Missing Poppy Where Is She?

Where she escaped

Where she escaped

Where she escaped
Where she escaped

I was told by an animal communicator to try the gold cord meditation and while looking I found your website . I feel Everything happens for a reason. All moments lead to here and continue where there suppose and we learn.

I've literally exhausted all my resources so far and out of desperation, I contacted a dog tracking/scent tracing school on island and they suggested animal communicators and so on...

I have been frantically searching for my missing 6 month old kitty, Poppy. I live in a rural area in the Fraser valley.

My cat of 10 years passed away (Lola) in the summer and it was very hard on me . I then rescued Poppy from a prickle bush left for dead at just a couple weeks old.

I nursed her back to health and she has changed my life for the better. She filled the void in my heart. I feel like she's Lola reincarnated and I am so lucky to have her .

Thursday night she must of slipped out, I didn't see her leave, but I know she's not in the house 100 percent. She is very attached to me so she would never hide especially for this long!

I am very worried and upset and feeling guilty, I would do just about anything to get her back safe, she doesn't deserve this and she's probably so scared.

I have done everything from posters to neighbours to searching day and night to contacting tracking dogs to spca/shelters, humane traps, many online profiles/advertisement etc. I can't go another day without her.

Can you help? Please help me, help bring poppy home!

She's just a baby Sleepy face if you feel her energy or visualize her, any info I would be forever grateful and would donate to you as well.

I'm trying my own guiding, but extra help I could use💔💗

Thanks for listening


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Mar 03, 2015
Missing Poppy Where Is She?
by: Shay

Dear Kelley,

So sorry for the loss of your both Cats. I have put down one dog and one passed away and I know it really touches our hearts as they become like family members.

I'd like to advise you to just let it be; I really believe that animals are smart and if it was meant to be they will find their ways back to our lives.

So, you have to take care of you and think positive. Allow the cat to make her own decision, and I truly believe they will. I have heard of animals returning back several years later.

So, be well, be happy and share the love you have with other creatures.

God Bless You.

Mar 02, 2015
Missing Poppy Where Is She?
by: Tanya Tkach

Hi Kelley,

I feel that Poppy entered your life for a reason, our animals do, and now that her mission is accomplished, she has gone.

Every animal and person enters our life for a reason, just as situations happen. Nothing happens by chance.

I know how difficult it can be to lose a pet, I've had dogs all my life, and it is difficult once their time is up to let them go.

For me it does not get any easier because I get very attached to my animals, especially when they have helped me and others in my healing practice.

Send your love to Poppy and thank her for being in your life and helping you to heal. Release your guilt, you have nothing to feel guilty about.
If you need a releasing technique, read my page at releasing.

You can use this technique for releasing any negative emotion, behavior or belief that is causing problems in your life.

Sending you healing vibrations,

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