Online Spiritual Counseling Uses Spontaneous Technique  to Release Painful Emotions and Chronic Pain 

Through my unique healing sessions in online spiritual counseling I help you to take back your power and to begin healing on the soul level.

This spiritual healing process begins in an unbelievably short time once the emotions and belief patterns are released which have caused repeated disruptions in your life and eventually chronic pain and illness in your body

During my healing sessions, I help you become empowered and to heal on the soul level.

You experience immediate relief through my Spontaneous Technique of Releasing emotions stuck in your Cellular Memory.

If you are ready now, take the leap of faith, and pay for one session immediately with PayPal.

This is a great treat for yourself or you can buy a gift certificate for a loved one. Take advantage of it now!

If you prefer to specifically have a session regarding your Twin Flame, to find out if the person in question is a twin flame, and the significance of the relationship, click the Pal Pal button below.

One Twin Flame session is $55 US for 45 minutes.

You can register for sessions on the form below.

Dr, Candace Pert Researched the Effect of Human Emotions on the Physical Body

At last someone has done research on human negative emotions, showing how they cause problems in the body. Scientist, Dr. Candace Pert has spent a good part of her life in finding the receptor that connects human negative emotions and illness.

"The chemicals that are running our body and our brain are the same chemicals that are involved in emotion. And that says to me that . . . we'd better pay more attention to emotions with respect to health."

Candace Beebe Pert (June 26, 1946 – September 12, 2013) American neuroscientist and pharmacologist who discovered the opiate receptor, the cellular binding site for endorphins in the brain.

You can find more information through Pert's research in how emotions affect cells in your body at The Research of Candace Pert PhD

Tanya Tkach

I am so thrilled that I discovered Candace Pert's research concerning emotions.

I have been doing this work for several years now and it is not easy to explain how it happens. You need to have an open mind for my therapy.

I am fortunate to be able to receive the information that allows me help clients release negative emotions caused by painful, traumatic memories that become blocked in the physical body causing discomfort and pain.

Some people prefer traditional face-to-face counseling, but through online counseling, I am able to reach thousands of clients around the world. I will name my method after Pert's research - Cellular Memory Release - because once the emotions are released from your physical cells, your body starts to heal immediately. It does not matter whether the treatment is by telephone or in person.

How My Online Spiritual Counseling Developed

The most significant and important help that I received after years of receiving all forms of therapy came from my spiritual guides and God. Only through working with them I have been able to:

  • release negative emotions and vibrations that were causing me enormous physical pain
  • discover and release past life emotions that were locked within my cellular memory and
  • release belief codes that were sabotaging my efforts for abundance, peace, and harmony in my life 
  • and to learn the technique I use on my clients to help them release negative vibrations in order to transform their life.

Since working with my spirit guides, I have found inner contentment, and peace and especially have learned to accept my ability of hearing voices. I am continually doing this inner work on myself, which helps me to quickly assess   a client's needs.

Through my spiritual abilities in working with energy, as your spiritual life coach, I will give you the tools to help yourself heal through online spiritual counseling.

In each individual case, I am given information concerning blocked issues resulting in chronic pain. The chronic pain results from blocked toxic emotions that are locked in your body's tissues and organs These buried emotions caused by forgotten situations that reside in your cellular memory can cause:

  • arthritis
  • allergies
  • diabetes
  • heart and lung problems
  • liver problems
  • stomach problems
  • P.T.S.D symptoms
  • joint and back pain
  • fibromyalgia
  • chronic illnesses

The major issues that most people have is caused by underlying fear and anger that has been buried, not only from this life time, but other life times. During all the years that I received traditional therapy, the sessions did not unlock the issues blocked in my cellular memory. This only happened through working with my spiritual guides.

Since I spent many years in what I call 'painful treatment sessions' with psychotherapists that cost thousand of dollars which did not help me in the long run. I am thrilled to be able to help others through online spiritual counseling. My type of treatment goes right to the source where I help clients release the negative emotions which block the body's ability to heal itself.

Through online counseling, I can feel and diagnose your problem through your vibrations and your energy field.

I utilize my special gifts of communicating in the spiritual realm whereby I receive the information that I need in order to help you in your healing process.

Besides helping those with chronic pain, I can also help you with issues causing:

  • anger, depression, insecurity, rejection, insecurity, feelings of abuse, not good enough
  • commitment issues
  • relationship problems, especially with twin souls
  • panic attacks
  • weight gain

Advantages Of Online Spiritual Counseling

Many traditional counselors are trained for office counseling where establishing a personal relationship involving trust with the patient takes a long time. I have been trained with this approach.

Today, with my direct approach, you will hear and feel whether you can work with me or not.

  • Online counseling affords me the flexibility of the type of treatment I offer which can be done anywhere, anytime. What more appealing setting can you have than the comfort of your home?
  • It is not necessary for you to be in my physical presence to establish a connection with you nor for me to draw conclusions regarding your situation. With my abilities, I receive all the information I need through your vibrations, especially when it refers to past lives.
  • For some people, one of their problems may actually be face-to-face communication, and with me they do not have to cope with this situation.
  • Juggling time for a counseling session with a traditional counselor plus the pressure of timely sessions could cause stress and anxiety for you. I have experienced this through years of psychoanalysis.

With me, you can book any time day or evening as long as I am available. Once you realize that you need the healing and you are willing to accept telephone consultations, it’s just finding the hour that’s suitable for both of us.

  • Another issue could be the cost. An online spiritual counseling  session with me can be an economic burden for some, especially those who lost their jobs and who need it most, but I am willing to negotiate a fee you can afford.

  • I also do dream analysis which can be included in the session if necessary. Your dreams will tell you the underlying issues of what is bothering you plus give you messages that are important for you to know about yourself.
  • When necessary, I can do distance energy healing, which will help remove past life emotional blockages. To understand this process, go to techniques that I use below and read discover past lives.

You can read my experiences as a psychological counselor at spiritual medium.

To better understand my treatment in Online Spiritual Counseling contact me, and I will gladly answer any questions you have.

At the same time, I will suggest a schedule and be able to give you an idea how many sessions you will need. Or, if you are ready now, just fill out the contact form below.

On-line Spiritual Counseling

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

For online spiritual counseling, you can have:

E-mail Session, 30 minutes of counseling time $35.00 US For more information, read e-counseling

Telephone Session approximately 45 to 60 minutes $105.00 US.

Multiple Telephone Sessions with discounts

Payment Options

Donation for Spiritual Question(s) or a Personal Dilemma

The Process For Online Spiritual Counseling

1) Once you make your payment for a session(s),

2) Contact me by e-mail so we can set up an appointment.

In the e-mail, send me your telephone number and times you are available, I will contact you first by e-mail to set up the date and time.

Those living overseas can call me after we agree to the date and time of the call through e-mail, where I will forward my telephone number.

If you need a series of sessions, I will arrange a price that is within your means.

My Special Online Spiritual Counseling Treatment in Healing Blocked Emotions

My spiritual healing method is not found in any of the academic books that I have studied. It was given to me through my spiritual guides. The main ingredient is my desire to help others who are in psychic and physical pain.

When in treatment, it is important to release blocked emotions causing pain and difficulties in relationships which are manifested in the cells and organs of your physical body from either your childhood and/or past lives.

Spiritual Healing Techniques That I Use:

  • spiritual channeling, for an explanation read what I do in spiritual daily.
  • healing emotions from past lives through past life regression, read remembering past lives, for more information on how to do that, also read discover past lives
  • blocked negative emotional releasing, read letting go of anger.
  • approach to life, read existential therapy treatment

You can access these links in the 3rd column at the right.

Read my methods above in order to understand the techniques I use for online spiritual counseling.

Each of us has the ability to heal ourselves, I am merely a messenger giving others the necessary information that is needed for physical and psychological healing to take place.

Once you are ready, I provide the information that you need and you start to experience healing instantly. Blocked emotions cause illness!

Why You Need Online Counseling

If you answer "yes" to any of the following issues:

  • do you suffer from panic anxiety attacks?
  • do you suffer from chronic pain?
  • do you have compulsive habits that you cannot control?
  • are you always giving in to others?
  • do you have control issues?
  • do you always end up in abusive relationships?
  • do you feel unhappy and unfulfilled most of the time?
  • do you feel depressed most of the time?

Consider Online Spiritual Counseling

  • An incident from your childhood, or past life,
  • an unconscious belief system

could be blocking you from achieving mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.

Whether your challenges include:

  • childhood trauma from physical, sexual or mental abuse,
  • substance abuse,
  • financial concerns,
  • family troubles,
  • depression/anger,
  • other obstacles blocking your physical and mental wellness,

your commitment to the process of growth and change gives you the power to completely transform your life at any time.

When you're ready to move beyond your fears, anxiety and pain in your present life situation towards happiness and personal fulfillment, tremendous growth can occur in a heart beat.

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