Nick's Thoughts On Hearing Voices


It's funny how people who have never heard voices call us crazy.

The voices I hear are so real. They have always called me by my name, some of them have given me their names, and even one proclaims himself as "Satan".

I have been hearing these voices for more than 10 years. It started when the voices sounded like they were right in my room. After a while, it evolved into only hearing them inside my head. There were some bizarre sounds as well. These voices have been pretty much hostile. Lately they have left me alone.

They would always try to give me advice and comment on every little thing. They know every thought, even when I'm just thinking about something, they will comment on it. After many tests and research, I believe that they are real and use hi-tech devices to do what they do. I always listen very carefully when they are upon me and I have heard things they did not want me to hear, like breathing(they want you to think they are spirits), coughing, etc.

I know military is involved because I have heard them address each other by rank, such as "Sir", "Sarge", Captain", etc. They can do a full possession on any person. I have even heard the younger kids "grow up" and now they talk to me like young men.

There have been times where they have actually helped me, but mostly they are pranksters and like to see me squirm. Some are nice, some are mean, and some just don't care. A close friend of mine hears the same voices and the voices relay info back and forth. I can find out what my friend is doing just by asking one of the voices. My friend can do the same. There is a lot more to tell, but I must stop here.

People who hear voices are NOT crazy, it's a form of communication beyond telepathy and cell phones. Works at any distance anywhere in the world.

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