Pendulum, Chart and Spiritual Advice Please

by Joe

It is now a few months since I bought a pendulum and started using it with banal questions and getting answers to Yes / No. The answers, I got were not enough for many of the questions that I formulated, I needed more ample answers.

I began asking and surfing a bit on the Internet and found information from a book called Goetic Divination by Jake Stratton-Kent. It contained a divination ritual with the pendulum and a chart with letters of the alphabet ordered so that the author of the book used them in his cabalistic work.

Jake used the previous ritual to invocation of Scirlin (Scirlin is one of the messengers of hell and can be useful to summon other demons). Similar casting is written in el Grimorium Verum but without pendulum or graphic.

This immediately interested me so I printed the chart in Jake's book and wrote invoking the words on paper and immediately proceeded to perform the ritual as Jake describes in the book.

I must say that in my first contact with Scirlin all went well, with nothing to comment on the matter. In later contacts, the situation began to change course. He began talking about certain dreams I have, saying that the dreams would be realized in a short time and but one who had to follow Lucifer. I might add that I have not talked or asked anything about my dreams. I was looking for ways to learn a little about the spirit world if that were possible.

Because I wanted to accomplish my dreams, I started asking questions and getting answers through the pendulum and graphic.
When the time came and the dreams were not realized as Scirlin told me, and since nothing happened I sincerely lost a little faith that I had in the pendulum and graphic.

After that, I started looking for more information about the pendulum and the chart with letters; I saw some videos, etc.

From there, I drew some graphics with the letters of the alphabet and prepared a more or less effective method.

It was said that method was based on a prayer and a protective circle described by Jason Miller in The Sorcerer's Secrets he uses to conjure Bune the 26th spirit in that most famous grimoire: the Goetia.

My intention with the previous method was none other than connecting me with spiritual guides, light spirits, etc.

In my first contact, everything went fairly well. I did different questions related to the spiritual world, and the answers, I believe, were appropriate.

After a few sessions with the previous method, some spirits began talking of my dreams as I had done with Scirlin, including my spirit guides. I must say here also that at no time made any comment to the respect of so-called dreams, nor made any remarks about my future, nothing at all.

But, I must also say that I was interested in the information and I started doing different questions to respect and always getting the same answers.

The answers I was given by the spirits, or any review speaking the name of God, it was God who gave the answers for me, that God wanted me to have what I wanted, etc. etc. etc.

I do not know exactly when I started with this last method, but I think it's been more than two months. But, basically from the second or third session, the spirits began talking of my dreams, and again I say, without having spoken of anything nor asked for anything at all on my part.

A part of my dream was to spend this Christmas 2015 with the woman I love most in this world, my wife. We are separated by my work because I am an emigrant and she for reasons of family problems.

At the end of each session, I always wondered if I would really would be next to my wife this Christmas. The response was always positive, not to worry about that since God wanted the best for me, that God wanted my happiness, etc.

The spirits told me that the target date for that trip was said to be a reality this week.

The week is nearly ending and I do not see that the trip is possible as the spirits told me.

Because of all these lies, they really have no other name; I have been doing several sessions these last days. I have asked among other things:

"Why they lied to me?"
What kind of spirits they really are?"

What I learned was that God is love, life, peace and rest.

"What kind of spirits used God's name in vain?"

I asked a long list of questions that would be too long to comment here.

The answers I got were of the rarest such as,

"I have to be careful because God kills me", God lied to me because he hates me, God lied to me because he wanted to help me make what I wanted" and the list is immense.

Well now, I ask, "What kind of spiritual entities are these?
Can spirits judge humans?
Can the spirits of light be lying?
Can spirits interfere in our dreams to the point of deciding what is or is not the best?
Can do spirits threaten with death, disease, pain, and suffering?

Now, I learned that I should have acted with more reason and never with the heart or emotion.

Can someone please tell me what is wrong in all this?

Thanks and forgive the text extension.

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Dec 12, 2015
Pendulum, Chart and Spiritual Advice Please
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hello Joe,

You were conjuring negative spirits and entities, your spiritual guide(s) would never tell you what to do nor talk to you unless you call on him or her and ask for help.

Your spiritual guide would never give you negative information, nor say anything negative regarding God.

It is important to have your environment and your pendulum cleansed, to put all other thoughts out of your mind (especially negative thoughts) except the question you are asking.

Call on Archangel Michael and ask for His help in cleansing.

For a correct mini course to learn how to dowse with a pendulum go to Letter to Robin and download all the information on that web site.

Sending healing vibrations,

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