Negative Spirits in Your Home

negative spiritsNegative Spirits

Do you feel a strange presence in your home, perhaps you may even hear them talking to you, this is a negative spirit that gets stuck.

I'll admit there are some that like to cause havoc in your environment, but in most cases they are stuck and do not know where to go.

I am visited by spirits daily, so take it for granted that it is just one of the things on my list of things that I need to do - send them on their way where they need to go. It is not pleasant for them to remain in our world.

When I've been busy and not paying attention to them, I've had glasses crashing to the floor, lids of my pots thrown on the floor, doors opening and so on. Then I deal with them very quickly. It's amazing what they will do to get my attention, many times making me laugh.

There have also animal spirits that come in and play with my cat KiKi. My dog has become used to them and now just comes to me to tell me to get rid of it. Before he used to bark at them.

Tips for Getting Rid of Negative Spirits

Here are some suggestions:

  • first of all you need to release your fear, as it will only attract more negative vibrations
  • light a red, blue, or white candle to help them transition
  • burn incense such as Dragon's Blood
  • smudge your environment with sage
  • steam herbs such as cloves, bay leaves, thyme
  • put dissolved salt in the corners of rooms and then throw the salt out as it is a spirit trap, they become attached to the salt
  • do not engage with them, I mean if you hear their voice do not speak to them
  • clean the clutter in any rooms as it can become a spirit trap

When you light a candle, say the following:

"Please transform to oneness all trapped spirit beings to the light or to the most appropriate place at this time."

Another thing you can do is call in Archangel Michael and ask him to take them to the most appropriate place at this time.

There are more advance things you can also do, perhaps I will give a webinar or training on what to do for those who are interested, if you are contact me.

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