My Twin Flame Experience

by Dawn R.
(Orlando, Fl. USA)

Back in 2006, I hardly understood what spiritual beliefs were, let alone understand where I was when it came to having and being part of a "religious" group.

The second I meet my "twin", my soul recognized him. The hardest part is that because of my "ego" I didn't realize why.

We both automatically fell in love (neither of us knowing we where twin souls) After my twin broke up with his now ex-girlfriend, the unthinkable that we'd get together happened.

I was so happy and so in love. After 5 months of the honeymoon stage he started running from me. (At this point we still didn't know about twin flames/twin souls) We where on and off for almost two years straight. Then our first separation happened.

Neither of us thinking we had a problem we went on with our lives. I, honestly, suffered from heart break. I went though two other guys shortly afterwards to get over from my heartache I felt when broke up with me.

A little over three years later, I got married to the biggest mistake of my life. The day my ex-husband and had moved into our own apartment together, I started dreaming of my twin. (still unaware of twin flames.)

Fast forward - during the separation of my now ex-husband, the dreams of my twin got stronger. I looked him up on Facebook and on white pages.

By May of 2013 I found his number. By July of 2013 he picked up the phone. He had just lost his granddad not long before.

March of 2014 is when my soul told me to look up twin flames. I found out that the man I've had my heart on for close to a decade was my other half. My missing piece.

From July of 2013 until July of 2015 he continually ran. We where at the the runner chaser stage for a long time.

By June of 2015, I felt the pull. You can't stop fate from pulling you apart. Being aware of it happening before it happens is painful.

By September we where officially broken up. I was geared in anger. I was in my 3rd dark night of the soul. He was moving for a job opportunity. We where already on "break" as it was.

During the last week of October, he told me that he realized we were twin flames as well, and now we are both looking for a way to get back together.

I'm going though my 4th dark night of the soul (and close to done) while he is learning his life journey of independence.

Time doesn't make it easier and we still talk weekly. He needs me as much as I need him and my soul is now crying for him.

I'm wondering, is it because of my awakening or is it because of our connection?

We both hate this and want each other, and both of us do not know where we went wrong.

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Jan 03, 2016
Help Me To Understand
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hi Confused3rdeue11:11,

I believe I answered you in another section at Twin Flame Hidden Meaning.

Many twin flames are meeting at this time, it is part of the new energy and vibrations on earth at this time. It is important that people do the cleansing work within which is the reason for coming to earth again.

Twin flame relationships can only trigger those intense feelings and emotions that are difficult to explain.

These relationships are teaching everyone to live and love unconditionally.

Sending healing vibrations,

Dec 31, 2015
Help Me to Understand
by: Confused3rdeue11:11

I feel as though about 2 1/2 months ago my life has been changed, but in positive ways.

I met my twin flame and did not even know what was happening to me until I began researching it.

I was already knee deep in my spiritual awakening and I was avoiding my twin flame like the plague...the intense feelings I would feel was addicting, but I couldn't tell if it was me or him.

We met In a way where I could not discuss all that I realized in the 42 days we were in the same space. It would be inappropriate and selfish of me so I was only able to discuss part of the things I was experiencing and try my best to speak with him about spiritual terms and spiritual experiences.

I was not able to tell him and he had to leave. He left me a card and other reading material I lent him. When I looked at his Facebook page he has a girlfriend now. I know he was also attracted to me, but there was this fine invisible line, we knew was there, but couldn't cross.

Now I feel like what happened and I have no clue what my next step should be. I began to experience 11:11 on 11.10.15 which was the first time that I had the courage to tell him the synchronicity I was experiencing and how his energy felt really strong to me. I apologized for avoiding him and he was like, "Oh yeah I noticed."

He is spiritual as well. He was receptive to anything we discussed. I even pointed out some synchronicity of his that was obvious and he agreed and had realized it a few days before.

Everyday I see 11 or 11:11 and still have no clue what I should do next. Help me!

How we met is also another reason I cannot just be upfront which is how I would be...the obsession part has finally subsided and I can begin to think clearly and feel like my life is continuing to move in positive directions. But the looming thoughts of him and the confusion about everything that happened with us.

Grrr! Any advice would be much appreciated, and Happy New Year.

Nov 08, 2015
My Twin Flame Experience
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hi Dawn,

You did not both do something wrong, you were meant to meet each other when you did. It is about your spiritual awakening which you triggered in each other. You both have to do your own inner cleansing before you can really be together.

Read my page at twin flames in order to have a better understanding your your situation.

If you have more concerns, contact me.

Sending healing vibrations,

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