My Twin Flame Separation Story

by Anonymous

My T.F. story is now 17 years old.

We met 17 years ago and were introduced by the person who is now my husband and one of my helper soul mates.

At the time my soul mate and I had been living together for about 2 years but were not married.

My T.F. is 8 years younger than I. In our first encounter I happened to stand next to him, say something about work and my T.F. responded very rudely. I couldn't figure out what I had said to make him so mad.

I never noticed anything special about him in fact I thought he was an asshole for being so rude when we had not really even met. One day he touched me during a class and that was it! I knew from one touch that I recognized his energy immediately.

Very quickly after that I become very enamored with him and couldn't think of anything else. I felt like I knew him and he was my lover. I felt like I was cheating on him with my boyfriend.
I felt like I belonged with him but he gave no outward signs that anything was going on.

I thought I was going crazy. I wanted to be with him so badly that I would cry myself to sleep at night and my body would just ache because we weren't together. I couldn't figure out what or why this was happening.I had never had this sort of a reaction to anyone ever in my life! I felt very guilty because I wanted to be with a stranger over my boyfriend.

Needless to say, I tried all that I could to get us together but he always rejected me, would leave the room as I entered, was extremely rude and I could even start to feel hatred radiating off of him. It seemed like he countered everything I did like he could read my mind. I couldn't understand why he didn't recognize me or my energy and I didn't have anyone to talk to about my situation.

I would dream about him on a regular basis but in my dreams I could never catch up with him. I'd see him going around a corner. For several years he even refused to call me by name.

Finally, after 2 years of wondering if I was crazy, I told my boyfriend that I wanted to break up. Although my T.F. and I never had more than a 5 minute conversation I wanted to be free and was hoping that if was single he might come around.

No such hope! I had my 5 minute conversation where I told him that I had broken up with my boyfriend and was interested in getting to know him better if he was interested. He told me unequivocally No! he was NOT! interested.

I said okay but we both stayed on in class together for 4 more years. We were around each other for 6 years total.

I tried to change to be more what I thought he'd be attracted to but everything I did made him hate me more. One morning before class he came to me in a dream. He showed me 2 wedding bands. He put one on and held the other in his open hand. Then he turned and walked away. I KNEW he had gotten married.

That morning when I saw him, he was wearing a wedding band. He left the class after that and I have not seen him since. Meeting him however, has changed my entire life. I was so distraught, and I couldn't and wouldn't talk about it to anyone because they'd just laugh and think I was crazy.

I ended up quitting my long time job, had a nervous breakdown, started taking depression and anxiety medications, drifting from job to job, asking and pleading with my husband to divorce me (which lucky for me he didn't)). I started vomiting and having terrible stomach pains about 2 years later and eventually found out I had stomach cancer.

I had to undergo a radical surgery because I was at Stage 4 level but I'm beating it! I have since gone back to school (while I had cancer because I just though I was sick), changed professions, and am in the process of curing my cancer.

I believe my almost unbearable grief caused it to steer me where I had to go. I have found my path so my cancer isn't needed anymore. It's done it's job and I'm in pretty good shape physically and getting better all the time. This path has been the single most incredibly painful life lesson I have ever had to learn.

I don't know if I'll ever see him again but I wish him the best because if we don't individually raise our own consciousness and become all we can possibly be, we won't have a chance to finally be together and accomplish our original goal .

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Mar 29, 2017
Glad I'm not Alone
by: Anonymous


Wow, I am new to this and had a similar story... I thought I would never share this story with anyone.. Not even my 'bestie'.

I have never felt this soul wrenching feeling ever... Problem is we are in relationships with other people...I don't think happy relationships.

We have been dealing with each other on a professional level for a year, but known each other for 7 yrs and I could not get myself to be in same room for years. He is 12 yrs older.

But the day I met him we were pulled together in a weird way? He wanted to be with me but I ran...he was hot and cold sometimes and was I...I was scared and felt I was not good enough and haven't seen him in 7 months.

I can't handle this because I care so much for him but I can't...I feel he can see thru me and why do I feel this way? Still trying deal with it and praying for this to go away...

Thank you for sharing your story

Feb 03, 2017
by: Loving Him

I met my twin flame in high school.

I remember the first time I saw him honestly, I never remember meeting any body! Especially not the clothing they had on. I was in love with him then. He became my best friend 6 yrs ago.

We stopped talking and went about our lives.

About 1 1/2 yr ago, we bounced back in each others life and became glued to the hip. Best friends!

At one point of time for like 2 months, he would go to my neighbor's house down stairs from mine and would text me and talk on the phone, but WOULD NOT come to my house unless there were other females around.

I cried and hurt because he didn't want to be around me. I didn't know what I did.

Later he got over it and we became closer and closer. Then he went to jail and I found out he is my twin flame.

He gets out Feb 17th and I don't know what to do! I'm going crazy inside with sorrow and longing to love. To tell him who he is to me and why we feel the way we do...I still don't know what to do but I know everything is in alignment. But my soul is aching for him and needs to give him this information...

I've been chasing him since 9th grade.

Jan 28, 2017
Gob Smacked My Ex Who My Twin Flame Just Married
by: Anonymous

I met my twin flame, now my ex, in April 2014 on a dating site, anyway we dated.

I got ill with ovarian cancer, he left me in July 2014 and came back to me in November 2014. When I was recovering, his wife died in 2011 with ovarian cancer. I got sick again in April 2015, again he left me in July 2015 because he couldn't handle my illness. Meanwhile, he a racist pig, went on a dating site, a few months later ,and just married her 2 days ago.

The time we had together was magical, we talked and laughed as if there was no tomorrow. He rang 5 times a day, the look of love was on his face even though he never said as he was still grieving for his late wife. I was heart broken when he left me, but he's on another journey now.

He never told me about the Asian lady he brought here or his marriage, I found out from a friend of his.

His family was stunned when his best mate was trying to tee him up with a Thai lady and he married one.

Most people think it was a convenience marriage as she can give him what he needs and wants, what I couldn't do.

Since I couldn't live with him as I have family duties, I was heart broken that he married without a word.

Jan 26, 2017
My Twin Flame Story
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Thank you for sharing such an incredible story.

There are many lessons here about twin flames. The first one being, that not each twin is ready for the relationship.

The second lesson is letting go and not feeling any animosity towards your twin.

And the third is getting on with your own life and learning (for example what cancer has taught you) and doing what you need to do.

Sending light and love,

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