Other Realms

by Shay

This trance communication took place several years ago, I was told there are other realms and I pondered upon the subject.

I think it is always good to keep our minds open, you may not agree, but it is so good to allow all things to come into our awareness. All things in quotes are received from Spirit.

Blessings. (part 1 of 3)

"Be very clear that these Realms are as imaginative as your mind's tasks are, for you don't sense their being, but your human mind may have a difficult time accepting them.

Let me make it clear that these realms exist and they are there and for this reason you are to listen carefully as we speak of the wisdom of these realms."

Thank you Father God. I am listening.

"My child, lets start with your reality. Your reality is of one that is physical, because your bodies are physical, your minds see physical items. For that reason when you see things around you, that becomes your reality.

Now let me also tell you that there are many realities that you are not capable of seeing with your human eyes. For they exist, but you are not able to see them in physical forms.

"Now lets talk about the most important reality there is. The other reality that is found within a planet not too far from you, is the form of Spirits who are residing there.

We as the Spirits, occupy this reality form for they are the ones who chose to occupy this realm. This realm is not very old as your reality may be, because it was found after your realm, but it is a realm of the human spirit also.

In this layer of realm, you experience certain things that allow you to grow in your Spirit. Your Spirit is very familiar with this reality because, your spirit has also been there. You all have been there before. But, none of you have the perception and memory of it because your human minds will only accept these things that are tangible in front of them.

For this reason the human mind is very weak. It is weak because it is incapable of seeing and remembering these realities of our existence. In the form of the other realm that I like to talk to you about today, there are also enchanting beings there along with your spirits. These beings are of angels and other bodily forms that you hear of on Earth."

Is this like another planet?

"Yes, it is a Planet of a sort, but on that planet there are no buildings of physical magnitudes that you see on Earth. There are no capable spaces that are divisive in their own way. They are configuration to the way your mind sees things. They also have buildings and physical structures, but they are invisible to the human senses.

For this reason, you will not be able to see them and or fully understand the magnitude of structures as they are only familiar to your senses and to your Spirit.

For this reason, I like to talk about the existence of our Spirits there, for the purpose of learning today. They also work there, they also accomplish many tasks there, but their tasks are more for the fulfillment of the Godly source within them.

The Godly source within them is to obey the learning structure of their own minds and well being. The aim of the other realms is to obey all physical manifestations of humanly things, but they are working solely on their own. There are no people above them, there are no people below them. For this reason, you are completely on your own there.

You are a magnificent being who already has experienced many lives, when you shed the physical body that you are occupying now, you once again return home for further growth. Further growth in Spirit, the form that is most natural to you.

Let me explain that form to you.


Let me make this clear to you, what your eyes cannot see is your true form of reality. But your human mind and ego will not be able to sense this because it is delegated that way in order for you to achieve certain things on Earth.

For this reason, when you arrive on Earth you let go of your memories of your existence as a lesson for yourself and for your being. When you allow the memories to subside and to have no remembrances of them, you are once again free to act upon your free will and choice.

For this reason, you are to achieve as much as you can on earth and let us be of your guiding light to be the greatest form you can."

Father God, how many realms are there?

"There are many realms my child, but the Spirit occupies several of these only. Our Spirits are meant to be eternal for this matter - when your free spirit chooses to remember these realms, they will experience them as memories or learning experiences only.

They may be at times letting you feel some of these realities for learning and greater knowledge. But, you don't need to have any further contact with these realities for it is serving no purpose to our free spirits who are now in space as you like to think, but they are in no way or form to be visible to the mind's eye.

Let me clarify to you, that the levels of creations above and below to you are all very important. They are as important as your being is.

For this reason, you must acknowledge and respect them. For this reason you must know they exist, they are to let you see them slowly, but your human mind must be open and ready to realize them also.

The other realities encompass angels, fairies, etc...as you think and other well meaning Spirits. These spirits encompass these levels, for the levels they are functioning at are all different. When a Spirit departs from this earth, they have the choice to occupy one of these levels that you are aware of now. But, these levels come with their own levels of knowledge for they are all there to teach you something."

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