My Twin Flame Connection NSRAM

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I want to share a connection that I experienced a few months back with a woman I knew from my past. I feel it's a twin flame connection, as I read up a lot as to the reason why we met and the fact that she left me all of a sudden.

We were at college some 17 years back and she was the first girl I liked and dared to approach, but she did not responded well and got reserve with someone whom she committed her friendship. I was hurt, but moved on eventually to emotionally settle with a new girl and we fell in love.

For 15 years we did not meet, see nor talk to each other - except this last summer. She has settled abroad and has a child. I am married, too, and have two children.

We started to text and from day one we felt as if we both cared for each other. She said she missed me all along, and I missed her, too, but on occasions not all the time.

She married the same man she met in college. My girl friend married else where, and I felt a lot of pain at that time. Eventually, she got divorced due to uneven circumstances with that fellow and got remarried to the current guy. I got married in an arranged traditional fashion without knowing my wife too well as a person.

We had family and maybe from outside we were both just moving ahead before we got in touch.
In a few days we spoke from our hearts to each other, we shared our inner most feelings and fears, and been truthful to the last detail. At the same time we knew we have limitations yet we were very happy. We both had telepathy where we could guess each others thoughts. This happened all in a few days.

We often said to each other, "Where have you been?" and, "Our soul rests in each other."

We said such beautiful things to each other that its almost impossible to reach that plateau unless you love so deeply. Her smile made me smile, I felt we are one soul, and said that to her and she felt that too.

One day, our texts were discovered with her partner and he questioned her and made her feel like a slut. I reacted and said that she should mend her relationship with him as I had nothing to offer her in my karmic life. She felt really hurt, but my reply came as a concern.

But then we continued, slowly and cautiously. She was torn and I was too. At some point of time, I became clingy towards her, and she was finding it difficult to settle both situations. So she bombarded me with a lot of things. I stepped back, hurt, but again understood her point and tried to be okay.

We had quite a lot of common life experiences
1. failed first relationship
2. mental disorder with one of our parents
3. unfulfilled married life
4. a third relationship between our marriage and first relation.

I am man, but find myself to be a feminine chaser here.

When we met it was the best ever experience in my life as if God has manifested love in her and nothing and no one can be better.

My wife and I are cohabitants, I never felt love for her, but have always been dutiful. I feel that I can't leave my wife and children. I am very sure of this because it's not their fault if I feel love for someone else.

My twin flame later alleged that I am two timing, what was I seeking. She also said to me, "I worship you, you are like a God to me," and finally said, "Thank God I knew you in time, don't dare write to me ever."

She blocked me from social online forums, never writes to me any more, never replies and if she would, she would say, "Stay away."

After she has left, my love for her has grown many times. I think and I dream of her. When I think of her, I feel that all my life I will keep loving her, and someday maybe she will understand and we will have a reunion. (I do not mean we will get married, but will understand each other and live with this unconditional love for each other.)

She is soft, but masculine. Even I do not want to disturb her married life since I do not have much to offer her in that case.

She changed my life for sure, filled it with love, energy, passion, dreams, and new hope. I am more physically fit and open to new work that I was before. I even became more spiritual.

I do not know if she will ever understand this?
If she will ever return?
If I am cheating on my wife, because I am emotionally connected to her?

I don't know, but I can't deny my feelings and I have chosen to silently live with them - I really love this woman and hope she understands that.

It all started and was over in 4 months flat - from extreme love and 100 texts a day to her feelings of hating me and zero contact.

I need some answers.

Your responses are invited.

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Jan 04, 2015
Life is Like That
by: Shay

Reading your mail quickly, I respect you for honoring the choices you have made, specially when it involves children and spouses.

There are times when we meet others whom we feel an attraction to, or how ever you may define it, but it is honorable to respect the decisions we made. Specially if it involves the lives of others, as in your case too. I encourage you to re-ignite the flame of love with your partner and think of the qualities that you loved of this person that made you marry her.

There are times when we have been married for years, where our hearts and minds may wonder, and I find that normal, but there is also something within us that knows it is not the right thing to do.

So, forgive yourself and the other person and move on and spend time building your current relationship, rather than spending time mentally in a relationship that is not meant at this time or in this life.

Also, learn from this experience which involves self growth. It is wonderful that as humans we have love within us to share, but don't miss the people in front of you and those who surround you.

Your family and children deserve this love, and one day you will realize you made the right decision. Because it is the higher road to take.


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