My Fiance is Hearing a Little Girl's Voice and My Daughter is Seeing Ghosts In Our Home

by Christina
(North Carolina )

My fiancé just confessed to me last night that he is hearing a little girl's voice, much like our three year old daughter's voice, but when he goes in there, she is fast asleep.

He stated that he has heard it five or six times now and just told me about it last night.

The voice is that of a child calling out "Mommmmyyyy". As if a child is calling for their mother. As I stated our daughter is 3 years old, I am currently pregnant, and we had a miscarriage about two and a half years ago when my daughter was about a year and a half old.

My daughter has told me of a 'ghost' that she sees. A ghost that is male, brown hair, brown eyes and short. About 4-5 months ago, another ghost entered the picture, right before I became pregnant. Now she tells me the ghosts are fighting and one is trying to take her away.

She repeatedly gives me the same description of this one ghost. Just this morning, she and I went into her room to play. She tells me, "No ghost in here".

Again, I asked her for the description and asked her if it was nice. She says, "No!"

Often, she will talk of this "ghost" and have me hold her hand before going into a room such as the spare bedroom or her room.

This is all mind boggling to me and I really don't know what to say or how to handle it. Any suggestions would be welcome on my fiancé's part and/or my daughter's.

He is not her biological father, but has raised her from the day she was born. We got together when I was 4 months pregnant with my daughter and has been her daddy since day one. So, whatever is going on is not hereditary based.

I tried receiving comments from another site, but they had changed my story around so much, that it was not true and I had written in to ask them to remove my post. I am hoping this site doesn't do the same, for this is a REAL SITUATION AND A TRUE STORY THAT I AM TELLING. I HONESTLY NEED SOME HELP AND SOME ADVISE ON WHAT TO DO ESPECIALLY WITH IT INVOLVING MY 3 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER!

Please help!

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Jul 15, 2015
My Fiance is Hearing a Little Girl's Voice and My Daughter is Seeing Ghosts In Our Home
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Christina,

This situation is happening for a reason, everything that is going on in your life has a reason.

The fact that your daughter is hearing and seeing spirits is happening to let you know that she has special abilities. Many children born today have these abilities, and it is the wave of the future. Children are being born to teach the parents and to change what is going on in the world. These children have higher vibrations and are more advanced.

For your and your partner, it is important to renew your faith. Many have forgotten about the spiritual level of their being, without it you are lost.

I suggest that you talk with the Highest Power and ask for His help.

In the meantime here are some suggestions you can do:

1. Call on Archangel Michael and ask for his help in removing spirits in your home and take them home where they belong, also to cleanse your home of negative vibrations and to balance the energy in your home. You also need to release any fears that you have, by carrying negative energy, you will only attract more to your environment.

2. You can also cleanse your home with sage

3. When you had your miscarriage, I suspect you are still carrying emotions from that incident, and you my still be hanging on to that baby in a sense. So release all of the emotions you felt when you lost the baby, and also release the spirit of the baby to Divine Light.

I have a specific releasing technique that I use, if you would like more information contact me for a session.

Sending healing vibrations,

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