The Most Powerful Meditation Is The Easiest One for You to Do

The most powerful meditation is the one that works for you.

To meditate, it is important to have space and time.

Once you have that, you can sit or lie down for relaxing meditation, or whatever active meditation works for you.

You can also use incense, candles, or music to help put you in the zone.

Now close you eyes and let the peacefulness fall around you. Imagine a wave of relaxation washing over you starting at your toes and ending by washing over your head.

Keep breathing and as you exhale imagine all the stress and problems, aches and pains in your muscles or joints leaving your body with each breath.

Feel Your Body Relaxing

Once you feel your body relaxing, start breathing slowly and deeply. As you breathe imagine a divine white light surrounding you.

Then visualize this light entering your body from the crown of your head and slowly working down through your body including you face, neck, shoulders, arms hands, spine, hips, legs and feet.

Feel this light going out through the soles of your feet leaving you with a tingling feeling.

Now that you are relaxed, there are many types of meditation that you can try.

Types of Meditation

There is the basic meditation where you quiet your mind and think of nothing – you are the observer as your thoughts drift through your mind like clouds and letting each one go.

You can do the focused meditation where your eyes are open as you concentrate on the flame of the candle; you can repeat a mantra; you can concentrate solely on your breathing or visualize a place that is safe and peaceful without engaging in any of your thoughts. Do the one that works best for you.

most-powerful-meditationMost Powerful Meditation

Then there is the activity oriented meditation where you dance or do yoga, gardening or exercising without focusing on your thoughts and staying present. These activities help to quiet your mind.

Or you can do the mindful meditation where you focus on your emotions and what you are feeling in your body in the present as you perform any activity.

For me, the best meditation is spiritual where you pray or talk to God, your spiritual guides or other spirits and ask questions. You can also meditate on a single question until you receive the answer.

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