Pendulum and Soulmate


1 - My pendulum often gives me wrong answers. sometimes they are correct, but they're often wrong, so its a like a 50/50.

Also the direction can change in the middle of using it, so "yes" goes from clockwise to anti-clockwise and I'm not sure why.

I ask that I run the correct polarities for my body, but this still happens. Would appreciate your opinion on this.

2 - Not sure if you can answer a question on a possible soulmate or twin flame, not sure which. He and I have so many obstacles between us, and he seems to be emotionally unavailable. He was pushing for us to get together, (we're in different countries) but now he's pulling back.

I love him dearly and have accepted him back after one bad incident where we didnt speak for months. Now he is backing off again. We are so compatible on so many different levels, though we have lots of massive differences (country, religion, etc). This doesn't matter to me, but his behaviour does, even though I understand his history.

I would love to get married and start a family, and he said he did too, but now I'm not so sure what he wants anymore, and I worry about his faithfulness once we are together. It's really strenuous for me, as I'm just starting to recover from a bad depressive phase.

I would like to trust my pendulum when I ask these questions, but as I said, it's wrong so often, I'm not sure I trust my intuition anymore.


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May 07, 2011
Pendulum and Soulmate
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Your mind has to be relaxed and clear, you cannot be thinking about any problems when you are asking questions from your pendulum. Plus your mind should only be focused on your question, not the answer.

If your pendulum is swinging in different directions, that is an indication that your mind is not clear.

Your questions also have to be precise and clear. It's best to right them down first and then you can see if your question is clear.

Practice the Psychic Breath before asking questions.

Draw a deep breath, and as you exhale move your awareness straight back between your eyes. Keep moving back until you feel yourself expand. That's the signal you are in your subconscious level where there is no chatter.

Center your expanded awareness behind the full length of your spine to open your psychic channels and to reach into the Universal Grid of Consciousness for your answer.

Now focus on your question and be very specific how you word it. Try asking the same question a different way, and tell your subconscious to ignore all previous dowsing information gathered on the same subject.

You also need to release your distrust in your intuition. Your intuition always knows what is best for you.

Regarding the man in question, it is a soulmate connection. If he is backing off, take that as a good indication that you are not going to be together right now. Work on yourself and your issues.

Tanya Tkach, Spiritual Counselor

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