My Daughters is 7 Years Old and Hears and Sees Spirits.

by K


As some of the posts seem quite recent I thought I would share my story too.

Firstly Thank you, as there is great advice given here. My daughter started hearing a voice at school a couple of months ago. As I am a natural born spirit worker(psychic) I thought I could understand what she was hearing (Wow! Sorry my pad just totally crashed then) lost my place a bit.

Oh yes! As a young child, a baby even, I had experiences, o boy, day visions, etc, all the supernatural senses. But she has also started to hear the voice(s) at home when she's in bed.

The voice says things like, "Watch out! I don't like you anymore."

I thought maybe kids at school were saying things like these and being sensitive she piked up on it, it bugs her when she's quiet. she has also told me that she's seen white spirit people come up from the floor with the same kind of warnings.

This sounds negative to me.

Then mentioning it to a friend who was wearing a carnelian ring (I thought she could make one for my daughter to wear and started to explain why I wanted one) she said her girl may have been trying some magic at school, she herself a white witch. Its possible her daughter may have tried to copy her mum or recite something. They both are in the same class.

A little relief for me as I think this maybe the answer, an attachment to my daughter. I have amethyst crystals in her room and will sew into her school cardigan.

I have just burnt a little sage I had, and asked Archangel Micheal to protect her and clear all negativity from her. I should add that I have a younger daughter too sharing the same room. She doesn't have the same problem, but they both sometimes see pure spirit as the white light or orb.

Sorry to go on so much. Its hard not being able to share with anyone and talk about it. Any advice is warmly welcome.

My next step is the doctor's office.

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Dec 18, 2015
My Daughters is 7 Years Old and Hears and Sees Spirits.
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hi K,

Yes, you are right about the spirits being negative, and they are playing with your daughter since she has clairaudience.

Keep calling and Archangel Michael for his help in cleansing her room and all the other rooms. Ask him to take the spirits home. Also ask Him to surround your daughter(s) with a protective shield of divine light everyday before she goes to school and at night.

Perhaps you can also tell your daughter to call on Archangel Michael when the hears the spirits.

If you bring your daughter to see a doctor, he or she will probably give her some antipsychotic drug which I do not recommend to give to her, these drugs have amny side effects.

Sending light and love,

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