My Ascension

by Finbar

Hi there,

My name is Finbar, I am 26 years old and thought I'd give you my spirtual experience. Mine was quite a powerful awakening and happened back in 2009. Here is what I remember.

It started off with seeing numbers all the time and awakening at 3:33 am. I was seeing all types of numbers. It felt as if something or someone was trying to communicate with me. I have learnt a lot about what is happening to myself and others since then.

At first I felt the need to write lots down. The first thing I remeber (it was 2 years ago now) was seeing the number 333 all over the place. I found out later that these were spiritual numbers. I kept writing 333 and 999 down on paper wondering why I was 'seeing' this and the word God and evolution.

At first I was very scared, and living in London. Suddenly I had many ascension feelings. Before this happend, I didn't think about many spirtual things or God. I had feelings like my heart hurting (which I found out to be my heart chakra later on). I asked in my head who wanted to talk to me and came up with a method of talking - one for ok, two for no and three for yes - like on those haunted programmes (which before i never really believed).

Then something started communcating using this morse code I had thought up - banging on walls, lights and inside my body taping. All very scary at the time as I was wondering what was going on.

I moved away from London from my brother's place to Dorset to my parents because I didn't like crowds of people also I had blackout helicopters following me down the street - which was very scary at the time. So I moved to Dorset to my parents place.

That's when it all started to happen...I remember the night it happend - it was the night Micheal Jackson died - a Sunday about 2 am. There was a strange feeling like matrix - time slowing down, my heart stopped for about 2 min. then there was a flash of white and blueish light and it felt as if something entered my body.

It was a wonderful feeling - very, very loving and powerful. I think this started my ascension process. I started getting very strong vibes in my body and head and middle of my forehead. I started writing down all types of symbols, yin and yang - numbers - hebrew alaphabet - greek and the alapha and omega symbol. I was looking up loads of things. I then went into a deep trance (which unknown to me - was my chakras opening up).

Two years later, I have found out about he I am, and everything that was happening to me. I also hear voices through sounds like a whisper and as thoughts. The main voice that speaks to me is God/Jesus and he told me I am a 6th century saint.

I didn't believe it fully until I researched it. Im sure if it's the same God (lol) we can both 'speak' to he'll confirm it for you.

Of course, others don't believe me and I'm not sure I fully believe myself, but everything my higher self and Jesus told me makes sense.

I was wondering if you could help as its nice to find the website with so much info and a women - you - who can speak as well to God. All the ascension stuff fits in with what happend to me.

I've made contact with many soul mates and know a lot about my past. Just google Saint Finbar, which of course my ego loves doing and finding pictures if I can. Though I don't consider myself a saint this time round - God knows how many life times I've had over 1,500 years! (lol) at least one past and this one.

I've been to the doctors and of course the moment you say 'hear voices' etc they think you're mad and put me on pills which don't work, but of course I've not told mum and dad as they don't believe in God or religion at all.

I was wondering if you could ask God a few questions for me as a 'test' (lol) and I still find this telepathy hard to do - even after 2-3 years. The main questions are as I read your site.

1. When is the shift happening that God speaks about on your site? 2012? all the time??

2. You had your ascension back in 2007 correct?

3. Can we keep in contact? my email is

Kind regards, God bless you and your great site. Maybe add something on spiritual numbers to the site as that's how it started for me (i.e seeing 11:11 or 333)

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Aug 01, 2011
by: Katherine White

Thank you so much for sharing your story. I can see that you and I have a lot in common.

My ascension was in December 2010. It was quite painful because of my repressed memories of molestation. I am up at 4:30 am most mornings because my mind never stops.

I am procrastinating about writing a book even though I feel called to do it. I have so many ideas about how to help my community, but I feel that because of my increased awareness it is difficult for me to explain myself in logical terms. I have a lot of ideas about understanding autism, and all of the DSM diagnoses.

Katherine White

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