Not Much of a Voice

by H.

For at least a year I had this voice in my head. He's been really nice. His name is Jake, he's 15 (whilst I am 13), and is really protective. He's been with me through all my hard times.

My sister, who CAN see ghosts, has many stories to tell about them, but she can't see him. I guess he doesn't want to show himself to her...?

I can't SEE him. I just HEAR him. And when he's gone, my head feels empty. I'm very much of a beginner at this whole spiritual thing.

Anyway, a new year came and I came to be known to the Emo/Goth group which has many people that can see and hear ghosts.

There's this girl, Hannah, and one day I spoke with her over text and I spoke to her about Jake and she said that... he wasn't a good spirit. Being shocked about this, I denied it. But, over the next five minutes, Hannah began to feel sick.

I asked Jake about this and asked him to stop to see if he would defend himself...He replied, "No. She's mine."

Being annoyed about this I looked at a wall, randomly (I thought, but he just confirmed it was right at him), and said,"No, she's mine!"

He responded with, "Fine."

I asked him to stop one more time to stop making Hannah feel sick. We made a deal and he stopped.

Hannah said she would be right back(Brb. I responded with a "Kk".

Two minutes later, she texted "Hurry!"

I'm now thinking she was lying to me. Or, something happened to her. But...Jake is telling me that she's lying to me about seeing ghosts and spirits.

I don't know what to believe. I don't even know what Hannah meant by "Hurry!"

I feel lonely again. Jake is my only friend now.

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Feb 26, 2016
Not Much of a Voice
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hi H,

You are able to hear voices and communicate in the spiritual realm, but you need to be mindful about this ability. It is not a good idea to communicate with any spirit that speaks to you.

When you are communicating in the spiritual realm, you need to always be protected, and you can do that by asking Archangel Michael or one of the archangels with whom you are familiar. You can also use your imagination and visualize being surrounded by Divine white light.

There are many spirits and energies that you are not familiar with and there are those who will take advantage if you let them.

It is not a good idea to make friends with spirits. The need to go home. It is important that you make friends in the physical world.

If you feel lonely, I suggest that you take up activities that you like whether it's in sports, music, theater, drawing or whatever. You will meet people through your activities.

Then you have a better idea who you are dealing with and can choose to be friends with those you like and get along with. It's easier when you have similar interests.

I remember when I was young and in public school, I felt lonely too because I felt I was different and not like other kids. But I met and made new friends by being active in sports, and in music, I was in the choir and orchestra, and I joined clubs that I found interesting.

There are many choices out there, just look around you. You will find and make friends, and they do not necessarily have to hear voices as you do. I never mentioned this to anyone that I befriended. You don't know how others will react.

When I was younger, hearing voices was considered a symptom of a mental illness, and this is why my Mother forbade me to mention it to anyone.

I know times are different now, but you still need to be cautious, and also who you pick as your friends.

More and more teenagers and adults are discovering that they have special abilities and can communicate and receive information from the spiritual realm, but you need to be very, very aware who you are communicating with as I said before. They can bring in negative vibrations that could cause you many problems.

If you would like to write to me again, you can write to me here.

Sending light and love,

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