Not Understanding

by Kaycee

I have been hearing voices since the age of 3. there is a good voice and a bad one. They named themselves Emily who is the good one and Abby, the bad one.

They talk to me as if a human is standing right next to me or even in my head, pestering me in school or at home. I hear them every day talking. My mom thinks I'm sick with something and tries to give me pills. She has sent me to doctor after doctor. She doesn't want to believe that I can hear them.

My aunt has been trying to help my mom to understand, but she dosen't want to. My aunt took me to a medium who helped me to understand more, and she told me that I have several gifts. This was pretty neat and explained a LOT.

After we saw her, my aunt tried to tell her, but she yelled at her for even believing. My mom never understood what was going on with me, she was always asking me weird questions about them that she took from a book she found in the doctor's office about voices.

I didn't know why she is so determined to believe that I'm sick. She makes me mad all the time. I have taken pretty much every pill and they are still here. I keep trying to tell her I'm not sick over and over and she's still trying...

Well that's my story. I'm kaycee and I'm almost 15.

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Dec 09, 2014
Not Understanding
by: Tommas

I know what you mean, Kaycee, I have the same problem with my adoption parents. My mom doesn't like it and 2 of my brothers think I'm crazy because I can hear them.

But my birth Mother told me if I hear a voice from a loved one, "DO NOT FOLLOW." It will lead you to your death. I didn't believe her till the day I followed a voice from one of my loved ones and a weight fell out of a tree house and hit me on the head. It almost killed me and so be careful who you help, you could lose your soul.

Mar 21, 2014
by: Anonymous


You are very young dear young one. Of course, your mother loves you and all she knows is what she is saying.

Be kind to her and be patient with her. It is probably scary for her and for this reason she is doing what she is doing. However, you need to get a hold of your self too, you are only a teenager and for this reason feel frustrated and even confused.

Be patient, try to be your best self. Prayers are heard, during your prayers speak with God and ask for his loving protection and wisdom...You are a smart young lady, you know your body and mind better than anyone else, but wisdom also allows us to feel how others feel. So, be calm and loving to people around you, so they don't worry so much about you.

Many blessings.

Mar 12, 2014
Not Understanding
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hi Kaycee,

I can understand how frustrated you feel because your mother will not accept the fact that you have the ability of hearing voices. She is still under the influence of the old belief that if a person hears voices, they have a mental illness. You can read my page at mental illness stigma.

I too heard voices as a young child and it frightened my mother who frightened me and told me never to speak of them again.

During earth's ascension, more and more people are discovering that they have spiritual gifts of seeing, hearing, and feeling spirits plus seeing into the future.

Do not let this frighten you. It is a gift that you will discover more and more about, and you will find that it will help you and others too.

But you need to protect yourself, just as their are good and evil in the world, it is so with spirits too. They are not all angelic. Read my page at spiritual protection and you will see how you can protect yourself. Do this daily as it is important.

Sending light and love,

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