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When the client is ready, I am able to do past life channeling during telephone counseling. It usually has to do with someone presently in your life with whom you are having issues, such as a parent, partner, boss or spouse.

There is nothing to fear from past lives, it helps you to understand your present day relationships.

We know many of our friends, associates and family members from past lives. We are here and have agreed to deal with our karma with those particular people.

Many blocked emotions have roots from past life situations that could be causing you chronic pain or trouble in a particular relationship.

Personally, I believe that many Mental Illnesses such as Obsessive compulsive Disorder (OCD), Schizophrenia, Multiple Personality Disorder, Eating Disorders, Unexplained Chronic Pain, Unexplained Phobias and other fears stem from past lives.

When you mentally understand the situation and are able to release the past life emotions from your cellular memory, healing begins rather miraculously. You can contact me for more information.

Spiritual Healing

For spiritual healing to take place, you also need to be able to forgive the person involved no matter how much they have hurt you.

You also have to forgive yourself for carrying the emotions for such a long time. Once this happens, then you are able to move forward,

Chronic illness and emotional distress, such as panic attacks could be caused by an abusive situation in a past life trauma that has symptoms of anxiety disorders such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, an Eating Disorder or even a Specific Phobia.

The person with whom you have these blocked emotions is usually a karmic soul mate.

How Past Life channeling Occurs

I do not do hypnosis for past life regression, my ability of hearing voices helps me to do a past life recall through past life channeling. It is second nature to me now as I have done so much work on my own past lives through the help of my spiritual guide.

When the client is ready to deal with issues from past life situations during online spiritual counseling, I am given the situations which I can actually see with my 3rd eye. Then I relate the situation to the client.

Once the client becomes aware of the situation from the past life time,  he/she releases specific negative emotions that are causing a blockage in his/her physical body triggered by similar issues in the relationship today.

You cannot learn past life regression on your own. You would need to be able to communicate with your spiritual guide who can help you with the process. For this to happen, you need to be able to communicate in the spiritual realm

If a client is too fearful of I do not stress it and we deal with what is happening in the client’s present life which often times refers back to a similar situation from a past life. I suggest to the client to release their anxiety and fear regarding past lives. You can refer to my releasing technique.

Karmic Situations

Situations that were not resolved in a past life occur in the present life. That is part of our learning here on earth, and why we return many times.

We are all multifaceted and have many abilities of which we are not aware, but these abilities are stored in our cellular memories that can only be accessed through meditation and past life regression.

If you want to learn how to channel past lives, it is important that you meditate daily and if you have the ability of receiving information from the spiritual realm, you can also speak to your spiritual guide or to your higher self to learn more about yourself. Find out more about past lives at discover past lives.

When you meet someone for the first time and you have a feeling that you know the person, you can be sure that it was from a past life time. The same is true of places that you have never visited in this life, but you have the feeling that you have been there before.

Even though you may not have had a past life regression or reading, it is worth having one done. Knowing one’s past lives helps to know oneself.

For an online session, you can contact me through online spiritual counseling.

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