My Realization of What The Voices Truly Are

by Johnny from Jesus

I started hearing voices after I became more serious then I have ever been, because of circumstances that led me to either choose Good (the Hard Way) or evil (the EASY way). I chose the LORD JESUS CHRIST even though I had no idea that the sins I was committing were piling up on me, and living the way I was in the world.

I heard no voices, but the strange thing is I started to hear them after I decided to start using my life for Good, for GOD and to make it a priority to treat people the Right way. And better than Right, to LOVE them and release all sexual perversions/lies/fear/anger! Phewww, a big one !!

After doing that, the voices started...I'm going to tell you what I was doing on the internet so that maybe someone can correlate our stories and find out which route we were attacked by...I was watching a lot of YouTube videos concerning Hollywood and how satanic it is.

I was pretty smart while on (add) med's, but I heard these voices in the home first and only in my home. Then I was followed by these voices. I've had a long battle with these beings and the only way I got a hold of it was through READING THE KING JAMES VERSION of the BIBLE and MAKING JESUS CHRIST FIRST!

I believe we are attacked because we are good people, people who hear these things are good people.

Were you turning closer to JESUS CHRIST when you heard your first sounds? Why would the devil attack and confuse something he already has?

I believe it's because he doesn't have people and this is a sure way to write people off because when dealing with voices, it is so shocking for the victim at the beginning.

I became enraged at these voices and it took me years to find out it was all deceit, and at the end, I heard the true voices and sounds.

I'm telling you to TURN TO CHRIST, you must know there is God/JESUS CHRIST fighting For you !!!

Think about all the BIBLE PROPHECIES that ARE COMING TRUE!!!

I've heard and fought every feeling and deceiving attack on the body and eventually heard where these things are FROM - HELL !! If you don't believe me? Ask them!!! Then start seeing if you can hear the sound of the name JESUS CHRIST in your head...l know what happens!


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