How You Can Recognize Physical
Symptoms Of Stress

There are certain physical symptoms of stress to watch out for since we are all under stress due to our modern daily life. Let's define stress first:

It is your body's physical response caused by increased adrenalin and other hormones which causes your heart to pump faster and your breathing to increase.

physical-symptoms-of-stressPhysical Symptoms of Stress

The following pressures are causing people to feel more and more stressed.

  • environmental causes - violent weather changes, pollen, pollution and natural disasters
  • economic crises causing problems in our economy around the globe,  
  • social problems demanding our time and attention, loss of loved ones, 
  • personal physiological changes within ourselves - menopause in women, illness, aging, injuries, lack of exercise, poor nutrition and inadequate sleep
  • and last but not least, our thoughts such as worry.

Physical symptoms of Stress

Here's how you can recognize you are stressed if you are feeling:

  • irritable
  • depressed
  • anxious
  • easily angered or frustrated

or you have:

  • a loss of appetite or overeating
  • trouble concentrating
  • problems with memory
  • a rapid heartbeat
  • a loss of appetite and tiredness
  • tensions and muscle pain
  • a dry mouth
  • dilated pupils
  • tense muscles - shoulders, jaw, lower back, hips

you need to slow down, go within, identify what is causing you so much stress and then learn ways to manage your stress.

Emotional and behavioral stress symptoms can cause physical symptoms of stress

But these physical symptoms of stress do not necessarily mean that you have a high level of stress since all of these symptoms can be caused by other medical and/or psychological condition.

Read what Dr. Michelle Kmiec writes about stress and parasites.

She says that as your body becomes acidic, the more fertile your system becomes for the increasing growth of parasites, reduction of good intestinal flora, and the decrease of nutrients which leads to a weakened immune system. This is a breeding ground for disease.

She also says that stress causes your body to become parasitic. In her case, she was extremely sick with MS (Multiple Sclerosis).

So she started her healing with a parasite cleanse.

You can read her article at Chronic Stress and Intestinal Parasites.

If you have these physical symptoms of stress, watch out for unhealthy behaviours, such as

Over Stressed
  • excessive use or abuse of alcohol and drugs,
  • cigarette smoking,
  • lack of exercise and
  • poor nutritional choices

These unhealthy behaviors can increase the severity of your physical symptoms of stress, often leading to a "vicious cycle" of symptoms and unhealthy behaviors.

Almost every system in your body can be damaged by chronic stress.

  • Suppression of the reproductive system can cause amenorrhea (cessation of menstruation and failure to ovulate in women)
  • impotency in men and loss of libido in both
  • stress causes changes within your lungs increase the symptoms of asthma, bronchitis, and other respiratory conditions
  • suspends tissue repair which in turn causes our bones to decalcify, leading to osteoporosis and susceptibility to fractures
  • inhibition of the immune and inflammatory systems makes one more susceptible to colds and flu, and can exacerbate some diseases such as cancer and AIDS.

Stress Related Diseases

Prolonged or chronic stress can worsen conditions such as

  • arthritis,
  • chronic pain and diabetes, and the depletion of norepinephrine during a prolonged state of chronic stress can contribute to depression.
depressionStress Caused Depression

Research experts are looking at the relationship of chronic stress to the changing pattern of diseases and degenerative disorders. Over the past few generations, there is an emergence of:

  • cardiovascular disease,
  • cancer,
  • arthritis,
  • respiratory disorders such as asthma and emphysema.

As you age, you expect your body's functioning to slow down, but today many mid-to-late-life disorders and diseases are stress related.

If you are stressed, instead of using prescribes drugs, there is an alternative medicine to help relieve your body from Pure Herbs. These natural herbal liquid supplements help your body cope, such as N.-W, B.-W, S.M.F.B and Skullcap.

Read herbs for stress.

I have been taking these herbal medicines for years since I do not take prescription drugs of any kind, and they help me to stay mentally and physiologically well. If you are taking prescription drugs, you cannot take these herbal medicines at the same time. You can take them later on in the day.

Contact me for help in finding out which herbs are good for you. I will test you free of charge.

People who are poorly nourished, who get inadequate sleep, or who are physically unwell have a reduced capacity to handle pressures and stresses of everyday life and may report higher stress levels.

There are certain age groups or life stages that are more vulnerable to stress. Children, teens, working parents, and seniors are examples of the groups who often face common stresses related to life transitions.

If you are suffering from any of the above physical symptoms stress at this point in your life, there is an alternative medicine to help in relieving your body which are 100% natural herbs for stress.

To read more information on stress, go to stress, symptoms, causes, signs, types of stress

NOTE: In addition, extremely high levels of cortisol can cause mental changes, including depression and psychosis, which disappear when the levels return to normal.

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