My Truth Real Voices of Souls

by Truth
(Islamabad )


I wish to be truthful full here, the date is January 28th, 2016 time 3.30 am.

I hear voices all the time, some most claim to be my passed relatives.

I am a hardcore Abrahamic (Well known Abrahamic Religions are Judaism, Christianity and Islam) believer of the Lord. I researched about various beliefs to find the truth.

On the other side peaceful souls are working on some way to connect us all with their realm whilst we are still alive, that's what they tell me.

I have always dreamed of souls from the other side who choose peace and love for me.

I read in the Muslim faith that these voices are of angles of love peace and in the Christian belief that they are souls who choose to view their worldly realm as a peaceful love choice as a gift from the Lord.

I only wrote this so that it gets preserved as saved data for the future to see. I don't know if I will ever come back to check for replies since I randomly came to this place via google searches.

Lastly, I would love to wish all the real TRUE happy souls of all realms ultimate love, peace and happiness as they precisely thoughtfully wished for it.

Much love and care from me.

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Feb 02, 2016
I Need Help ASAP!
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Anon,

Yes, I understand what you are going through, the negative and dark forces can be very strong.

Here's is some advice of what you can do:

First thing, call in Archangel Michael immediately and ask Him to cleanse your home, the building and the surrounding area, to balance the energy in your home and area and to fill it with divine Light and love, and do this morning and night, or when ever you feel the presence of negative energy.

Ask Him also to cleanse yourself physically and all other levels of your being, and to balance your energy and fill you with Divine light and love and to place protective bubble around you. You can also visualize this.

It is also very important that you release all negative thoughts and visions, and feelings from your mental and emotional levels of being. Any negative vibrations will only attract more negativity towards you.

You also have to forgive your boss and anyone else for their behaviour towards you and to forgive yourself for carrying negative thoughts, and feelings towards anyone else.

Your vibrations will start to change the minute you start forgiving those who have hurt you. It's amazing but it happens, but you need to do this with intention from your heart.

Most of all you have to release all of your fear.

Start meditating daily, if just for 5 minutes, go to my meditation page, there's others also, you can light a white candle or burn some incense and listen to meditation music.

Here's a link for Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation, Chakra Healing

One more thing, it is important to get rid of anything that has negative vibrations surrounding it, because again, it will attract negativity.

Let me know how it goes.

Sending healing vibrations,

Feb 02, 2016
I Need Help ASAP!
by: Anonymous

I've made several unsuccessful attempts writing to you and I now feel convinced some entities are in my home and will not allow me to e-mail you.

I wrote to you recently; however, I decided to be anonymous this time on-line. About two weeks ago on a Sunday night I was at home alone watching TV. The TV screen was the only object in the room illuminating light. My closet door was opened, I thought I saw a face of an image protruding through the white heavy plastic covering over my clothes.

I took my camera out and began taking photos. To my disbelief, I saw a man with long dark hair in my view finder of the camera simultaneously when the flash went off, amazingly, the man's face disappeared and turned into some type of cylindrical object and it appeared to look like some liquid inside it.

The next day I began viewing the photos, I saw all kinds of images, humans (men), grotesque looking creatures, etc. many of them!

It wasn't until later in two of the photos, there were messages in print I could not understand. I initially thought they were words that were backwards; however, now I believe it is in some foreign language.

This made me sick to my stomach. The following nights afterwards, I burned sage and asked that they leave and that they did not belong here. I was not rude to them; however, firm. I have not take any additional photos since then because it makes me very uncomfortable.

I had misplaced my camera printer cable and was only able to find it until today. I have been unsuccessful trying to download the photos so I can get a better view.

I am trying to understand all of this. How did they get in here? I have always been a spiritual person and believe in God and have asked my Guardian Angels for protection.

I don't know what to do. I can't really talk to anyone that can understand. I feel negative energy from my boss at work and I believe she is trying to get me fired.

I am removing all of the gifts she has given me in the past.

I don't deserve this.

I need answers ASAP, please help me!!

Jan 30, 2016
My Truth Real voices of Soul
by: Shay

Dear Truth,

I do hope that you will see this reply and any replies as this site is a place that I regularly check and enjoy also.

Since about 2007 I have also heard messages, the way I hear messages are not like talking in my ear, but the messages come through my own mind and I very well know that their origin is of not only the other side, but of God also.

Many moons ago, people very well knew that they communicated with God and that God communicated with them, but than there came a time when people stopped trusting their own senses and began to depend on the senses of others, and stopped communicating directly with God and began to think God can be reached through the guidance of other Holy Men.

However, God is accessible to all of us, but when we don't have this belief and faith of course we don't realize this. For those who do and seek, eventually they will hear the loving wisdom of God and/or other heavenly beings.

There are many people who hear God and other heavenly beings, however, not everyone comes out and says it directly, as most people will and may doubt or even in some places persecute you.

Thank God I live in a country (USA) where we do have this type of freedom of speech, and although many people may also doubt me and others, at least we can say, speak and express.

If the voices you hear are kind, loving and full of good wisdom than use them, appreciate them, and utilize them in your life. For many times the spiritual awakening will benefit us in our personal lives, and making us wonderful people to give loving advice and wisdom to others.

This is how God works, God works through people. You don't have to go around telling people that you hear God, or other spirits as most people will not be able to understand you and they may isolate you. So, you have to also learn to curtail yourself and express yourself that is in an acceptable way to the senses of other people. You can do this with love, and gentleness.

I remember at first in 2007 it was a special thing, and it still is, but it is more special in my life and through it I pass this loving ways to other people, in levels and ways they can understand without thinking that I am crazy or out of my mind.

So, don't think you have to prove anything, you don't. I don't either. It is what it is and it will serve a greater purpose in my life and for the betterment of the humanity at large.

Keep love and kindness in heart, and always be your best, and be humble and kind.

P.s.. I was also born Muslim, but have studied other religions through practicing them throughout my life, and I have found the same God in every place and way I practices. Because, God is within me ...not in any building waiting for me.

Much love and blessings,


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