My Dreams

by Anonymous

Well, I came to this site because I am at a crossroads and a really bad time in my life.

I am wondering if there is more to my ability, which is limited. I want to find out why my life has always been so painful and why I cause the problems for myself that I do.

To make a long story short, I am a sensitive in the way that I feel so much energy coming off of other people, sometimes I feel like I AM them. And if they don't perceive me, well (like everyone has one person they just don't get along with) I can't handle that. I literally want to run screaming.

I feel like being around people is hurting me so intensely that I avoid it, and I isolate...only to get into more conflict later.

But that's not my ability. My ability, I believe, falls under ESP. Many times in my life I have had a dream, only to wake up and find out what I was dreaming about coincides perfectly with what is going on in either the world, or in my family.

For example: One December morning I dreamed that my Aunt Rose was pushing one of those tables with wheels that they have in the morgue. No one was on it, but in the dream she was saying that we were going to a funeral.

When I woke up, I got up, went down stairs and my Mom told me she had just spoken to my Aunt Rose on the phone and said that Aunt Rose's best friend's daughter died of cancer and they were planning her funeral.

I didn't even know Aunt Rose's best friend had a daughter, much less that she had died. And there was no way I could over-hear the conversation in my sleep, I wear earplugs and my Mom was downstairs in the phone. So no way I picked it up that way.

That is one of many dreams I've had. I don't know how to control my ability, and it happens about twice a year, which isn't much. But when it happens, it's very impressive and makes me feel a bit like I'm losing my mind.

I've tried to listen to spirit voices, I've tried to do the "guess what the card is" thing, but I don't seem to have any abilities with that.

I asked my Mom, since we are close, if she has dreams like mine, and she said no, never. But she believes that I have a mild form of ESP. My Dad is more skeptical.

So I just don't know. I would like to learn to use my ability to help me find answers and heal from the trauma in my life.

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Feb 16, 2016
My Dreams
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Anon,

You have abilities that are becoming apparent to you and that is a good thing. It's important to accept them and to understand them and to trey and work with them.

I had the ability of hearing voices since childhood, but I didn't know what to do with it and felt terrible, that something was wrong with me and that I was different from everyone else. But that's another story and you can read about it on my website at hearing voices.

The important thing is to believe in yourself and your abilities and not listen to others who may try to mock you or put you down.

You cannot control your ability, it just is, but you can learn to accept it and use it for the highest good for yourself and others.

It's important to release all of your fears and negative beliefs about your ability. I'm working on a program that people can buy and download regarding releasing negativity and beliefs in one's life that I use with clients and is successful. I'm hoping to have it up on my website by the end of this month.

Stay positive.

Sending light and love,

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