My New Pendulum Won't Respond To Me

by Beth
(Mattoon, illinois)

I have been using a pendulum for years now . I have one that I love and trust and it was my first pendulum. When I got my first one right away it worked and responded to me. While I still have that pendulum it tangles badly and every time I use it I have to spend 15-20 min untangling the fine chain.

So about a year and a half ago I bought another pendulum thinking I may need another some day and this one was so beautiful, it also has the beads down the chain so it won't tangle like my other one.

I've been carrying it around In my purse (along with the other one, but not in the same spot). In the last few months I have been only carrying my new one.

Today I got it out to give it a test run. It just sat there and didn't respond at all to most questions. When it did respond there was no consistency. I would ask, "Am I a woman?" It would circle clockwise (I am a woman). I would ask if I had a son it would go back and forth for no (I do have a son).

I'm not sure how to get this one to respond. I desperately want to have the same confidence and connection with this one as I do my other one, although in a way I feel like I'm betraying my first pendulum. Could that be the problem?

Any ideas would be great thank you. Could I take the pendulum off my old one and put it on the chain of the new pendulum so it won't tangle anymore, but it's my old stone?

Not sure what to do.

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Aug 16, 2015
Your New Pendulum Answers Differently Than Your Old
by: Anonymous

Maybe I am missing something here, but it doesn't sound as if you have a problem at all. Just because your old pendulum used a circular motion to indicate 'no' and a back and forth motion to indicate 'yes,' does not mean that the new one has the same technique.

In fact, I found exactly the same thing happened to me when I moved on to my second pendulum ( I should add that I use different pendulums for different subjects -- one for love that is very closely associate with love issues for me, another for career, one for living on a higher plane, bringing light with me, etc.).

My first and second pendulums answered exactly
as yours did! There is nothing wrong, and, with due respect, you don't need a class. Your second pendulum simply prefers a different way of answering questions. Don't force it into being exactly like your first pendulum; simply accept that this pendulum will give you a circular answer for 'yes' and a back and forth answer for 'no.'

I don't know if it is only me, but I believe my wishes and desires were getting in the way of my first pendulum and it had gotten to the point where it wanted to please me. Thus, I was getting a lot of 'yes' answers from it. The energy it takes to swing in a circular motion seems to be more difficult than to swing back and forth. So, really, my second pendulum was doing me a favor, even though it expended much more energy to answer 'yes' (IMO only!).

Did you feel a connection with your first pendulum? Maybe, you too, had an issue of it wanting to please you and, therefore, going with yes when the answer maybe should have been 'unknown' or 'possible, although not necessarily likely.'

I don't feel the connection with this second pendulum that I did with the first, but it is brutally honest with me, which I appreciate. Also, this second pendulum simply won't cooperate if I am just messing around because I'm bored, or asking the same questions over and over. I've had to start keeping a book of questions I've asked and the answers so I don't repeat myself!

It's kind of a 'tough love' situation, but I've learned to appreciate it. To be honest? It is more trustworthy than the one I love so much. So, give it a chance.

All pendulums have different ways of answering yes or no. That is the purpose of asking it the questions you did -- you must take it on faith, if you have done everything you should, that it is genuine. It is insulting to 'test' it to see if it is telling you the truth, which is what it sounds like you were doing.

The questions you are asking it are simply to determine how this particular pendulum answers yes and no questions. And it showed you. It did EXACTLY what it was supposed to do. Even cursory research on pendulums should have told you this is why you ask the questions you do. Google pendulums if you don't believe me, and you will quickly see that these questions are designed specifically to see the manner in which any particular pendulum uses to indicate yes and no.

Good luck. If you've forced this pendulum into what you think, it should be doing, I would say the answers you are getting are meaningless. More likely, it has just gotten more and more confusing, with contradictory and even silly answers.

Dec 05, 2014
My New Pendulum Won't Respond To Me
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Beth,

There are things you need to do when starting off with a pendulum, perhaps you are not doing what is necessary. I am not going to list all the things that you must do, as I have written about it many times since I started this website.

I have at least 15 pendulums that I am using as I misplace them and lose them.

I suggest you click this link letter to Robin to learn everything necessary for starting the right way, and the things you must do before using a pendulum.

It is very important to know and understand the first principles in dowsing, otherwise you will encounter problems later on.

Let me know how you are doing.

Sending light and love,

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