People Who Have Passed Not Always Sure Who

by Steve
(West Caldwell)

I have been having experiences (spirits contacting me) all of my life. My great aunt also had this. I have seen and spoken with many different people. My grandmother came to me after she passed and spoke with me.

The way it works with me - I have to focus on a person or be around someone who is looking for someone who has passed. Sometimes it happens quickly sometimes it takes a little while.

I don't like speaking about it with people because they either think I'm crazy or I'm lying. I have drowned it out with alcohol and self medicating. I shut it out for a long time, but in 2014 I lost many friends and family and it has started again.

Not sure how to fine tune it, but would like to.

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Jan 11, 2015
People Who Have Passed Not Always Sure Who
by: Tanya Tkach, Webmaster

Hi Steve,

You have a special gift. Now it is time to fine tune your gift.

I suggest that you meditate daily to help clear your mind and to increase your ability to focus. Also to get in touch with your spiritual guide who can help you with your communication ability, and tell you who is trying to communicate with you.

You will be able to speak to many spirits, but before you do any type of communication in the spiritual realm, you need to have protection.

You can do this either by visualizing being surrounded by Divine white light, or asking Archangel Michael to cleanse and protect you.
check out my page at spiritual protection.

I have had this ability all my life and I, too, tried to self medicate with alcohol plus other things because I thought I was crazy. When I was a child, my mother forbade me to speak to spirits and not to talk about it with anyone else otherwise I would probably be placed in a mental institution.

I have learned the difficult way how to deal with my abilities. Yes, it can be frustrating and difficult, but it's about learning, accepting and respecting your ability. And with patience, time and help from your guides you will see how you can use your ability to help yourself and others.

What is truly wonderful, is helping others - there is no greater satisfaction than knowing you have helped someone in need. And you have that within you.

Be thankful and use it well.

Sending healing vibrations,

Jan 09, 2015
People Who Have Passed Not Always Sure Who
by: Shay

Hi Steve,

Here is some advice for you.

Even though I don't have this type of communication, I think and believe it is a blessing. You don't have to let it bother you though, if you have to take meds or drink alcohol, it is telling me that you are not familiar with your ownself and how to benefit from such a gift.

I would encourage you to find a group in your area with people who can help you with self protection issues and also how to discipline yourself and abilities. Look up under Metaphysical Stores and ask around to find some workshops and meet people who also have this or similar type gifts/interests and follow their wisdom.

However, you are making it sound as though you may not want anything to do with things like this. If that is so, ask God, thru prayers that you care not to have any spirits approach or contact you as you are not welcoming this at present.

But, do meet some people who can better understand you than I through the internet.


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