My Twin Flame Encounter and Experiences Shared

by Sarah
(London, United Kingdom)

Well, meeting my twin flame was not like the rest.

We actually studied in the same high school for 5 years, but never really spoke to each other on a deep level. Funny enough, I used to dislike him because he was a mean boy.

However, during the last couple of months in high school, I was going through an emotional break-down because of some relationship issues with this boy I really liked and even thought I loved. But, I was reaching the end of the road with him. Then, one day my twin flame walked past and noticed me and said, "Hey beautiful!" I turned around and as soon as our eyes connected, everything around me froze and all I could see was his beautiful shinning smile.

From that day, every time we saw each other in school we would hug, hold hands and just stare into each others' eyes. At one point, we exchanged contact details and were chatting everyday. We would both feel happy and complete when we had seen each other, but could never figure out why and how it all got like this.

There was a day we did not see each other and as the end of the school day was approaching, I realized that I was feeling sad and down within, but did not know why. Even my friend noticed it. Then she spotted my twin flame down the hall and when I saw him, my face lit up. I ran to say hello, and when he saw me his face lit up, and we held hands for like 5 minutes without even realizing because our eyes were so glued to each other. After that moment I felt more than happy and content. Then I realized not seeing him for the whole day was the reason for me feeling down and upset.

This connection was so intense that I started to have different types of dreams about him almost every single night and I would get different physical sensations whenever he was in trouble or whenever he was about to pop up in a certain area where I was. At first, that freaked me out because I had never felt such intensity with someone before. Two of my close friends witnessed this on different occasions, so I know I wasn't going crazy.

After one month of this whole intense connection, the disagreements began because we both wanted the same thing, but in different ways. That's when the cycle of the dance began because one minute he would tell me to just move on that the whole thing wouldn't work out between us, but then a week later he would message me telling me he misses me and wants to see me. This kept going on for about 6 months, and now 7 months into the whole connection, we are still chasing and running away from each other. We missed each other so much, until one day he was able to come to my house and just when I though the connection was dying and the interest was disappearing, everything came rushing back even deeper.

After that day though, I realized he began to act a bit distant and I did not know why. There was something I needed to tell him which I felt would make him feel betrayed and hurt, I wanted to be completely honest with him. It really felt like my soul was fighting me to tell him, but I finally told him which caused us to argue. I know he was very upset with me about it, because he told me to leave him alone, and to never contact him again.

That broke my heart. I could feel all of his hurt and pain as well as my own...I felt as if someone had ripped a part of my soul out. So we stopped communicating.

Then I bumped into him a month later and again he started starring deep into my eyes. I felt like crying because I could feel this overwhelming, intense feeling of hurt and disappointment. Then he said, "Hello," before he got off the bus. I felt shocked and confused.

I never went to his house before, but I had a dream about the area where he lived. There was an option of two door numbers in the dream, I remember going to visit a friend in that area one day and realized it was the same one that was in my dream. Then I made the decision to try and find my twin flame and come back to the area to talk with him about the whole situation.

I thought of the possible consequences and decided that even if he wants to be just friends, that would be fine with me. All I knew was that I wanted him to stay in my life, I never wanted to fully lose him.

A month later, me and my two close friends go ahead with the plan and eventually got the right house and spoke to his mum. Then later, I get a phone call from my twin flame cussing and shouting and confused as to why I went to his house and how I found it, he saw it as me chasing him and did not like the idea at all. He told me to never contact him again and that he never wants to see me. Even though I was confused as to why he was so angry, I did explain why and how I found his house. He did not believe me and we stopped talking. I then realized that subconsciously I was chasing him and normally that is not something I would do.

I broke down, but I got back up and made my decision to surrender to this whole process and accept that this is not the time for us to be together. I got myself together and tried my absolute best to move on and to let him go. As hard as it was and still is, I managed to hold back on contacting him for months. Every time I would see him, I would try to avoid eye contact with him and ignore him as if he didn't exist.

Eventually I stopped seeing him and bumping into him, and up til now it has been 1 year and 10 months since I last saw or spoke to does hurt. There were nights I would cry my eyes out, I would dream of him every single night, I could feel and see him vividly in those dreams, but in reality I could never see or speak to him.

My heart ached for months, other relationships wouldn't work out. I would pray for him, I would meditate on him and feel connected with him many times. And whenever I would go through bad times, I would always think that if my twin flame was here he would instantly help make me feel better, so it definitely was a hard time.

But I must say that during this separation, I have learned so many lessons. At the end of 2014 I began to realize that the new year had to be about me loving myself more, and continuing my journey with or without my twin flame in the physical.

There are times when the soul of your twin will call out to yours and your mind and heart will not let you rest and will flood you with thoughts of your twin, but that is because they are currently thinking and missing you. Just give your twin that time to connect and relax. Meditate if you can and say a little prayer for your twin and the both of your souls, then you will realize after that, you will feel much better, stronger and able to get on with your daily activities.

Now, I am working on my self-growth and development. There are times I do cry for my twin flame, but I do not dwell on it. I do pray to God to guide, protect, bless and be with him, to give him the strength and courage he needs to understand this connection and unconditional love so that he may awaken spiritually on a higher level and be a better being, and that all the wounds in his soul be healed so that he may feel and be content within himself and accept who he truly is.

Then, I say a little prayer for myself even though I instantly feel as though I was praying for myself while praying for my twin. That is how I know the prayer was heard and answered because we are one, and feel everything the other is feeling.

One big lesson learned is to let go of all the hurt, pain, betrayal, forgiveness, resentment and allow unconditional love to grow within you, to let go of all preconceived values and beliefs and to let your soul lead your path. It can never go wrong. Always listen to your gut feeling.

May the Lord's love, light, peace and strength be with you.

God bless! :)

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