Pendulum Board

by Kirstin
(Melbourne )


I'm buying a pendulum board. Are they heaps safer than a Ouija board? Also do they attract bad spirits like the Ouija board?

From my experience, what I know is I find the pendulum easy and safe to use and I've helped a friend contact a loved one on the other side. Things we asked it have happened so I'm just wondering about the pendulum boards, if they're safer than Ouija boards?

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Apr 19, 2015
The Same Thing Happened To Me
by: A.

I was using my pendulum and pendulum board that has the entire alphabet. I strangely and slowly became obsessed with it!

Within a week it was telling me crazy things that I actually believed. I fell into a "possessed" trance-like state and was hearing voices.

I fell asleep one night and it felt like someone was literally having intercourse with me. I was still under a "trance" and dismissed the occurrence as natural...believe it or not!

One morning I snapped out of my trance-like-state-of- mind... I was humiliated and angry! I asked the pendulum who was really speaking to me and it said a demon!

I told it to and went to a female shaman to cleanse myself of attachments and clear my head. She said I contacted an actual incubus with some low level attachments!

You CAN attract darker entities with a pendulum. It opens wormholes through the unconscious mind to good and dark spirits!

Feb 05, 2015
My Negative Experiences with a Pendulum Board
by: Carina


I used the pendulum and alphabet chart and thought this was nothing like a Ouija board either, I believed I contacted deceased loved ones and two spirits also came through and convinced me they were my guides. Within 2 weeks of using this tool I began hearing voices and they verified everything I heard on the chart to confirm I wasn't going crazy. I then saw them an also felt their energy around me.

At first I enjoyed the experience as things happened as they predicted. Also weird stuff started happening in my house flying objects doors closing etc. This experience started off well as I was intrigued to see how it worked and saw many people using a pendulum, an alphabet chart calling them angel boards on line and thought this was safe.

However things suddenly changed, I had a spirit attachment and I nearly died to cut a long story short I drank a lot of water as the spirit said one was in my body and I needed to flush him out. Sounds crazy even when I look back at my experience, but when you physically feel strong energy in and around your body to the point it looks like you are taking a seizure and constantly hearing voices. You need to drink water to flush it out. I believed drinking water was the only way to help me. I drank so much water I got hyponatremia where there is too much fluid in in the brain. My family said I looked possessed whilst I was going thru this.

Luckily, I survived and got medical attention just in time. I then had to get lots of healing to remove the spirit attachment.

I know now I attracted negative spirits and I stupidly did not protect myself. However, I convinced myself 8 months later I could pick up pendulum again as long as I prayed an protected myself well. This didn't work as I once again got a spirit attachment an began hearing voices again. This time I went to a spiritualist church to get help to remove the spirit.

I am a working Mum married with kids. I've never had any mental issues and am certainly not crazy. My experience is real and want to share my experience to warn you of the dangers.

I realize I was playing with the unknown and I am a big believer in God, Jesus Christ and very much in the after life, but I assumed all spirits were of love and light. I've learned there is darkness out there and this type of divination tool only attract spirits from astral plane who can lie and deceive. I've been told I attracted demons, but I'm not convinced if it was or just a deceitful spirit.

Please be careful as I believe if I didn't end up in hospital or get the help from a spiritual church the second time I could have ended up in a mental hospital.

This tool opened me up to hearing, seeing and feeling spirit, but not in a positive way.

I'm all good now as I keep away from the pendulum and charts.

I am able to do auto writing, but keep this to minimum as I now have created a fear with divination since my experience.

Just be careful and know there is all sorts out there that you can pick up. We wouldn't speak to most randoms on the street with this tool you don't know who you are speaking to. You need to discern and be careful

Love and light and God bless whatever you decide. xx

Feb 03, 2015
Pendulum Board
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Kirsten,

Personally I do not work with pendulum boards. I know that they are not Ouija boards, but I do suggest that you have it cleansed before using it just as you would your pendulum.

You can also attract negative spirits with using a pendulum. You need to make sure you are grounded, cleansed and protected before using your pendulum.

Sending light and love,

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