My Son's Voices Listened To Me

by Kate

My son began hearing voices a year ago. At first, I panicked and sent him to a doctor who put him on anti-phycotic meds.

I didn't let him take them. I decided to try and communicate with the energy or spirit that was contacting him and asked him to please leave my son alone as he is not able to cope with this kind of ability yet, and suggested it communicate to me if i coukd help in any way...

After a week the voices had stopped and one night as I turned the light out. I heard a voice say,
"I heard you."

I froze...then went to lay down and a whisper said, "Goodnight Mum!"

I called out to my son, but he was asleep in his room and I knew it wasn't him.

So very amazing, there has been many more contacts since then along with apparitions of energy, movement and freezing cold breath as I'm paraylised to the spot, doors open, amazing stuff...I won't write anymore as I sense he or she does not want me to say anymore.

Hope this helps you in some way with your situation.

Peace and light :)

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Sep 09, 2011
My Son's Voices Listened To Me
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Kate,

You made a very wise decision by not giving your son the anti-psychotic drugs. These drugs are very potent and you don't know the affect they could have on your son - they have side effects. On the other hand, you will have to deal with your son's ability to hear voices. It is a special gift.

I have had this ability since a child, and my mother did not deal well with it. She frightened me and as a result I had many problems throughout my life running from them. No one at that time understood this ability, and now I use it to help others and spirits too.

It appears that the voice you are hearing is from a lost soul and needs to go "home" to the light. Just call in Archangel Michael and ask him to take this spirit home.

For more information, read my page on spiritual protection from lost souls.

Sending light and love,
Tanya Tkach, Spiritual Counselor

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