Other Realms, Part 2

by Shay

Father God, can you tell me little about these levels, and what they are to teach the human spirit?

"Yes, for example the level that is closest to you is to offer you the wisdom of the Universe. Wisdom of the Universe dictates all of our beings. The Wisdom of the universe tells you what is correct and what is imaginary, there you will acknowledge the Universal principles of Life.

These Universal principles of life are profoundly important for our beings here. They tell you the things that you are to be aware of as you live on earth.

When you descend to Earth from this level, you are already familiar with the lessons of that realm. That realm is about you - it is the next level above you for it serves a purpose to your level of being there."

What is the level above that Father God?

"The level above that is the level of our Angels, they work on that level. This level occupies many hosts for they are the ones who guide and love you while you are on earth. They are the ones who occupy that level, for they have to be close to you and to be able to guide you."

Why are there levels Father God?

"My child, there are to be levels to all things. Because levels distinguish the learning process' of each and every spirit on earth. There are levels for this reason, but these levels are as important as your lives you lead on earth and the levels you have there."

Do we have levels of beings on Earth Father God?

"Yes, of course you do. They come from many levels of beings. They are the ones who choose their own level according to what they want to experience. Their experiences range from very low to very high - because they chose to experience certain things. Lower levels of beings are the least learning beings for they chose not to learn, but to only experience."

What does that mean Father God?

"They chose to experience life only because their learning is not activated as highly as others. Than, there are many spirits on Earth who want to solely learn things in order to teach others. But there are many spirits who want to experience life and perform the duties that are needed for the people of the Earth to live comfortably. For this reason, there are different levels."

Is everyone happy being at their own level?

"Yes, they are, for they know no better. They are very comfortable in the levels they are at because they chose to be on those levels."

Father God, for example in India they have the Caste system. In my own human mind it seems very cruel. Is this idea of theirs coming from that, I mean are they trying to create the levels which you speak about, here on Earth?

"Yes, they realize these levels. For this reason, they chose to separate themselves. But, this serves no purpose on Earth, for it is only the human judgement that is suffering in such conditions, when it is applied to life on Earth.

My child you wanted to know about other realms and I offered you some wisdom on other realms. But, you must know the highest realm there is.

The highest realm is for the most highest of our beings. There are many ancient Spirits who are in this high level of being. These Spirits from this realm serve a very great purpose. They are among the ranks of Godly hosts who care for this Earth and your beings. Let them be recognized today for their work is truly the mind of your God, as I am their Creator. For this reason they are the most highest levels of beings, they represent me on this Earth."

Is this, for example where your Spirits from the Council are at?

"Yes, they are. My son Jesus Christ operates on this level. There are also many people who were my messengers and prophets as you like to say on Earth, for they also operate in this level of being. They were the chosen ones to carry my words of wisdom on Earth. When they come home, they seek this level of being because they are fully cognizant of this level."

Father God, what level am I at?

"You are at level 7 my child. The 7th level is for people like yourself, who are cognizant of many things. But, they are still trying to figure out what the purpose of all things are.

They are the ones who seek and receive the words of my wisdom but they are still trying to figure out how to utilize and to review them for their own well meaning, tasks and ways for our being there."

How many realms are there Father God?

"There are a total of 13 levels my child, the 12th level is also very experienced spirits. They are the ones who choose to come to earth being a great spirit. For they are your leaders, who are producing much needed wisdom on earth and to people there.

Let me remind you that the 12th level is of your being also, but you clearly chose to identity yourself in the 7th level, for you wanted to experience further what you thought would be best for you. You didn't have to be on the 7th level my dear child, but you chose that yourself. For this reason, I am profoundly proud of you as you chose to be on a level that is below your way of being and functioning.

For this reason, you may feel out of place on earth, but you were the creator of this. For this reason, you will grow further than you think. You are able to be anything you want to be, but your mind is the overcoming factor to this realization."

I understand this Father God, and it is thought provoking for me. Let me also ask you, on these levels, can we activate different things that will make our lives more fruitful?

"Yes you can. There is plenty of all things you can access through these levels."

Can we trespass among different levels of being?

"You are to acknowledge that there is a level of being, where you can request to have all things that you need on earth to live with. You can do this by directing the Universe to forces among your being and they will respond.

The Universal laws of mankind, dictate what you can have, do, believe and still have a fruitful life as you want to be. You are to dictate the things you want to come to you, for they will come to you as you dictate them."

Father God, this is very confusing to me?

"They are confusing because your mind is not capable of accepting these ideas and forms of things. But, you are to have no confusion about any of it because you are entitled to receive all things you want in life and they are entrusted upon you for a reason, a reason for you to be well aware of them and for them to be used in a stately fashion for it is to be used for."

Thank you, I understand what you are saying. But, how does that work Father God, if there is plenty of everything we can ask for...how does that work, I mean where does it come from, does it rain from the sky or what?

"You are making fun of it now, because you do not understand how it works. For this reason, let me explain to you something about the Universal Laws of Mankind.

Universal Laws of Mankind was designed to aid and to encourage for you to act better upon this earth for they are the sole rules of your existence. U.L.M.K. dictate your mind and well being to be the center force of your existence. U.L.M.K, will allow you to access certain things in order for you to achieve these levels of being.

Your mind is the creating force of all things my child. You are to be as clear as you need to be.

Let me bless you today with the tools of the loving God as I am."

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May 26, 2015
Thank you tanya
by: Shay

Thank you Tanya, and I really look forward to your wisdom.

There are different levels and realms, but I don't let myself to explore these.

Several years ago I had spoken to my mother, who passed away 40 years ago, and she had spoken about levels also, it was touching. But, I am still trying to get my mind to grasp some things. I can say that God is so lovely, loving and kind thru all this though.

Last couple years, working full time I am not devoting as much time to my trance work, but there has been so many things on my plate, with family, home, work, responsibilities.

I am in the process of finding a balance Tanya and I pray that God will always guide and help me.

Last 8 years I have felt/watched myself develop, but the development is slow and I think it is because I got so many other things to do in my own life and mind.

But, end of July I am going to Arthur Findlay College in England for a week of Trance class, so I am wishing that will reignite light in me to continue more deeply.

I appreciate you, no coincidence of meeting you. As always thank you for having this forum.

Love and blessings,


May 24, 2015
Other Realms
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Thank you Shay for this enlightening message from Father God.

I had very similar discussions with my loved ones after they departed and it is not easy to understand the other realms.

At that time, it was my understanding that each member of my family were in a different level and I thought every soul goes to the same level.

Sending light and love,

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