Pendulum Accuracy


My boyfriend broke up with me six months ago.

I've seen your responses to others that the pendulum can't predict the future and to ask if you will get back with someone means you won't get a true answer.

I went to a medium who told me that he was my soul mate and we would get back together, he just needed time. The month she gave me that he would contact me has long passed however and I just lost faith in everything.

A friend then gave me a crystal pendulum and I tried it out one night when I was particularly lonely and couldn't sleep. I was a little shocked when it worked, and cynical that I was somehow doing it without realizing. After all that has happened, I didn't believe it was true.

But in the week that followed, a persistent question, unrelated to me about a competition, kept coming into my head. I kept brushing it away thinking it was stupid and trivial, but it persisted so I finally asked the question of the pendulum the night before this competition was due to take place. The question was pretty much related to who would win and I had a thought in my head as to who it would be and thought that the pendulum would swing that way because I was thinking it. But it didn't, it swung for someone else...and that person won.

I admit to being pretty gobsmacked and now I'm not even sure what to believe. Asking this question was unimportant to me (and I felt really stupid while doing it), but I felt like something was pushing me to ask in order to prove that the pendulum worked - told the truth. Is it possible for something like this to happen?

The reason I ask is because the pendulum told me I would get back with my ex. I'm afraid to believe it even though I want to. I've spent the past six months working on myself and doing all sorts of exciting new things (including going back to college). My life is taking a whole new direction and I feel like I have learned something about myself from the breakup. But I still miss him, terribly. There's a horrible hollow, cold feeling inside me like a part of me is missing and I'm never fully happy, he's always there. No matter how hard I try, I can't forget him.

I hate that I feel this way because even though I've suffered a great deal of heartbreak in the past, something about this feels different or wrong somehow. My gut keeps telling me this guy is the one and I don't even believe in that rubbish, and I'm annoyed at myself for feeling this way. I want to believe in the pendulum or something, but I don't have the faith.

Life has not been kind and I have zero faith in the universe (or whatever it is) delivering what is best for us (so please don't ask me to). Part of me does want to believe but mostly I just think its all a pile of c*** and that the universe never delivers anything good.

My question is, is it possible that this pendulum (or whatever it is) deliberately showed me the future to give me some level of faith back? And if that's the case, then is it possible that it is telling me the truth about my ex?

The last few years have been exceptionally hard, filled with loss and pain and I've gone from being a spiritual person to being bitter and cynical. I'm just wondering if this is the universe's way of telling me things will work out?

Because truthfully, this little bit of faith or hope that I've got from the pendulum is very, very fragile and if that gets shattered then I really am done believing in anything, so I feel like it would be very counterproductive (and sadistic) of the universe to have done this.

Please forgive my long question. I'm just looking for answers to something I don't understand.

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Jan 31, 2017
Our Most Greatest Blessing
by: Anonymous

Sometimes our most greatest blessing can come in the form of an unanswered prayer. Some day you will understand what I mean.

Aug 19, 2016
There's Something to The Pendulum...
by: Anonymous

I hear its not good to ask for the future in a pendulum reading, but as Yoda said "Future is always changing..." Its good to at least explore the possibilities with our conscious mind by the mere act of asking and seeing what the pendulum does.

The pendulum plugs into different levels of reality. The most predominant level of reality is the one that's "true" in many cases. That's why you should swing your pendulum at different times, in different moods, and occasions in order to see what the predominant answer to a question is. If 80-90 percent of your swings are one answer, there is a good chance the answer is right.

Generally, I find it's easy to get an answer when you're relaxed. You don't need to go into extreme hypnosis, trace or meditative states. You just can't have opposing energy, agitation to block you from getting a good reading.

I feel that after taking a nice ice bath, by bodily responses to a possible answer don't hinder me from swinging the way my unconscious wants me to because my body is numb.

All of our emotions are generated through sensations in our body. Once you take care of that its easier to get more accurate answers.

Occasions where my pendulum was right:

1) Job related information
2) Did my dad break his leg?...all we knew was that he fell down and I went to dowse the answer. He ripped a tendon badly. It was as good as broken. He couldn't walk. We found out days later that the injury was longer term and that he wouldn't walk for quit some time.
3) My mom lost her cell phone. I dowsed 4 times. (IS IT IN THE (FAMILY) HOUSE? NO > IS IT IN ANY OF THE CARS? NO > IS IT IN MY SISTER'S HOUSE? YES > IS IT NEAR THE COUCH? YES. I told my father to stop looking for the phone, that its in my sister's house. The next day they went in. My mother lifted up a sheet and found her cellphone there.

These are not remarkable answers in the statistical sense. Some background knowledge in the conscious mind might aid in the process who knows. But although dowsing has been proven to work in the military to locate POWs, I think these were cases where the men were highly trained.

My old Swami used to get paid to dowse water. Sometimes he used a chain with a Christian cross on it (he was a Christian and a Swami at the same time).

Jun 26, 2012
Regarding Pendulum Accuracy
by: Mai

All motion from the pendulum is coming from your sub-conscious mind. The accuracy you got for the competition is because you were not attached to the outcome.

Your unconscious mind wants to please you, so when you are asking emotionally charged questions - they will be biased to your preferred answer - basically it will tell you what you want to hear. If you can detach yourself from emotional charge - you will probably get a truer response.

As someone else stated it is better to use the pendulum to develop yourself.

Jul 05, 2011
Pendulum Predictions Are Not Accurate.
by: Rajiv

Hello my dear Dowser,

This is an advise from my side - since 6 years I have practised dowsing. My best suggestion is not to "USE PENDULUM FOR FUTURE PREDICTION". It will not give accuracy.

But the pendulum is very useful for personality development. Using a pendulum you can develop your consious mind. You can also use a pendulum for minerals, and water dowsing.

Write back to me.

Mar 31, 2010
Pendulum Accuracy (part 2)
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

(continuation of response)

The cold hollow feeling that you feel inside leads me to believe that your ex is your twin soul. Twin souls are like Siamese twins, and yes you will feel as if part of you is missing, he is spiritually your other half. I know this feeling because I have met my twin soul and when you are separated that is how it feels. We are not together right now, and I am not sure that we will be, because I know he has to learn his lessons as I am learning mine, and we may not be together in this life time.

I cannot tell you if you will be together, you both have lessons. You need to feel complete within yourselves before you can be together again. Because in this life time, twin souls aka. flame souls have agreed to come together to accomplish spiritual goals that go beyond your own individual needs. And if you do get together, it will be unlike any other relationship that you have had because it goes beyond the physical level of your being

Regarding your pendulum: your higher self is speaking to you through your pendulum. It is pushing you in a sense to get back on your spiritual path because that is the only way you will feel complete within.

Ignoring your spiritual level of being is like ignoring your feelings or your body, it is a part of being human and the sooner you, plus others, accept the spiritual level of being the sooner the world will be a wondrous place.

I suggest you go to these particular pages on my website to help with certain questions that you have:

If you are interested in past lives because you had a past life with your ex, go to discover past lives.

Sending you love and healing,
Tanya Tkach, Spiritual Counselor

Mar 31, 2010
Pendulum Accuracy (Part 1)
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster


Yes, it is true that the pendulum can't predict the future accurately because things change, specially if it's regarding someone else who always has a choice which can change.

But something you need to understand is that the responses that you receive from the pendulum are coming from your higher self.

Each of has many levels of our being and our physical level is one of the lowest levels. Our mind can influence the pendulum, but is not aware of what our higher self knows.

It is very necessary to meditate to clear our minds of thoughts so we can connect to our higher self which is where we connect to the Higher Power.

Everything that you have done in this life and other past lives is registered in your cellular memory which your higher self knows.

At this point in your life, it is very important that you reconnect with your higher self. Yes, our lessons in life are difficult for all of us, but we chose our life lessons before we returned to earth this time around.

Everything that has happened to you is connected to your life lessons, and once you understand this, it will be easier for you to adapt and to go with the flow. We are all here in earth school to learn.

Everyone that you are closely connected to is your soul mate - your parents, your friends, your boyfriend. It could be that your ex is your twin soul aka. twin flame.

If you are meant to be together, you will be. Those who are together are there to help one another, usually part of a lesson. Once that is accomplished, the couple usually splits and goes their separate ways.

(continued in part 2)

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