even though Giovanni is bipolar, he's not like my husband, we just have a spiritual connection, a very strong one indeed.

What do I do guys? Does this Giovanni guy sound like my twin? I feel he's gonna come back to see me. Wow. I look forward to that, if that happens.

Of course, I will continue to work on myself again. I'll do Reiki 2 this time round. Maybe he'll cone back to my heart then.

He he has his heart chakra opened, which is why I met him at that time. I was not expecting him at all in my life when he came to me. Such a beautiful and delicate time of my life, but the wrong time...hence the husband.....OMG.

Love and blessings to all my dear ones. Keep shedding the light within. That's all we can do.💝💞💗💝💖💕💝💕💞💗💖💕

Jul 31, 2014
The Divine Dilemma
by: Helen

Thank you Tanya for your comments.

I appreciate what you're saying, as it is true - I do not trust my twin. He gives me no reason to. I wrote to him on the weekend to tell him how much I loved him and within 3 days he was back with his ex. It got too real, so he's done, he's a runner.

I'm doing what I can to build a bridge so that we can trust each other, but what I build he sabotages. He is quite insistently destroying what I'm attempting to heal. It would seem I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't.

I have to disagree and say we're not always mirrors, because that has definitely not been the case for me. Sometimes we're completely polarized, at entirely opposite ends of the scale.

I am very in tune with TF, I understand how he operates very well. I know that the love letter I wrote to him, he has plagiarized and sent to his ex to get her back.

I am a very honest person. He certainly does not mirror this back to me, he is on the opposite end. We are polarized - honesty Vs deception.

It's an interesting dynamic, coming to understand the truth about Twin's and how they interrelate. We teach each other a great deal. How do we come back in to balance?

This is love Vs fear. Fear is the root of the mistrust.

I will continue to love no matter what and trust in the process.

Jul 26, 2014
What is Love
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Helen,

As I've said, a twin soul, aka flame is your mirror, and many issues they have are also your own.

It is time to go within yourself and find out what you are carrying. Since the trust issue bothers you, you may also lack trust.

Twin souls are here to help one another. You cannot really teach him anything, nor him you, only reveal to each other what your lessons are by being yourselves.

Sending healing vibrations,

Jul 24, 2014
What is Love
by: Helen

Dear Anonymous,

Don't you want your twin to enjoy his life? It would seem that my twin is sad every time I'm happy. There is a deep stabbing pain in my heart which makes it hard for me to be truly happy, knowing that every time I am happy it makes my twin sad. Are you jealous at your twin's happiness, that you yourself are not the source of happiness?

It's very tough, this process with my twin. Being separate, yet not.
I think he wants to be my whole world, not just my partner... I wish I knew what to do. All these insecurities stem from a lack of trust. He refuses to trust me. I guess when he trusts himself then he will trust me also, that seems logical.

How do you build trust with your twin? That's my hardest obstacle to overcome. I just don't know what to do...

Jul 22, 2014
Love or Not
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Anonymous,

You are right, unconditional love is not painful, but this is something we all have to learn in our relationships and it can be more difficult with a twin flame because he or she is the other half of our soul and a twin flame is a mirror for one's self.

Through the relationship with a twin flame, you learn immediately what you have to learn about yourself, that is why in most cases, it doesn't work because each one is not ready for the intensity of the relationship and the work that entails. Once you do come together, it is not a possessive love relationship, it is a relationship full of unconditional love for each other and the rest of humanity.

Once each half has done their individual work, it is the most satisfying and loving relationship that is humanly possible to experience.

Sending light and love,

Jul 21, 2014
Love or Not
by: Anonymous

All stories that mentioned twin flames sound painful and awful. I think love should not be this way or to achieve it.

I too have a devastated story and I was brutality crushed while he was enjoying life.

Jul 09, 2014
It Brings What it Promises!
by: Anonymous

Hi there,

I am the original writer of this post and just to give an update things are wonderful! Not because we are back together (we are not), but because after much spiritual processing and lesson learning I can honestly say that I have learned the true unconditional love that my twin came to teach me.

I learned that I am never without my twin, and we did indeed communicate telepathically, often in dreams. We would talk in my dreams, and I even prayed to have that occur as the thought of physically having my twin present in my life was too painful. It worked!

Fast forward to now and I am finally ready to have my twin in my life as a friend if God deems this to be right. I reached out to my twin recently and we spoke for the first time in years. I have truly forgiven my twin for everything that happened, and only want the best for my twin.

People ask if I have hopes of us getting back together and honestly I do not, I hold no selfish desires with this. I only want to help and serve, my twin and the world. I learned that it is foolish to think that I will ever be without my twin? How could I, we are the same soul.

I have integrated this experience and I continue to do my life work without worrying about whether my twin is similarly situated. If it be the will of God to have us join again, so be it on His time, but for now I will do my part and show unconditional love to my corner of the world the best I can.

I feel so blessed to have had this painful and as difficult as it was, it was so worth it. I have peace and a sense of love that I felt I would have from our initial meeting.

Though the road to that looks nothing like what I thought it would look like. However, that's the beauty of bowing to God isn't it? His plans for us are always so much better than then ones we have for ourselves.

Peace, Love and Blessings. You have met your it's up to you to work on you and have faith in God for the rest.

Jul 08, 2014
Is He My Twin Flame?
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hi Audrey,

Yes the twin flame relationship is very intense. You are both connected at the hip so to speak - you are like Siamese twins and you will always be connected.

Twin flames cannot be together until both have done their inner work and are ready to be together because of the intensity of the can get burned and that is why many separate.

When you are both ready, you will be together, otherwise it won't last.

In the mean time do your inner spiritual work, and you can connect in the spiritual realm through telepathy.

Sending light and love,

Jul 08, 2014
Should I try To Reconnect with my Twin Flame?
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster


I cannot tell you what to do, you have to listen to your intuition. If you are not together, there is a reason. There are lessons he has to learn and you do to.

If you feel comfortable communicating with your ex even though he is married, and if you can just be friends, that is good. You can learn about yourself through your twin flame.

Meditate and ask for the answer to your questions.

Sending healing vibrations,

Jun 29, 2014
Is He My Twin Flame.
by: Audrey

I have heard people mention twin flames, but I don't know anything about them.

I have known him since I was 5 yrs old. We were in the same class for all of our school life. I went out with him twice in my early teens then we left school and he moved away. We both married and had children.

We eventually bumped into each other 22 yrs later. I can't describe the feeling. We both knew immediately that we were going to be together and 2 yrs later we were. Our relationship was amazing. I can't begin to describe the way we were in tune with each other on all levels.

After being together for 22 yrs I don't know what happened. Our love was intense but I felt I had to leave. It felt the intensity was too much. That was 18 months ago. He is now seeing somebody else, but I know we still have that connection. I know we will always be there for each other. He is constantly in my head.

Is this what twin flames do? Do twin flames reunite?

I would love to understand what is happening.

Jun 28, 2014
I Understand
by: Anonymous

Like yourself, I have met my twin flame, but he does not appreciate the magnitude of what he is facing.

When we met, it was under very unlikely circumstances, indicative of the twin flame relationship. He was 15 years younger than me with much to learn but we were kindred spirits. I want to know more about twin flames who have loved and lost.

As far as I know, it is often a short-lived relationship because, although meant-to-be, can be so intense.

Any info/advice would be most appreciated!



Jun 27, 2014
Should I Reconnect with my Twin Flame?
by: Anonymous

I think my ex-boyfriend is my twin flame.

We were in a class together in high school and one day our eyes locked and I felt like I knew him forever, but we had never actually spoke. It wasn't until we were 20 that we met in a bar and we immediately connected. We were extremely attracted to each other!

We were together for 8 years total. I wanted to get married and have kids, but he was not really finished figuring himself out. Also, he was very adventurous and saw us living far away and exploring different parts of the US. He wanted me to be with him, but I was angry that he didn't want what I wanted, which was staying near our families and having a family of our own. We had a very understanding and non possessive relationship, and I never wished to stop him from finding what made him happy.

I wasn't sure anymore if he was going to make me happy. He tried very hard to get me back, but never actually said "I want to marry you", so I turned away from him.

A year later I was still missing him, but was not sure what to do. I sent him a card for his 30th birthday, but he did not wish me well for mine a few months later. I heard he moved away, so I knew I had to move on.

I met my husband a few months later, got married, had kids and buried my flame deep in my heart.

Now it is 15 years later. I hadn't thought of him other than just remembering him fondly, but on my birthday I suddenly wanted to know what he was doing now, so I went on Facebook to find him and it was like getting hit with a cosmic baseball bat!

So for the past 8 months I have been reliving all the pain I thought I was over, and having intense feelings of wanting to be with him, I feel like I'm connecting with him through telepathy and even having sex with him through this connection!

Also, I have been growing a lot, trying to be sure I can love unconditionally and pushing myself harder to reach my goals. It's both painful and joyous at the same time.

But we are both married.
I'm afraid to get in touch with him even though I'm thinking of him every day. We would have a long road ahead if we both feel this way, or maybe he doesn't feel his way about me at all!

Should I try?

May 29, 2014
by: Jmarie

I have more to update since my last post a few months ago.

There have been a couple of moments that were extremely magnetic - a smile and an eye lock. It was during the eye lock that I knew he loved me - or should I say my soul. The way he looked up at me was divine - beautiful. Right after that, he injured himself.

Fifteen days after he injured his knee, on the same side of the body (the masculine side/right side), I injured my right ankle.

Sounds like he has more spiritual growth to do and I'm sure I do, too. The whole things has been bizarre.

May 07, 2014
Met My Twin Flame Unexpectedly - ResponseTo Anonymous - Part 2
by: Helen

It's good that you can look up to your Twin and see them as a Mentor, a positive influence in your life, but I think it's also good to recognize that you're just as special as he is.

God made us all equal. There are no pedestals here. We all have our own unique gifts and abilities. The gifts bestowed upon us will always marry up with our Twins to be able to complement each other, so we can work together. I think that's what we're designed to do.

We help each other in so many ways. It's never a one way street. As much love as you have for him is as much love as he has for you. It's always an equal match, never more, never less. Never ever ever!

We're both running and chasing each other simultaneously. It's a tug of war we play with our own soul. It's how we force our soul to expand and get bigger, to strip away all the erroneous crap out of our system that would hinder the one unified soul evolution.

That's the biggest paradox.
It is one soul that we share with our Twin.
We are only complete when we are together.
Now we're not together, I just feel stretched out!
I feel him pulling on me at times.
And I'm like... what? What is it?
It's a weird and beautiful thing.

I have a picture of him that's on a key.
I hold the key to my heart when I feel him reaching out, and I just hold him in my heart.
He's the only one that will ever hold the key to my heart.

May 04, 2014
Met My Twin Flame Unexpectedly
by: Anonymous

It's been about a year ago and I would never have known I'd be hit so hard like lightning hit me. I had a strong sense that this person was going to be special to me. I remember the first day I met him like no other. It's still so clear in my head.

The first 2 months it was like I was walking on Cloud 9. I felt a connection unlike others. I was almost in a daze. Then the hard times came- painful intense times. The first 2 months were amazing but they were the high times.

I would do anything to help my Twin Flame in a heartbeat. He needs something? I would do it for him without hesitation without receiving anything in return. I am a generous person, but he's the main person I would drop something for to help out. I consider him my friend even if he won't completely admit he feels something too.

He knows I think positively about him, but I think he took it wrong, since I felt such hurt and pain for awhile. I had to separate from him awhile to understand and take everything in that had happened over a period of six months.

The past few months has been slightly better with some nice moments. When he's happy, I feel happy. It's been less painful and more harmonizing, but he withdrew outside contact and will only communicate with me in person. (He's obviously the runner, and I'm the chaser.)

I have had dreams off and on about him. Some have been amusing for sure. One of the recent ones was beautiful and one was interesting...him working in my work setting - pretty funny.

Now I consider him not only a friend, and a sexy one at that, but also a mentor. He is someone I hope will be in our lives because I continuously ask God for guidance. I hope others can learn from my story - it's definitely a roller coaster ride, but there are some pretty awesome moments.

Just him looking at me, makes me feel something I haven't felt before. I feel complete when he's around me. It can be beautiful but difficult to personally know your Twin Flame.

Mar 20, 2014
Twin Flame
by: dorkflame

I've posted here before. It´s been a while so I´ll give an update.

It's been a roller coaster ride with my so called twin flame. I still love him but I've let the idea of having a relationship with him go.

This experience has taught me so much about self-love. My priority is to love myself and take care of myself. I love my twin very much. He´s always in my heart and I wish the very best for him.

Sep 16, 2013
I'm Tired of All These Emotions
by: Tanya

I've never express my feelings on social networks or express to anyone so this is hard for me, but I'm gonna make is short as possible and hope I can get some positive feed back.

I truly believe I've meet my "Twin Flame" back in 1993 or 1994 in college, and oh my God it happened so quickly with the eye contact and the notice. I remember this day like it was yesterday.

I was getting off the elevator with some classmates/friends and there he was to my right with a friend. They both were reading the schedule on the bulletin board and I spotted him wearing black jeans, white t-shit and a black jacket. He was so attractive, the kind of guy I like, but I wasn't rude or anything I just spotted him, and then everyone else had vanished. He quickly spotted me, looking as if he felt my presence. Then our eyes locked, longer then the 3 min. rule stare, I smiled as if I knew right away like "OMG! Where have you been all my life?"

He smiled back as if he knew what I was thinking, it was do perfect. We both were speechless and went on our way. So the next day in college I didn't see him, but I wanted to see him ASAP, but had this great deal of fear if I did see him.

So finally we did meet up again and he could not take his eyes off of me, he would watch my every move. He told his friends "OMG! That's her" and blush.

His attitude, poise, manners everything was a mirror of me and that to me was scary, so when ever he sees me he makes it known that he's watching. But, as all of this is happening, we never got the chance to converse.

So one day a friend of mine who knew about my feelings for him introduced me to him. We shook hands with a first name basis and we locked eyes, and I saw "sparkles" in his eyes as he asked if I would have a seat next to him. I got so freaking scared and ran I could not breathe...and I knew it hurt him to the core cause it effected me the same way.

The next couple of days I could not face him. I was too embarrassed, but when I did face him he looked sad because I messed up a perfect opportunity.

He was just as shy as I was and I never got the nerve to talk or even look at him even though my feelings are still so strong you can cut them with a knife.

It's been years since then and I've been in relationships and have 2 beautiful kids, but their father is now deceased, so I've hit rock bottom and am slowly getting it together. But in the mean time, I can't get "Ray" out of my mind.

Am I crazy or what? Was this my twin flame?

I'm so confused I've even had dreams about him and see his name everywhere. I feel like I've been cursed I just can't shake it!


Aug 14, 2013
My Twin Flame
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Foxie,

I understand that you feel frustrated with your twin flame relationship, but this connection is the most important relationship in your life.
Here's why:
- he's your twin, your mirror because you have similar issues,
- you will learn more things about your inner self than you will with anyone else
- you have both agreed to come into this life time together to help one another
- this relationship teaches you about true, unconditional love - a spiritual love that exists between twin flames

This is for everyone who has a twin flame/twin soul in their life.

Once you learn to accept the twin flame relationship and why it exists, you will have an easier time with it.

In the meantime, work on your inner self. Write down all of the things that you would like to see in your twin flame and then work to have those qualities within yourself. When you do this, you will see your relationship improve .

Make sure that you are not carrying any emotional access baggage left over from prior love relationships. You need to purge yourself from all the hurtful and negative behaviors, and release the emotional triggers from painful memories. You must do this before you are ready for unconditional love.

As you do this inner work, you will be developing an open heart with balanced emotions and this is what others will notice about you rather than superficial qualities such as money, possessions, etc.

And you have to practice forgiveness which means as you cleanse the old negative emotions and thought patterns from your heart, your emotional and all other levels of your being. Forgiveness starts with yourself for carrying all the painful memories and extend it towards the ones who hurt you.

You have to cleanse and release all the painful emotions in order to transform your heart into a place of love, You also have to cleanse and monitor your emotional thoughts of negative and destructive thinking. As soon as you have a negative thought towards anyone or thing, delete it immediately.

Just as you delete outdated stuff on your hard drive you need to do that with your mind and cellular memory where there are patterns of behavior that no longer work for you .

Use any technique that works for you. What is important is your intention.

In order to cleanse your mind, you need to be very diligent by observing what you think, then realizing why, and you cannot believe everything you think because you are programmed since a child by your parents or caregivers and your teachers.

You also need to be careful what you watch on television because without realizing it, this is the time you relax and are in an alpha state where you can be programmed.

You need to keep doing this work until you no longer feel any pain when the memory comes up.
To learn more about my releasing technique, read releasing anger.
Sending healing vibrations,

Sending healing vibrations,

Jul 14, 2013
My Twin Flame Connection
by: Foxie

I sometimes feel like this connection is one-sided and that I am just in some sort of disbelief that the relationship is over.

We broke up a year ago but, he comes close to me, runs for days and weeks, and then comes back and runs again. I hate this cycle so much.

We started becoming intimate a few months ago, and I wondered if that made things worse. Yet, he still does the same running behavior if I sleep with him or just meet up.

I love this man and have tried my best to move on, yet I cannot. The connection prevents me from trying to connect with other men. No one measures up, my heart just longs for him.

He says he can't be in a relationship right now and he has given me all the same reasons as to why we can't be together as the day we broke up. Nothing has changed, those reasons still exist.

I feel I am in a better place today. I love myself, I have goals for a career and I know I am ready now, but he is not.

He essentially befriended me again the other night when I let everything out and told him I still love him, and knew when I met him that we would be together.

I pray everyday for God to remove him from my life if he isn't meant to be, and yet he is still here. I pray this isn't one-sided.

I do not make the contact first. I leave all first contacts to him. Sometimes he ignores a text message and I just leave him and then he returns days later.

I hate this connection, yet sometimes it is the most intense thing I have ever felt.

Jul 13, 2013
Love andTtwin Flames
by: Karma


I can relate with a lot of what you all are describing. I am with my twin flame, finally at last.

I have made self love and healing a priority for a long time, and I would like to re-state that this is so important. I might have been terrified of this kind intense energy had we met 10 years ago. I am blessed that we can enjoy each other energetically and live blissfully. We do have our moments(!) but we keep personal time a high priority.

I am very fortunate that he is 19 years older, wise and evolved. We can look at each other across the room and know what the other is thinking. We don't even need to say anything.

I believe in all of you. Tune your energy to be beautiful and kind and bright. It's not hard. Take care of yourself, love yourself and let the universe work it's magic. xx

Jun 10, 2013
Meeting My Twin Flame
by: kdiva

Yes, when we first look into each others eyes it was so powerful and intense and I just could not get him off my mind. In addition I started having dreams about twins and I want to learn more about what my dreams meant to me.

My twin flames is 23 yrs younger than I. When he looked at me I felt it was in an unconditional way.

He is a runner and now I am going through this separation issue, I believe he senses I am not ready. Besides, I am in a relationship that I have to deal with in regards to karma.

I love this man so much that I have a journal in which I write to him. Before I was aware about the subject of twin flame love, a lot of things I wrote pretty much match this subject.

Jun 04, 2013
Eternal Flames?
by: Jamey

I saw my twin flame again two weeks ago (he's always entered and re-entered my life in May).

It had been two years since the last time I saw his face in person. He came to my front door asking for my boyfriend. I could see emotion (anger, I think) in his eyes and my own surface was hard and cold. I didn't invite him in. I closed the door and felt better than I had in weeks (somehow rejuvenated). I literally turned music on and danced.

Unfortunately, I have hurt my twin soul and he too has hurt me. Yet, I have never loved or admired anyone more. Indeed I am grateful to have met him (even after bitterly long nights of grief). I had come to terms with the idea that situations may never be right for us.

Then last night, during a meditation session, I heard a voice louder than my quieted thoughts.

"Matrimony and a son," it stated. I instantly felt "him". His essence, which has always felt in some way like myself. I saw a vision of him (yet not him) in a green suit. I was filled with joy. Now I'm just confused.

Any thoughts or advise?

May 17, 2013
Dorkflame continued
by: Anonymous

Although I really want to unite with him, I still accept his path in life. We all have our own path, and he has the right to be left alone to do his work.

Maybe the problems that I think he has are my own projections. Maybe he´s just a guy who is living his life. I have no right to interfere and ask for anything. I can only look within and try to be the best I can. Try to regain my passion for life and to heal my emotional wounds.

He is a miracle, a reminder from God that I am never alone, and I am safe and loved. I thought I had no capacity to love anymore because of the painful experiences I had with men, but it´s not true. I always have love to give.

All is well. Thanks for letting me share, and good luck with your twin flame process.

Much love.

May 17, 2013
by: Anonymous

I met my twin flame two years ago. We work together and see each other every day.

I remember when I first saw him I stopped, like I was in a trance. But then I just continued like normal. Then we started talking and when I looked into his eyes I freaked, because I saw myself, all of my family, my life, my essence. It was scary. But I just kept my cool. He kept his cool too, but I could see in his eyes that he was terrified too.

Shortly after that we started avoiding each other and running away from each other like our lives were in danger. We were so afraid of each other. But of course, being forced to meet every day, we fell in love. We still never talk, because of the fear, and I suspect we never will.

But I know that I love him forever and that he loves me the same. I think my twin flame is highly sensitive and has abandonment issues. He has pushed me away every time I tried to get close to him, and I have done the same. I don´t know him, because we almost never had a real conversation, but I know his essence. He has some kind of emotional problem.

We can´t be together right now. I´m just worried about the fact that maybe we´ll have to be reborn in order to ascend together in the next life time. I was really hoping that this will be my last life-time as I´m tired of living. I´m only 29 years old, but I have been through so much, and my only wish is to unite with the person I need to in order to go to God forever.

Apr 07, 2013
My Twin Flame
by: Tanya Tkach (Webmaster)

Hi Cherries,

If this is indeed your twin flame, the road is not easy until you both have done the work within that you are here to do.

You can learn much about yourself through your twin flame - you are both here to help one another. Perhaps you will be together in this life or maybe not, it depends on both of you.

It you are fighting, you are both not ready to be together. Twin flames are here to help not only each other but humanity as well, and you cannot do that if you are always in conflict with one another. You both need to be on the same page, so to speak, otherwise yes, your life will be unbearable together. On the other hand, when you are both ready, it will be a relationship like no other on earth.

Sending healing vibrations,

Apr 04, 2013
Twin Flames and Pain
by: cherries1974

My twin flame is 18 years younger than me and he lives at the end of my road, and I was a good friend of his mum's.

We met after not seeing each other for some years and as soon as we saw each other, we both felt the biggest attraction and had a four year relationship. But our emotions and possessiveness drove us to argue and fight a lot.

I don't understand how much two people can love each other yet hurt each other so much. We kept breaking up and found it too unbearable to be apart, but carried on hurting each other.

He's the only person with whom I felt I had a spiritual connection. Even our sex life was the most intense, just like our arguments and fights, but I couldn't bear the fact that we just kept destroying each others dreams and hopes.

I'm devastated because no one will ever compare to him. He read my mind and finished my sentences, but I can't understand why we can't make it work no matter what we did.

Please can someone reassure me as I feel so down and confused. xxxx

Apr 01, 2013
My Opinion - Got My Soul Mate Now Sod The Twin Flame!
by: Anonymous

I thought I had met mine, but we split and I am finally with my soul mate and think looking back my ex was a really bad experience overall soul mates are much better and who fits with us the best.

I am now engaged to a guy I wish I had met years ago, but know that everything I looked for in someone is now finally him yay!

We are trying for a baby and have two adorable Shih Tzu dogs as well as my own older kids, so we are on big happy family!

Mar 31, 2013
I Believe In Twin Flames...
by: TJ

I believe in Twin Flames because I met mine. But we no longer communicate.

I've learned that Twin Flames and romantic relationships are not always meant to be. They can be too unstable. And by the sounds of the comments on this article, there's a lot of heartbroken sufferers who have been struggling with this for decades. Twin flames cheating, leaving, coming back...I say, STOP DOING THIS TO YOURSELF!

Let them go.

You can have peace knowing you met a twin flame and knowing that doesn't mean a romantic relationship is required. And that is okay.

One year later, I am no longer heartbroken and am dating someone else. Couldn't be more at peace. My twin flame was a great mirror whose reflection is still teaching. And that's enough for me.

You can trust God/the energy of the universe (I do), but you also need to take responsibility for your life and for your choices. It's going to be okay even without your twin flame in your life.

Oct 04, 2012
Still Love Him
by: blondie

Never heard of anything like that before. I started my new job and this guy came straight to me. To be honest, he was everything I hate, but he asked me out for a drink. I said to myself, "never again", but I gave him a chance, and we end up seeing each other every night.

He took me out for Valentines day (my first) and I wanted more, because I knew that it was him - the one I always loved from the past, and will continue to love in the present, and future.

We both had feelings for each other. People said that we are so similar. We love the same things, but in different ways. But, he decided not to go any I left. But I miss him every day every night, and dream of him so much.

I tried to move on, but signs of fate are everywhere...the memories, the good times. It's more than 4 months and we haven't spoken or seen each other.

It's a long story. He is 19 and I am 31 i said he was is in every way an opposite match with me...he is straight and I am gay...and now love is gone and he is the one who's living and I am dead...sad...I just want to tell him how much I love him and miss him....

Oct 04, 2012
Twin Flame
by: Anonymous

Wow, I totally feel all of your pain. I am in the same situation, still in love with my twin flame from 16 years ago.

When I first saw him walk into the bar where I was the bartender 16 years ago, my heart stopped when I saw him and I just knew he was the one for me. I even told my co-workers, "That guy is going to be mine."

I just knew in my heart and soul we would be together. It was love at first sight, apparently for him too. We started talking that night and from then on were inseparable for the next year. He would tell me every day that I was the love of his life and that I made him so happy. We were going to get married.

Then all of a sudden right before our 1 yr anniversary, he decided to leave me for some girl he worked with. He would not face me or give me any reasons he just left and moved in with her. I was completely heart-broken and devastated.

I cried every day for over a year until one day over a year later on my birthday, he called me out of the blue and started pouring his heart out to me telling me how sorry he was for hurting me and begged me for another chance. I decided to give him another chance, but it just wasn't the same and within 6 months he left me again leaving me heartbroken all over again.

This time I was strong and told myself he's not worth it, so I pulled myself together and like a year later I hooked up with my now husband. In my heart I was still in love with my ex, but I knew that I needed to move on and my new boyfriend was so sweet and treated me like a queen and I knew he was the one I needed to be with.

Well fast forward about 12 years. I was on the verge of divorcing my husband due to his cheating and I found out that my ex was now divorced from his 10 year marriage. So I decided to send him a message on Face Book to see how he was doing. We started texting and ended up meeting up and it was as if 12 years never went by.

Sparks flew and it was just like when we first met. He acted like he couldn't get enough of me. I thought finally we will be together again although I had my reservations, since I did not want my heart broken all over again. He insisted that he would be there and heavily pursued me for 8 months.

The sex was off the charts. No one else has ever made me fell the way he did. Then one day he dropped a bomb on me by texting me that he couldn't see me anymore as he was seeing someone else!

I just died inside and here I am 4 months later again totally devastated and heartbroken. I have cried every single day and feel like I will never be happy again. I am 44 years old and I know I will never feel that way about anyone else again.

Sep 17, 2012
I Don't Know How To Move On.
by: Anonymous

I really feel like my ex is my twin flame.

Just today, I actually, discovered what a twin flame is. While reading about it, I knew it was him.

I remember the first night we met he asked me to marry him. Then, at one point, he told me, "I love your eyes so much. They are like looking into mine." I feel like he knew something too, though he wasn't really sure of exactly what it was.

After 3 long years I still think about him every single day. He broke up with me saying I was "too emotional." I would ask him every night to not leave me, and he promised every single night that he never would.

It's also amazing how we met. I was working at a video store and his friend worked at the same chain, as well. My boss asked me to go to the sister store, where my twin flame's friend worked, to cover a shift and I agreed. He was on his way home from an out of town job and just decided to stop by to see his friend.

I knew whenever I heard the truck rumbling that whoever was in that truck was "the one." I haven't seen or heard from him in over 3 years and I still have great love for him.

I've been in other serious relationships and I've ever since had a child, but I miss him so bad it hurts. I wonder if he misses me too.

Aug 11, 2012
On And Off For 26 Years!
by: Michelle

I was 19 when he pulled up across the street from where I was living. I was talking to a friend on the phone and she said that I said, "He's the one".

She told me that I kept saying it over and over again. I had no idea who he was, but I was sure going to find out.

I was 19 and he was 29 and we did start seeing each other and became intimate. His friends all told me that he was dating another girl, but I knew that we were meant to be together so I kept seeing him.

One day, many years later I called his job and they told me that he took his wife to dinner. He never told me that he got married, but was still seeing me. I said, "His what"! and they asked who I was and I said, "Obviously, his mistress"!

I didn't speak to him for quite some time and he called to meet me to explain - he stood me up.

She eventually threw him out and he came back to me. She found out that he was seeing me and wanted him back and planed on getting pregnant, which she did. She had complications and had to have a hysterectomy and things were never the same between them after the baby was born.

I moved on, got engaged and had a baby of my own, but he continued to pursue me and call me. One day while cleaning I felt something on my neck, sort of like a kiss which caused me to sit down. A minute later my phone rang and it was him and he said, "Did you feel it"? I was speechless.

When my relationship broke up I started seeing him again, knowing that he was married. He told me that she knew about me and didn't care. He's good at telling me whatever I need to hear to keep me at his side. When we are together it's like magic and the sex is electric!

Now that his daughter has graduated college, he tells me that they are finally getting a divorce. He bought me a ring and has referred to me as his girlfriend, BUT something in the back of my mind is telling me not to trust him. I get the feeling that he doesn't want to be divorced because she comes from a lot of money. I think he likes his lifestyle with her but wants the sex with me.

I am so tired and done with this but at the same time I have no interest in anyone else and every relationship that I have tried to have has failed because they don't compare to him. I've moved to Utah to get away from him (he's in California), but he still wants to fly out here to see me. I have a hard time saying no to him. He gets close to me and I become weak and just melt into him.

What the heck do I do!!! I don't want to be 60 years old (I'm 45 by the way) and still sitting in my house alone on a Saturday night.

Apr 08, 2012
My Twin Flame
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hi Sevenforest,

I just want to shed some light on your comment regarding twin flames or any soul mate relationship.

One can't possibly have any conscious memory of past life relationships. The mind is merely a tool for dealing with every day life, it does not encompass who one is. It is necessary to look into your soul to find out about one's self. Anything on the soul level is timeless, and what happened then is now. This may be difficult to grasp, but I do not have the words for describing timelessness.

All past life memories exist in the cellular memory. But one thing for sure is that one will know intuitively when you have met your twin soul - he or she is the other half of yourself.

Meeting your twin is an exciting experience that leads to self discovery.

With light and love,

Tanya Tkach, Spiritual Counselor

Apr 02, 2012
Time Is Fuzzy With Twin Souls.
by: sevenforest

It feels that being together with him opened up memories from past lives. Memories from past lives must appear in dreams or experiences that you feel, but are not you. This is because experiences from past lives are probably not stored in your brain in the same place as memories from this life. That is why it appears like voices,(I don't know were they are stored) or strong sensations that are familiar, but at the same time it feels like someone else.

The reason why it comes up is in my opinion because time is not acting in a normal way when twin souls meet or are together. There is this timelessness...

It feels that the both of you have many unresolved issues from past lives and in this liFe.

The most difficult thing to grasp when meeting a twin is to start resolving your part in it. It is the best you can do for now and for all times when you were and will be together.

Dec 22, 2011
by: Anonymous

You are lucky. I spent 6 yrs with my teacher about 20yr older than me in the same campus without knowing anything.

We had some days together where I found how much harder it was to relate. Now after leaving the place, I read about twins (souls). I even remember being embarassed when I saw a golden umbilical cord between us when I stood to face him opposite in classroom and I criticised myself "didn't go this far".

I am shattered, but I will go on.

Nov 22, 2011
Listen To Your Heart
by: Helen

You've described eerily similar circumstances to what I've gone through myself with my twin flame (t/f).

He called me a month ago - I thought I'd never hear from him again, and was doing my best to move on and let go because it ended so horribly. It was scary, intense, beautiful, too much too soon. So when he called me, we were like 2 teenage schoolkids on the phone. I swear, he could've heard my heart beating on the other end of the phone it was racing so fast - no one has ever made me feel like this. We were both so nervous & shy - he called to say no hard feelings which I know was hard for him. It really meant a lot to me.

We haven't seen each other, but I know we will when we're both ready. T/f's are perfect mirrors of each other so anything that's "lower self" is acutely amplified by your t/f. It's very confronting! Don't be sad that you're apart, everything happens for a reason & have faith that you will reunite eventually.

Twin Flames are 2 sides of the same coin - everything you feel, he will also be feeling and there's no way known he could ever forget you.

Trust God, trust your twin, trust your heart, trust your own soul.
Never stop believing in love.

Sep 30, 2011
My Twin Flame
by: Anonymous

I too met my twin flame (t/f) over 20 years ago and we had an instant attraction, but we were both married. The attration was so strong that we had an affair. After a while I left my husband and ran away and never said goodbye to my t/f, though I knew he would be able to find me one day if he wanted to and always hoped he would.

Suddenly out of the blue 15 years later, I got that call. I couldn't believe my ears. It was like a bolt of lightening and a wake-up call as I was in another marriage which was a disaster. I knew I had to meet my t/f. Once we met met it was just like time had stood still. His marriage had just broken up (30 years) and I knew that things would still be raw for him which they were.

After 3 months or so he became very, very distant and went into his cave. We fell out and never spoke for months and months and I pined for him day and night.

Im divorced again though this time with a daughter. I'm a lot happier in myself. My t/f is still in constant contact and we see one another and text a lot. He's been damaged by the ex-wife and went through a very bad time.

We still have that very strong connection, but whether we will actually get it together - God only knows. There will never be anyone else for me. I'd rather live alone than with someone who wasn't my t/f.

Jul 11, 2011
I Feel You...
by: Mystical

For us to feel emotion and be able to have understanding and control over it...If we never felt yearning or sadness, we would never know that we had met our twin flame.

My heart and love goes out to all twins in these circumstances, be strong, even if you have to be strong for the both of you until your twin is ready to join you.

With love and light...mysticalfaery xox

Jun 24, 2011
My Twin Flame
by: Tany Tkach, Webmaster


No, you are not looney.

This is a soul mate with whom you have come together during this life time to complete your karma. You left him a past life time just as he has left you in this life time.

There is a difference between soul mates and twin flames. Read my pages on definition of soul mates and karmic soul mates.

Forgive him for leaving, forgive yourself for leaving him in a past life time and release him. You have completed what you came here to do with him.

Sending light and love,
Tanya Tkach, Spiritual Counselor

Jun 22, 2011
My Twin Flame
by: Anonymous

I will try to keep this short.

Eighteen years ago, I was with a friend and we were walking on campus. I saw this guy. I stopped dead in my tracks and said, "Oh my gosh, who is that guy?"

My friend told me his name. My response was, "That is who i am going to spend the rest of my life with!"

My friend called the guy over and the 3 of us decided to go hang out the rest of the afternoon. After that, this guy would come over to my house and hang out. We never 'dated' but were very close friends - friends with benefits.

I wanted a relationship with him, but was afraid he wouldn't so I never pursued that. After about 6-8 months, we were put into a situation that I had to let him go. I knew he didn't want a relationship and I did. So I prayed and asked for strength to let him go. I felt if he loved me, truly loved me, he would be back one day.

I remember saying the words aloud to myself. I remember saying, "It could be 20 years from now, but I know he will be back."

Well, flash forward 15 day, I received an email. I didn't recognize the address, but something told me I needed to read it right away. When I opened it up, I saw who it was from. It was from that guy - from 15 years ago!

I was so excited! I immediately knew he loved me and we were going to be together forever. In his email, he said he was so excited to find me. He had always thought about me and missed me. He said that I was the most influential person in his life. We spoke for about a week via email, and then we both said that we loved each other, we always had and that we think we are soul mates.

I moved to the town he lived in. In going through my boxes, I found my baby box. On the outside of it, was his name. I called my mom to find out why that name was on my baby box. She said if I was a boy, that is what my name would have been. Also, inside of the box, was the local newspaper. On the front page, was a picture of trees and a local landmark. The property in the picture belongs to this guy's family. We were both blown away by this and just reconfirmed the fact that we were meant for each other - we both felt this.

Now, 2 years later, he has left. I am devastated. I feel like I have lost my other half. I feel like we are meant to be. I am severely depressed. When I get really down, something inside me says not too, that our relationship isn't over, that he will be back, oneday.

I know I have to move on and become a better person through all this, but in my heart and head I keep feeling this isn't the end with him. I feel like we were meant to be together. I feel like we were made for each other.

It has been a little over 18 years ago that I first saw him. From that moment on, I have felt like he was my soul mate - my twin flame. It was instant and that feeling has never left.

Am I looney, or are my feelings accurate?

Apr 14, 2011
Twin Flame
by: Anonymous


I have also split from my twin flame who I only knew for three months, but the sense of peace I would feel when next to him was what amazed me when we first met. We had so much in common and had such a strong connection on many levels.

He has got bi-polar disorder which caused him to say he couldn't handle being in a relationship in the end, but still wants us to remain friends seeing as we did get on so well.

This ending has started me on another spiritul journey, and I have given up drinking, and meditate a lot more, and now go to a spiritual church.

I miss him so much, but I know we have to have time apart to each grow, and I hope that one day we are able to make a go of it.

Feb 19, 2011
My Twin Flame
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster


Yes, it is definitely a twin flame experience that you have described. It is a very rewarding yet daunting relationship.

In order for twin flames to be together and stay together, they need to have completed their personal work (life lessons) that they have come to do in this life time. Once they are completed, you will be together, but not before. That is the reason why you are not together.

This is the time for you to concentrate on yourself and do what you need to do. Meditate, go within and find out what you are here to learn. Learn how to dowse and to use a pendulum so you can ask questions. Check out my pages on dowsing for beginners and using a pendulum.

I suspect that the voices you heard where from yourself in a former life time.

I have gone through similar experiences with my twin flame where in certain situations, I reverted back into a former life time where my behavior towards him was different from today. It definitely was a mind-blowing experience. At that time, I felt as if I was losing my mind.

Fortunately, I have my guides to help me through that relationship plus experiences that are difficult to fathom.

You are exactly where you need to be at this time. Renew your spiritual relationship with God and have faith. If you are meant to be together in this life time, you will be.

Sending light and love,
Tanya Tkach, Spiritual Counselor

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